Caramel Apple Slab Pie Recipe

Desserts|Egg Free|Oven
Perfect apple pie recipe to feed a crowd! This is a delicious apple pie recipe, but it is baked in a different pan than the usual round pie. The benefits of this are that it is easier to serve, easier to eat, and you get a lot more servings out of... Read this post

Happy Pi Day! {Pie Recipes}

Desserts|Recipe Roundup|Pie
March 14th is Pi Day! You know, because it is 3.14. :) If you feel like celebrating a bit too you can make a pie for dessert, dinner, or both! I have a neighbor that throws a Pi Party on this day every year. She plans games and prizes and everyone... Read this post

3 Ingredient Strawberry Pie

Good-Till-the-Last-Bite Strawberry Pie Ever have one of those pies you just LOVE?! Well, this is my husband's FAVORITE pie. It's so simple, virtually sugar free, yet tasty enough that he can eat an entire pie in one sitting. No joke! It's what we're... Read this post

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Desserts|Easter|No Bake
Chocolate Peanut Butter pie... it does not get much better than this! This pie is to die for and you can make it in only 30 minutes! This is the pie you make when you have a last minute party. It is so easy and delicious. When I have had this at a... Read this post
delicious freezer chicken pot pies

Freezer Meal Recipes: Chicken Pot Pies

Main Dish|Oven|Meat and Poultry
Homemade Frozen Chicken Pot Pies I like Chicken Pot Pie Crumble so much that I wanted to be able to use it as a freezer meal. Changing up the "crust" made it possible! I took some of these to a friend after she had a baby and it got a big thumbs... Read this post

Freezer Meal Recipes: Cowboy Pie

Main Dish|Oven|Meat and Poultry
Quick and Easy Cowboy Pie Casserole Recipe Looking for an easy and satisfying dinner? This cowboy pie is easy and fast to put together. Plus, it is full of delicious BBQ flavor! You will need some cooked beef. The original recipe calls for sliced... Read this post

Breyers Apple Pie a la Mode Recipe

Breyers makes it easy to indulge this holiday season! The time for indulgence has arrived... For a limited time Breyers Gelato Indulgences are 2 for $8 at Target. Have you ever had Gelato before? It is good stuff! These creamy desserts come in a number... Read this post

Butterscotch Cream Pie Recipe

Try this Butterscotch-Pudding Pie for a silky, rich and unique dessert option. Top with whipped cream, garnish with chopped Heath bar and dive in!  This pie is was a crowd pleaser at my house so if you are wanting a change from the traditional pies,... Read this post

The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Perfect Homemade Pumpkin Pie. I sure love pumpkin pie. I am usually quite content with the pumpkin pie from Costco because it is pretty much the best store-bought pumpkin pie you can get, in my opinion anyway. But this year I decided to try making... Read this post

Easy No-Roll Pie Crust Recipe

This is the easiest homemade pastry pie crust! I am no pie crust expert, in fact, I haven't made many pie shells from scratch in my life. Most of the recipes seem to take a lot of effort and precision. A bit intimidating really. I tend to stick to cookie... Read this post
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