Cookies and Cream Popcorn (aka Oreo Popcorn)

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Delicious & Easy Cookies and Cream Popcorn Only 3 easy ingredients are needed for our favorite cookies and cream popcorn recipe (a.k.a. Oreo popcorn). Popcorn covered in Almond Bark and crushed Oreo cookies! It is quick and easy to throw together too. Not to mention delicious! Now you may be wondering, where's the cream in this recipe? Well, Almond Bark doesn’t have any cream in it, but it does give the popcorn a flavor that is kind of like the cream filling of... Read this post

Easy Caramel Popcorn Recipe

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Easy Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn Next time you have a craving for some delicious caramel corn, just whip up this quick and easy caramel popcorn recipe and you will be good to go. This has got to be the easiest no-bake caramel popcorn recipe ever! Even... Read this post

Popcorn Balls Recipe

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Super easy popcorn balls recipe! This right here is a no-fail, easy, and yummy popcorn balls recipe. No candy thermometer needed and no tricky or vague cooking instructions. Simple, easy, fast, and delicious! A special and fun treat for the kids and... Read this post

Killian Corn Recipe

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A favorite popcorn recipe from my family to yours! This popcorn recipe is a classic family recipe that I've been making for years! I specifically remember my mom making this popcorn when I was a child. We would fill up gallon-size bags, stick a bow... Read this post

Easy Cinnamon Popcorn Recipe

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I love this quick and yummy popcorn! This cinnamon popcorn is lightly sweetened and super easy to make. Another bonus, the ingredients are pretty healthy so I can enjoy this yummy popcorn as a guilt-free treat or snack. Score! Did I mention... Read this post

Healthier Caramel Popcorn

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Try this delicious popcorn recipe! Only 4 ingredients needed: coconut oil, honey, vanilla, salt! Oh, and you'll want some popped popcorn too. :) If you love sweet popcorn, like I do, you will love this recipe! This is basically a healthier version... Read this post

Bunny Bait Recipe

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This Bunny Bait Recipe is so stinkin cute and so so easy to make! This would be a fun treat to make for an Easter party.  Just get some cute Easter Bags to bag it up with a cute bow and you would be set for a treat to throw out there in an egg hunt,... Read this post

Cupid’s Crunch Recipe

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Valentine's Day Recipe Idea This Cupid's Crunch recipe is a super easy and yummy Valentine's Day Snack.  It works for party favors or wrap it up cute for a fun Valentine! You can make up a large batch, then split it down and put them in a Valentine... Read this post

DIY: Microwave Popcorn

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Start off by portioning your Popcorn Kernels into 1/4 cup baggies. This will help your kids be independent in their popcorn making endeavors!  Since I buy our popcorn by the giant tub, I usually only portion out 5 or 6 of these at a time.  I want... Read this post

Cinnamon Bun Popcorn Recipe

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This popcorn is a fantastic holiday treat to have around for the family or to take to the neighbors and friends. My family, friends, and I LOVE it! Doesn't hurt that it is pretty easy and quick to put together. You can even use a plain variety of... Read this post

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

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This popcorn is an explosion of Fall flavor.  It is a little sweet, a little salty, and smells like fall! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:239] Presto PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper $13.76 (was $24.99) Read this post