DIY Holiday Card Memo Board

This year, I wanted to have a fun way to display Christmas cards, rather than just stick them to the refrigerator or on a shelf. I thought making a memo board that could double as a holiday card display would be a fun way to add some festive flair to my home. I’m excited! I am tired of just throwing away my loved ones cards because I have no where to put them. I am so excited to use this memo board to showcase all my loved ones.

DIY Holiday Card Memo Board

For this project, I did not buy a SINGLE thing. I used all the supplies I already had on hand and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! I am super proud of this DIY and I hope you guys can find a way to apply it to your family and your style so you can have the perfect holiday memo board too!

The Supplies:

How to Create the Board

This process it totally customizable. Use what you have on hand! This DIY is just an example showing what I did with the things I had on hand in my home. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Use my suggestions and find a way that works for you.

Pick Your Board

First you need to pick your board. Most of us have an old cork/bulletin board lying around somewhere in our home. I used one in my son’s room that is ancient! It definitely had some wear and tear so I decided to paint it and make it look a little nicer. Now, you need to find a board that works best for you! Pick one that is the right size, depending on how many cards you want to showcase.

Paint Your Board

If you have a board that is already beautiful, you can completely skip this step. But, mine needed some TLC so I decided to paint it. I just used some white spray paint that i had on hand so give it a total white look. I had to do a few coats, but once it was all even I was ready for my next step.

After the cork board part was spray painted white and dry I covered it with whatever I had on hand which was some painters plastic and I used painter’s tape to tape it onto the cork board part. Then I used the brown spray paint to paint the trim. If you have a cork board where the trim isn’t too banged up you could leave it the natural wood color that it is but because the trim or frame on this board was pretty gross I decided to paint it.

Add the Wreath

After the entire board was dry then I was ready for the next step. I use this little artificial wreath and ribbon and simply used a tack to pin it to the back of the cork board. You could also hot glue the ribbon on to the back of the board if desired. Place the wreath where you would like it and tack everything down.

Add the Twine

Then I took jute twine and stretched it across the width of the board and tacked that on as well. Super easy. I also had mini wooden clothes pins on hand that I used to clip the Christmas cards onto the board. You could also just tack the Christmas cards onto the board if you want to! This once again is 100% customizable so make it however you wish. I just loved how easy it was to add this twine and make it look a little more appealing.

Hang the Cards

That is all there is to it. Once you finish, all you need to do is hang the cards! This was a very economical project because once again I had everything already and didn’t have to buy anything special for it!

SO, Who is going to give it a try?

Let me know if you LOVE this idea! It is cheap and super cute! If you are going to try this one out be sure to comment below and let us know! Cannot wait to see all of your finished projects!


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