DIY Garden Trellis! (Part 2)

Do It Yourself Garden Trellis Well, I'm at it again! I have loved using PVC pipe to make a garden trellis for beans and peas so much that I want to keep at it. This time I am making a square box trellis to hold, support, and maintain my cantaloupe... Read this post

DIY Instagram Display

Do y’all love Instagram as much as I do? I've had an account for about a year and decided I needed to print out some pictures and display them because they are so cute and fun. I searched Pinterest for ideas, but didn't love anything I saw. I wanted... Read this post

DIY Blue Mason Jars

Adult|Crafts|Inside The House
Here is a cute craft project you can do yourself at home. Loving these DIY crafts. {Pin This} Supplies: A empty Mason Jar-any size (I found some at Walmart 12 for $6.00 these are great, because there is NO writing or symbols on the jars. Completely... Read this post
DIY bandana dress for toddlers

Quick, Easy, and Adorable DIY Bandana Dress

DIY Bandana Dress Every year we go to a big 4th of July party that our friends host. I wanted something other than the cheap 4th of July shirts you can buy everywhere... Read this post

Do It Yourself Hard Water Stain Remover! Only TWO Ingredients!!!

Adult|Inside The House|Cleaning
A few years ago, I showed you how to make your own glass stove top stain remover using some pretty unconventional stuff! That stain remover madness and victory motivated me to tackle my other huge eye-sore: the outside glass door! I decided it was time... Read this post

Repurpose Inspiration: Dining room hutch turned playroom learning station!

One day, while The Hubs was driving in his work truck, he found this with a sign that said "Free" on it: Now, the sweet guy knows me well enough to know that any piece of free furniture has potential in our home, so he called me, asked if I wanted it,... Read this post

Repurpose Inspiration: Yard Sale Find Turned Craft Room Accessory!

As a fellow frugalite, I am sure you can guess that I am always on the lookout for neat and cheap things at garage sales. If you were to come over and visit, I'd give you the grand tour of our living room and tell you how I furnished it for less than... Read this post

Burlap Growth Chart

{Pin This} {Supplies} -Burlap (.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby) {Burlap on Amazon} -Permanent marker -Number stencil (4.99 at Hobby Lobby) {Stencil Numbers on Amazon} -Line stencil (6.99 at Hobby Lobby) -Measuring tape or ruler When I fist... Read this post

DIY Flower Clips {Picture Tutorial}

I have 2 girls and they both love to wear bows in their hair. I LOVE to put fun accessories in their hair and am always looking for something fun, new and inexpensive to make! I am not a good bow maker (so I usually buy those), but I figured out how to... Read this post

Teacher Appreciation {Washi Tape Clipboard}

Today’s teacher appreciation gift is quick and easy to make. It took me about 10 minutes to put together and cost under $3! Here is what you need: Mini clipboard {I found mine at Wal-Mart for $1.12} Washi Tape {I got mine at Target... Read this post
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