Fitbit Flex $44.99 – HDTV’s as low as $124.99 and more!

November 27, 2014 95 Comments | Disclosure

The Kohl’s Black Friday is AWESOME, and we are excited share the Online Only Early Bird Sale!! Here are our favorite deals!


If you were around last year, you probably remember how much fun it was to shop online at Kohl’s!  There are so many fun freebies and amazing savings!

How to Maximize Your Savings:


  • Bookmark this page!!  We are going to be updating it A LOT between now and the Kohl’s Black Friday Sale, and you want to stay on top of these AMAZING deals!
  • Subscribe to our Black Friday Newsletter so you can know whenever we add deals to this post, OR add more Black Friday deals from around the country!
  • Be sure to round up to the nearest increment of $50 to earn the most Kohl’s cash!  See this list of filler items to help you bump up your total.

Here are our favorite Kohl’s Black Friday Online Deals:

Find all the Black Friday Ads here!


Our Favorite Deals (LIVE NOW!):

panasonic HDTVBlack Friday TV Deals:

Toshiba 32-in LED HDTV (Reg $279.99) $199.99
Receive $60 Kohls Cash
Final price: $139.99! w/ Free Shipping

Toshiba 40-in LED HDTV (Reg $449.99) $299.99
Receive $90 Kohls Cash
Final price: $209.99! w/ Free Shipping

Toshiba 50-in LED HDTV (Reg $699.99) $549.99
Receive $150 Kohls Cash
Final price: $399.99! w/ Free Shipping

Don’t want to mess with Kohl’s cash or want to get your TV Monday? Check out these LCD and HDTV Deals on amazon!
Also Target Black Friday Online has some amazing TV deals! 



fitbit flex deal kohls

Buy FitBit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband $99.99 
Receive $30 Kohl’s Cash*
Submit for $25 Fitbit Rebate
Final Price: $44.99 !!
**You can get Kohl’s Cash if you are $2 under the $50 mark.

kohl's kitchenaid deal

Buy Kohl’s KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer (Reg $349.99) $249.99
SAVE 10% on all KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Appliances ($224.99) 
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15% 
Pay $191.24 (Plus $7.50 Shipping Surcharge)
Earn $45 In Kohl’s Cash
Submit for $50 {Mail in Rebate}
Final Price: $103.74!!! w/ Free Shipping

KitchenAid Artisan 5-qt. Stand Mixer (Reg $449.99) $349.99
SAVE 10% on all KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Appliances ($314.99) 
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15% 
Pay $267.74 (Plus $7.50 Shipping Surcharge)
Earn $75 In Kohl’s Cash
Submit for $50 Mail in Rebate
Final Price: $150.24!!! w/ Free Shipping

KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer (Reg $549.99) $449.99
SAVE 10% on all KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Appliances ($404.99) 
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15% 
Pay $344.24 (Plus $7.50 Shipping Surcharge)
Earn $90 In Kohl’s Cash
Submit for $50 Mail in Rebate
Final Price: $211.74!!! w/ Free Shipping

hand mixer black and decker

Buy 3 Black and Decker Appliances $59.97

Black& Decker 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker(Out of Stock)
Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker (Out of Stock)
Black & Decker Hand Mixer with Storage Case
Black & Decker Belgian Waffle Maker
Black & Decker Grand Openings 3-in-1 Electric Can Opener (Out of Stock)
Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker (Out of Stock)
Black & Decker 2-Slice Toaster (Out of Stock)
Black & Decker 550-Watt Blender (Out of Stock)

Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $50.97
Receive $15 Kohls Cash
Submit For $30 in Rebates {Rebate Form}
Final price: $1.99 each! w/ Free Shipping

Keurig Elite Coffee Brewer (Reg $149.99) $99.99
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $85
Receive $15 Kohls Cash
Final price: $70 w/ Free Shipping

Cuisinart Duet Food Processor & Blender (Reg $129.99) $79.99
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $68.00
Receive $15 Kohls Cash
Submit For $20 in Rebates
Final price: $33.00! w/ Free Shipping


Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $50.99 OOP
Receive $15 Kohl’s Cash
Submit for $20 MIR
Final Price: $15.99

Currently Sold Out, Check for Re-Stock:

Buy 3 Appliances $59.97

Bella Rotating Waffle Maker (Limit 5 per household)
Bella Panini Maker (Limit 5 per household) (Out of Stock)
Crock-Pot 4-qt. Programmable Slow Cooker (Limit 5 per household) (Out of Stock)
Bella 20-in. Family Size Electric Griddle (Limit 5 per household) (Out of Stock)

Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $50.97
Receive $15 Kohls Cash
Submit For $36 in Mail In Rebates
Final price: 3 FREE!!! w/ Free Shipping
Limit 5 rebates per product!


Cuisinart Prep 7-Cup Food Processor ($179.99) $79.99
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $68.00
Receive $15 Kohls Cash
Submit For $20 in Rebates
Final price: $33.00! w/ Free Shipping


The Big One Bath Towel is our FAVORITE filler deal!! At only $2.99 (Reg. Price $9.99) it’s the cheapest item in the ad, and is a very economical way to get over the $50.00 mark to earn the Kohl’s Cash!

Buy (20) The Big One Bath Towel $2.99 (another great wedding gift idea!)
Use Code THANKS15 to save 15%
Pay $50.83
Receive $15 Kohls cash
Final price $35.83 or $1.79 each



  1. For the crock pot cook and carry offer, if you buy 3 Big One towels would it allow you to use the 15% off and then drop the final price? Crock pot $49.99 + 3 @ $2.99 ($8.97) = $58.96 – $15% ($8.84) = $50.12 OOP.
    Receive $15 Kohls cash
    Submit for $10 MIR
    Final price $25.12.
    I’m new to this. Is this correct?

  2. How and when do we find out what the 15% code will be?

  3. Can you use the 15% off code with the FitBit? It looks like they are always part of the “exclusions” to coupons but I wasn’t sure if this was different? Thanks.

  4. Jeanette VanDerEyken says:

    Is free shipping over $50.00 before or after discounts?

  5. How do you get the info on the mail-in rebates? …also new to this! 😉

  6. Do you think if the FitBit deal would also apply for the Charge as well as the Flex…. if at all?

  7. Rea Shriner says:

    I am new to Kohls cash…my main question is probably silly but until I know the answer I won’t be as excited as I think I should be :). Can you apply the Kohls cash to the purchase right then (so if I bought the fitbit can I apply it to the actual purchase of the fitbit) or do you have to use the Kohls cash in a separate transaction at a later date?

    I’ve never really paid attention to Kohls cash but I think I’ve been missing out!!!

    • Any Kohls Cash you receive on black friday (or that week) will be available to use Dec. 1-8; but you receive the voucher at checkout (or by email for online purchases.)

  8. Yes! Kohl’s cash is awesome. You can not use it on the original purchase you earn it in. But if you use it to buy something you would buy anyway you are really saving big. There are specific redeem dates each time you earn kohls cash. Here is a helpful post with all the kohls tips, tricks and coupon codes.

  9. I can confirm the 15% off coupon. We just got one in the mail. The coupon runs Monday 11/24 thru Sun 11/30. It is valid in store and online. It says not valid on gift cards, Kohl’s Cares cause merchandise or other charitable items, prestige brands of cosmetics, skincare and select prestige brands of fragrance; select electronics/electrics and select Nike merchandise. For a complete list of these merchandise exclusions, go to

  10. I forgot to put the code. Holiday15

  11. Hi,
    Can i use the extra 15% off coupon on any kitchen aid stand mixer (like the pro 600) after the 10% they have mentioned in their black Friday ad?

  12. Do you know what time the deals will start online on Monday? Is it at midnight? What time zone? Thanks!

  13. The link to the clothes section deals is not working. Is there another link to it?

  14. Can you buy three of the same appliances and still get the rebate?

  15. Will $15 kohls cash off of $50 be working on monday? Or do we need to wait until Friday?

  16. which 32in is going on sale I can’t find itnonline

  17. Where is the MIR info. Don’t see it linked.

  18. Wondering what time sale is going live? It is 12:15 PM CST here in TN and the price for the Keurig is still $119 not $99. Anyone know what time this sale starts? Want to go to bed now. I have three items in my shopping bag online. Wondering how long they will stay in there and if I will have to delete and re-add them to get the sale price. Anyone know?

  19. Well…wondering when they are starting…I finished my list right before 1AM…it still has not switched prices…I’m ET might have to cross my fingers and call it a night. Hopefully in the AM the items I want will be available!

  20. So is the FitBit only available starting Thursday at 6:00pm or is that deal good starting Monday? I would like to soon so I can buy it if possible. Thanks!

  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one curious about when the BF deals will show up. I’ve had my cart perfected to a T for the last week with 14 items, hoping they will all still be in stock! Now I’m just here refreshing my screen over and over hoping my total will drop in price! Is this realistic? Or could it be hours before they are active?

  22. You cannot use percent off coupons for certain items like some electronics. Such as the TV or Fitbit. Or headphones like Beats. Just want everyone to be aware. :)

  23. Thank you for the information. I had always thought that too. Weird that is still listed under their deals when you clearly can’t use the percentage off code.

  24. Online deals are active!

  25. I’m brand new to Kohl’s and couldn’t figure out what the fuss was all about. Googling led me here. NOW I GET IT!! A million thanks for putting this together!

  26. Phew…I’m exhausted…stayed up Til 3AM ET bc deals went live PT…I get it but boy eastern people have it rough waiting that late…oh well…I had a bit of sticker shock bc a lot of items I got have rebates. When all is said and done it’ll be a great deal. Just a little concerned about the fitbit flex. I still don’t see a rebate. I know their ad advertised it…I was going to get one for my daughter and myself and decided to just go with one. Worse case I’ll get myself one with all the Kohls cash and yes rewards I earned!

  27. Usually kohl’s had 30% on black friday.. Do you know if the 30% code will be available maybe later in the week? Or 15% will be the greatest discount this year?

  28. Do you also get “yes to you” points on these purchases?

  29. The kitchen-aid mixer is charging a $7.50 shipping surcharge

  30. they are charging a $7.50 shipping surcharge on the Kitchen-aid mixer.

  31. Just tried to check out with $49.95 and it would not give me the Kohl’s cash, even though that link says that $48 is all that is needed. Maybe that rule doesn’t apply for the Black Friday sale.

  32. Just placed my order, the Black and Decker rice steamer is out of stock and the Blk and Decker 2 slice toaster wasnt on there at all. I have a question about the rebates, how do we get them? I didn’t see a link for that, do we get a form with the order?

  33. Just want to make sure I’m clear. I can buy 5 waffle makers and 5 can openers and receive rebates for all of them (5 rebates per item) or is it for only a group of 5 of any of the items?

    • Yes, you need to buy at least 3 to get the rebate with no more than 5 of each product.

      • I’m a little confused. I cant find anywhere on the rebate form that says you have to buy three of the small appliances for the rebate. Do you have to buy three to get it? I bought two small appliances because the other items I wanted was out so does this mean I cant get the rebate?

  34. So bummed b/c the electric griddle and crock pot were out of stock online. :( Do you know if they will restock before the sale is over?

  35. Sorry if I missed this, but where is the rebate form for the Cuisinart Food Processor?

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