DIY Magnet Board For Your Kids!

August 27, 2012 6 Comments | Disclosure


Here’s a fun little pinterest inspired “Did it myself!” magnet board I made for my kiddos last Christmas! I was looking for an educational/busy activity for a gift rather than spending loads of $$ on toys with a life span of 3 weeks. This was perfect! Easy, affordable, AND educational. I enjoyed putting it together and actually wrapped it on the wall and everything! To make it, I bought an oil drip pan from the Walmart automotive section for about $10 and wiped it down really good with some 409 and let it dry. I’ve heard you can also purchase them at auto part stores for around the same price. I already had a set of alphabet flash cards so I didn’t need to purchase those but the ones below are similar. I ordered the wooden letters (which work MUCH better than the plastic ones because the entire back of them is magnet, so they stick better) on Amazon and then purchased some rubber cement from my favorite store in the whole wide world, Walmart. I then lined up the flash cards where I wanted them, glued them on and let them dry! Easy peasy. Lastly, the hubs used his power tools and anchored it to the wall with some heavy duty screws so it doesn’t move.  My kids love it and play with it all the time. It’s been on the wall since Christmas and still going strong! Speaking of Christmas, only 118 days to go! :)


Oil drip pan from Walmart… $10.00

Alphabet Pocket Flash Cards… $2.99

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet… $9.11


 Hours of noise fun and mess entertainment for your little ones… PRICELESS! :)


Seriously though, this oil drip pan idea is AWESOME! If you wanted to make it super simple, you could totally skip the flash cards and just make it a fun magnet board! Here are a few more super cute magnets you could try out!

*Amazon prices are subject to change at any time.



  1. I saw something very similar to this on Pinterest too!
    Instead of an oil pan, use an old baking sheet (we all have a few that burn the bottoms of cookies, and that food always sticks to, yuck!). Cover up the nasties on the bottom with contact paper/ scrapbooking paper. Mount to the wall, and voila!
    I think yours is quite a bit bigger than a baking sheet, and looks very nice all shiny. This project is on my x-mas to do’s for this year!

  2. I love this idea! Thanks for this great post Jessica!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I was hoping to find the pocket size flash cards somewhere other than amazon to avoid shipping, but not luck. Does anybody have any suggestions?

  4. This is also good for much older children. Look at homeschool sights or educational bookstores and find the magnetic creative writing words. My kids loved (3 are out of the house) to make the craziest sentences and stories. They would put together a sentence and someone else would continue the story. My youngest and I are doing this now and it is a great way for them to really get into creative writing without, shudder, writing!

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