FREEBIES for New Moms: Carseat Canopy, Udder Covers, Baby Slings, Maternity Bands, Baby Leggings and Nursing Pads

11 Freebies For New Moms (just pay shipping & handling):

Recently I did a carseat canopy unboxing and review so you can see the different options of how it works!


These Carseat Covers are genius!

Get it FREE with coupon code: FABULESS1 {Click Here}


If you aren’t familiar with the Carseat Canopy it is a blanket type covering that attaches to the handle of the car seat, and keeps the blanket from blowing/falling off while not smothering the baby! They are practical and so stinking cute! Make life easier for the new mom, or mom-to-be with a  Carseat Canopy!  I’m sending one of these to my sister-in-law for her baby shower (easy gift!)!

Product Features

  • Carseat Canopy™ products are made for “year-round” use – fabrics not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter.
  • Each canopy has bold, fresh, cutting-edge prints.
  • 100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors.
  • Each Canopy fits all makes and models of infant car seats*
  • Adjustable attachment straps allow for a custom fit
  • Machine washable, hang dry

free carseat canopy

Right now you can order your new canopy for FREE from Carseat Canopy or get $50 off The Whole Caboodle 5 piece set. Just enter coupon code FABULESS1 at checkout and just pay shipping and handling.  Get your FREE Carseat Canopy!

Read Melanie’s Carseat Canopy Review


Just pay shipping for a FREE baby sling, nursing cover, nursing pillow, baby leggings, maternity belly band, and nursing pads!

free udder covers free baby sling Free Nursing Pillow

free baby leggings free maternity band free nursing pads

How To Get Your Freebies:

  • Use Promo Code FABNURSING1 to save 100% of the cost of the nursing cover or breast pads – all you pay are the shipping fees! Learn more about this Free Nursing Cover deal.
  • Promo code FABBABY1  (just pay shipping). See more about this Baby Carrier deal.
  • Enter coupon code FABFRUGAL1 at checkout.  Learn more about the Free Nursing Pillows.
  • Enter coupon code FABLEGGINGS1 at checkout for $50 off your order, making 5 pairs free! Just pay shipping.  See why we love these Free Baby Leggings.
  • Use coupon code FABBELLY1 to get two maternity bands that attach to your pants allowing them to expand with your belly – FREE! No need for maternity pants!  Learn more about Maternity Belly Bands.
  • Snag 5 pairs of quality nursing pads for free! Use coupon code FAB4NURSING at checkout. You will only have to pay shipping and handling. See more about this nursing pad deal.
  • Get $60 off your purchase, which is 3 pairs of Ruffle Buns for free! Use coupon code FAB60 at checkout. Pay only shipping and handling. Learn more about this Ruffle Buns deal.
  • User Promo Code FAB4LITTLE to save $35 on your order at checkout.

Get all 11 items FREE when you use our coupon codes!

Shipping may vary depending on the weight and destination of your order. Even with the shipping cost, these are great deals!

Raving Comments from FAB Readers:

I LOVE my Udder Covers nursing pads and cover. I’ve tried several brands and these are the best nursing pads I’ve found — they’ve held up for 18 months of nursing and lot’s of washing” Melissa

“Anytime we go anywhere I get tons of compliments on how cute it is. Totally worth the money” – Sydney

“I just got mine today and it was really high quality. I was surprised. The same fabric as you would get to make it in the fabric store but so much cheaper.”Mandy

***See more testimonials in the comments below!***

Our promo codes can be used more than once – just open a new browser, use the link above, and enter the code again!

These products make great gifts!

Feel free to share these deals with your friends!

deals on baby wipes facebook

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freebies for moms


  • ERIN B

    I ordered the car seat canopy and yeah it’s “free” but you have to pay like $13 in shipping or something. It definitely doesn’t cost that much to ship but the product is super cute and good quality. So I would definitely recommend but be prepared to pay a more than average shipping cost.

    • I agree! I hate that they say “shipping” when it’s not shipped in more than a plastic envelope. However, you can’t make a carseat canopy (especially with the minky fabric) for less than $13 so I think it’s worth it. You can totally make the nursing cover for less than $12 though.

  • Christie

    I purchased the car seat canopy and breast pads and also the nursing pillow. I am very satisfied with the car seat canopy and breast pads but the nursing pillow is very low quality. All of the products arrived quickly and in all I only spent about a $30 in shipping.

  • Ashley

    I bought the sling, breast feeding cover and the canopy and loved them all. I just recently lost my breastfeeding cover and it sucks cause now I have to purchase a new one. I’d recommend these for everyone.

  • Elisha

    I am thinking about buying one of the undercovers. Anyone have any reviews on those?

    • Kearna

      I have an Udder Cover and loved it when I used it.

    • Sherry

      I have an uddercover but it is not an “uddercover” brand. I got it from winners (Canada). It is a great product design. There are also straps that you can buy that will attach to any blanket/receiving blanket. You can probably find them at any baby’s-r-us. I have both and I actually prefer the strap because I don’t find the uddercovers big enough.

  • audrey murphy

    Hi I have a car seat with no hood would this work as one and can these be got in ireland

  • julia

    Has everyone recieved their items even if they were back order items?

    • Kristen

      I bought the whole caboodle, which includes the cover an other things for the whole carseat, mine was back ordered an didn’t get it for 3-4 weeks! But I did get it, an I love it!! Also ordered the pillow, its smaller than what I thought but love it too! I plan on ordering the udder cover an sling as well!!

  • Vivienne

    I just purchased the sling (embroidered) and car seat canopy. Will let you know when it arrives…

  • Doniqwah Gilford

    Hi i ordered a sling and absolutely loved it:) it runs small so you will have to go up about two sizes bigger, thank goodness my little man was a preemie!! Once he out grows the one we have now i definitely will be ordering a new one along with the canopy. Every thing is jus so cute and you cant beat the prices, totally worth it…

      • Cj

        I’m wondering why your shipping is super expensive?
        It makes the products your offering for free “not really free” I’ve seen the same items online and local stores for way less than your shipping cost. Why not be honest? you know well enough that shipping doesn’t cost almost $13 to ship a less than a pound material. Is this why you can afford to give them away for this long. Your promo has been around for a few years. Your actually making a great profit by giving them away and making your money through shipping cost, which is great, business wise, but why not be honest? Similar carseat canopy cost less than $6 if you buy them at a local store and online cost less than $12 bucks including shipping. and finally, why is it that you only reply to the positive comments but nothing to say to the negative ones?

        • CJ – if you scroll down you’ll see a conversation thread from a negative experience. The CarSeat canopy is not our company, just one that we direct our readers to because we feel it is a great deal. $13 is a great price for the quality product received, in our opinion. If you are upset with the company, you’ll want to reach out to them directly.

  • BG

    They worked great for me 🙂 I paid S&H and got exactly what I ordered

    • Tabby0115

      I have done 2 car seat canopy’s for friends and an udder cover. You do receive the item you order. I know sometimes certain patterns are on back order and the say it below the item so sometimes it takes a while to get item but they are so cute.

  • Cherish

    I just ordered my sister a sling and a nursing pillow. I am going to be an Aunt for the first time!! The nursing pillow is on back order so I will not get it until after her baby shower 🙁 So I will probably be ordering her carseat canopy also. I can not wait. So excited.

  • Brittany

    When will these codes expire…or do they?! We will not know the sex of the baby until the end of January but I’m willing to buy a more “neutral” canopy to not miss this deal. 😉 But if I can wait to get a more gender specific color I would like to do so.

  • There are no expiration dates right now… hopefully the company won’t decide to stop the promo! I *think* you’re safe waiting til the end of January. 🙂 Just bookmark the page and then come back and tell me what you’re having! 😀 Congrats!

  • Kimberly

    I bought the carseat canopy for my new baby niece & was given a second coupon code for another corresponding side & then purchased a nursing cover gift set. A $96 value combined for just the s/h ($19 & $16) and i’m definitely happy to have found these sites. Thanks FF gals 🙂

  • casey

    I did these deals with my first child back in 2010 and loved them all. Shipping has went up $4 but still a great deal, glad the promo is still available. Especially now that we are expecting our next baby bean… 🙂

  • Nancy

    I ordered both the nursing cover and carseat canopy. The price for the shipping is higher than most e-tailers; you can probably get a nursing cover at your local Target for the same cost as the shipping, but they do have more fabric choices and the quality is comparable. The carseat canopy is unique so it is worth the S&H cost. They have had this promo for a while now, I used it with my first two years ago for the nursing cover and was sent another promo code this year when I got pregnant again. It is basically their business model to make a profit via the S&H because the cost of materials seems pretty low.

  • Anna

    Yes this is real! I hesitated as well at first but I’ve bought the nursing cover, the carseat cover and I’m currently waiting for the nursing pillow as well! I absolutely love the car seat cover especially, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else for the quality of these products :). Also, thought about getting the baby sling as well but decided against it since I don’t really like slings. Great buy everyone, especially for those on a budget.

  • Nikki

    Yeah! I am so excited I clicked around your site and found these great mommy deals! I am in need of all new baby items! I ordered the baby legs, utter cover and canopy. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Thanks so much!!! You ROCK girl!! ❤️

  • Kathy

    I am looking at getting the car seat cover but i want to get the whole set. Does anyone have any experience receiving the set and did it fit your car seat? It says that it fits most car seats. How true is that in your experience?

    Thanks, Kathy

  • Kelsey B.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to bundle the shipping of all the products you buy from these sister sites to cut back on the shipping cost? Thanks!

    • Sherry

      I sent an email to the company and I have not received a response. I don’t anticipate one either. I figure they probably make money on the shipping and it costs them next to nothing to make the products. So that is why they can afford to give out these free promo’s. It will be dissappointing to not get any response at all. That would be very bad customer service.

    • Kristen

      No, they won’t let you bundle shipping costs, that’s how they make their money.

  • Sarah

    I ordered the udder cover and got it promptly. I also got a fraud notification from my credit card company saying my credit card number was used for $900 of services I didn’t buy. Don’t be fooled by the “positive” side of this scam debate- I was definitely scammed along with many others. And, if you think your card is safe if you go through Paypal, think again.

    • Sorry to hear you had issues. We’ve personally ordered fom this company he past and never had anything but a great experience! Here is an example: – we test out offers ourselves to make sure they are legit before sharing them with our readers.

      Are you able to pin point the fraudulent charges to buying from this company? I know that fraud can happen months after buying something from somewhere else (case in point: Target).

      • Kimberly

        I got the udder cover, carseat cover, and sling I ordered in July, baby born Nov. All of which was exactly as I ordered it, NO SCAMS, however, you might want to consider adding a few inches to the sling if you are a large chested woman as mine does not fit correctly and is too small now that I’ve given birth.

        The websites are very accurate on their description of services/products, and lets face it, if you waited this long (40weeks) for a baby, adding a few weeks for a carseat cover isn’t bad. You should spend that time bonding with baby anyway.

  • Amy

    Just curious if anyone has shipped to Canada on the carseat canopy? It says $15.95 shipping but also said extra shipping duties will apply… How much more am I looking at?

  • Jo

    I recently bought the carseat cover and had a wonderful experience with this company. They shipped it promptly and send me emails with other great deals. I highly recommend this company.

  • Emily

    I loved the nursing cover and the nursing pads. The nursing pillow was really small and I ended up buying a boppy. A friend ordered the sling and it was to small so she couldn’t use it. She also ordered the car seat cover and it is very nice.

  • charline

    For Canadians that ordered, did you have to pay additional custom fees or duties on top of the shipping?


    • Melanie

      It doesn’t sound like there are extra fees, but the shipping cost a bit higher. One of our readers ordered the carseat canopy and paid a total of $15.95 to have it shipped to Ontario.

      • Christina

        I just ordered the leggings and the shipping cost went up by about $2 – so there is not much of an additional fee at all! such a deal! (6 pairs for about $19 shipped to Ontario, Canada)

  • Stephanie

    This is an AWESOME website. I was about to order a carseat canopy and pay about $50 for it when I stumbled across this PROMO code. I also order the utter cover and can not wait for them to arrive. Thank you for this amazing offer!! (:

  • Elise

    I got the canopy and udder cover and LOVED them both! I am waiting for the leggings, but I have heard good things, so I am not worried at all. As for the sling – I upgraded, had it embroidered with my daughters name, it was adorable, I washed it once so it wouldn’t irritate her skin – it completely shrunk and was unsafe to use after. I would recommend getting a much bigger size that what you actually need if you plan to wash it before using!!!

  • Amanda

    I ordered the car seat canopy, sling, and pillow to Ontario. The pillow is a little small but comfortable for round my neck while sitting up working on my laptop. However, the stitching was off in some spots and the stuffing is coming out- I will either have to sew it up (i’m not a great sewer) or take it to someone who can. The sling is way too small, does anyone know about exchanges? I highly suggest going at least 1-2 sizes larger than what you measure. As well, I am still waiting on the canopy which I ordered in February. Hopefully it comes soon, I will try to track it today. All in all, I am mostly happy with the products.. paid I guess $32 all together in shipping for everything.

    • Melanie

      Thanks for sharing! If you go to their site and click on “contact us,” they will have info about how to exchange.

  • garcia

    Hey everyone , I was just really concern on my credit card being hacked .. Is this really a safe website to order from?

  • Bec

    does anyone have any updated legging codes please?

    • Melanie

      I just tested it out and the code is still good. Please try again. You can even just copy the code from here: fableggings1 (Then paste it into the discount code box at checkout.)

    • Ashley

      How do you purchase with gift cards? It does not give me that option?

      • Melanie

        It looks to me like you enter the gift card code in the same box used for the promo code when you are viewing your cart. Hope that helps!

  • Nemo

    I ordered the utter cover, waited….waited….waited… I finally contacted the company, they told me my item shipped gave me a date.. Waited some more item never came… Contacted them again to confirm my address was correct with them, waited another week. Then contacted the company for the 3rd time about this I was then told my order had been canceled.. Um.. Yea.. I then wrote back asking how?!?/why?!? Also mentioned that fact that I’m out my money && have no item. Received no reply back this time has been over 4 days wince my last message to them about this matter. I opened a case through PayPal to try and get my money back, even if I only paid for shipping. I was never shipped anything! Total waste of time and energy, went to the store and bought a breast feeding cover! I suggest the same for all the ladies who don’t feel like taking a chance with this company. I also think I figured out why this company waits so long to ship items even though the items are in stock with a lot of companies we use to pay for items we are limited on how many days we have to file a disputes about an item. PayPal allows 45 days then you have to call and try to get them to help! The more time you let pass the easier it is for this company to keep your money! You might get the items you might not…….

    • Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. We’ve had hundreds of readers that have had no issues at all.

    • Nemo

      After being told my item had been shipped and being refused a tracking number… I finally received a tracking number due to my case being open with PayPal, once I had this information I went to the USPS order tracking. It told me a date it had been shipped, did not match the date I was org told. Also it apparently has had no further action since being processed that day.. Weird… PayPal thought so too, they are going to investigate this further…

      • I suspect they are overloaded with orders since so many of the items are delayed. I just ordered my Carseat Canopy and will share how it goes! I’m not due for another 3 months, so I suspect I’ll have it in time. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

        • Nemo

          Item never received, poor contact from company. PayPal just recovered my money back for me on this purchase. If anyone buys from this company use PayPal they will help you with the purchase if anything goes wrong!

  • Devon

    Not happy. I ordered an item on back order with the promise it would be shipped on or before May 7th. I just checked the status on their site and it says it won’t be shipped until June 25th because of some mysterious delay. The site said I should’ve been contacted about the delay, I checked my inbox and spam folder…I was never contacted. I understand it was cheap because of the promo but I have a newborn now and need the cover. Their policy is no cancellations. I am opening a ticket through paypal. Ridiculous shipping times, horrible customer service…don’t waste your money.

  • Erica

    I purchased a canopy a year ago to see how nice they were even though I didn’t need it. Worth it! Now I’m having baby two, another girl, so I ordered a very girly one. On backorder so I haven’t recieved it yet. I also ordered the nursing pillow, uddercover, sling and just now, the baby leggings. I have recieved the Uddercover in Taylor which is a bright sunny yellow, like online, and what I wanted. I have recieved the nursing pillow in Clementine, color of a tennis ball. Not what it looks like on my laptop, tablet or phone. I thought it was yellow. So be careful about color! The others are on backorder or I just ordered so I don’t know about those yet.

    • Thank you for the feedback Erica!

    • Erica

      Update! I received the girly canopy and it is BEAUTIFUL! It looks pink online but is more a guava which is a very pretty look. The baby leggings are not meant for newborns. More for 6 months old, when babies have chunky legs. I have now used the udder cover and have enjoyed using it. Easy to roll up and store in diaper bag and works better than just using muslin swaddle. I didn’t mention before, the nursing pillow is not meant for plus sized women. We have dubbed it the Big Sister’s Baby Holding Pillow. My baby doesn’t like that kind of sling so can’t comment on its use really.

      • Thanks for the reviews Erica. I’ve had my carseat canopy for a few months now and finally opened it up and put it on the carseat (baby coming anytime now!). I love the way it looks! I need to get myself an udder cover!

  • Lori Anna

    I ordered the “Kendra” Carseat Canopy on April 2, 2014. Saw online a few weeks after ordering it was on backorder and would be delivered on May 30th – I was OK with that b/c the baby shower I was attending for this item was not until Sunday,June 8th. The month of May came and passed and no Carseat Canopy. The arrival date was then pushed back until June 6th, I was still OK with it being pushed back, due to the fact that the baby shower I was attending was that following Sunday. June 6th came and passed and no Carseat Canopy! I was unable to attend the baby shower I ordered this for (on April 2nd!) b/c I didn’t feel comfortable going without a gift and explaining why this company had lost my item in the mail. On Monday, June 9th I checked the shipping status and it was still stuck in Utah with DHL for multiple days, then USPS would not update their tracking and it was stuck in GA multiple days (I live in SC). The estimated shipping arrival was pushed back to June 11th, with me FINALLY receiving the item on June 12th (ONLY 10 weeks and one day after I ordered the item!). Carseat Canopy did refund me my shipping, after calling multiple times and complaining. Even though I received the refund for shipping, it still does not bring back the fact that I was unable to attend a joyous occasion for my friend. If you really want or need this item, order at least three months in advance!

    • Bummer! Sorry to hear that! I ordered the Chevy at the end of April and got it in less than two weeks. 🙁

      • misty

        I don’t work for the company and I will agree they take forever to answer an email. I had a question and waited a week for a response. However what I ordered arrived fairly quickly. It didn’t even take the full 2 weeks.

  • Krista

    Ordered carseat canopy and received in 2 weeks!!! tried to get others wouldn’t let me do it. went through whole process then when I got to select a payment type and did PayPal it went back to beginning. Tried twice on uddercover and once on sling. But very happy to have gotten the canopy! Love it!!

  • I just received the gray chevron carseat cover and it’s fantastic. It came within 2 weeks of ordering it and I can’t believe I got something of such high quality for only $12.95! There’s no way you could make it for even close to that.

  • Brandy

    I am ordering the Whole caboodle with the canopy. I dont mind paying the little extra… I dont see anything in stores that is as good as those. I met a lady who used these codes and got the caboodle and loves it so since I had a boy and want to use his car seat I am getting that to make it more girl and I am very excited I heard about this site and these codes!

  • Devi

    I need all the items. But they are in different websites. It’s 14.99 $shipping for each product. Is there anyway I order all items at once with one time shipping cost?

  • Lisa

    I ordered the Uddercover and the nursing pillow. I got my cover in and I love it! It’s so pretty can’t wait to try it out with my little one. Next I’m ordering the Angelina whole caboodle for my little ones car seat.

  • Jocelyn Bisson

    I ordered the car seat canopy about a month ago and never received it. It was paid for through my credit card so I have proof that I purchased it. Who do I contact about this.

  • Lisa Sprague

    I believe I purchased a carseat canopy from a link on facebook however have never heard anything or gotten a confirmation. Can you please check and send me an email?

  • Julie

    Has anyone gotten these promo codes to work? i.e. FABULESS1
    I get emails with promo codes but they never seem to work.

  • Kristina

    I have a baby sling that I got but never used for my baby. its still in the package. if anyone wants it let me know. thanks

    • A lot of times, if you post on Craigslist, or in your local Facebook Buy Sell Trade group, you can get the shipping costs out of it, if it’s new. Used ones can go for about 1/2 the shipping costs.
      Another option is taking it into a consignment store, although they don’t usually pay as much.

  • Helen Wilkins

    OMG! Fabulous deal even with the shipping. Searching for deals everywhere. Having our third child and we had gotten rid of all baby stuff after first two. On a much tighter budget now and I am so happy I just scored these deals. Can’t wait to get in the mail! Thank you to Fabulessly Frugal mamas for this deal! 🙂 You made my day!

  • Linda

    To order these products, expect a LONG wait time. The shipping charges are excessive but unable to deliver on time. They do not warn you that despite paying for expedited shipping, the delivery times they posted does not apply for international shipping. Simply put, they use ground post for courier charges. It is a real rip off. I regret ordering from them. Obviously, I am not the only person experiencing such problems. My mistake is that in my haste to get a present for a baby shower, I failed to check reviews and would not have chosen them. The baby shower had come and gone. To avoid the embarrassing situation of showing up empty-handed I had to to rushed out buy another gift. With teenage kids, I am can only wear Udder Covers a hot day as halter tops.

  • pomplemousse

    Hi! Just wanted to let everyone know that I started to order the carseat canopy but didn’t finish all the information (I stopped on the billing page) because I wasn’t sure I really wanted it, and just walked away from my computer and left the webpage open. Not sure if this will happen to everyone, but then I got an email with an extra $5 off to decrease the shipping to $9.99. So, perhaps it’s worth starting the process and not finishing to see if you can get more off the shipping cost. 🙂 The code is only good for one time, though, otherwise I’d list it here. I’ve ultimately decided to order the canopy because of the decent reviews. I ordered the UdderCover because I know I want that, but the rest I’m not so sure.

  • Autumn

    I ordered the seven every day sling in black and thought it would look pretty with my newborns name in fluorescent pink Lexie Ember….and I receive it two weeks not bad but it’s black with the embroidery in white and the stitching looks awful and so small?blahhh. Very disappointed. She is due to come Dec 8.iwrote them no response yet

  • Michelle Johnson

    Hi there, does anyone know how much postage and shipping is to the UK please, I can’t find it on the websites
    thanks Michelle

  • Carole

    I bought this in the summer as a baby shower gift for my nephew’s baby & they absolutely love it! They use it all the time and even as a blanket when needed. I would definitely buy another one in the future as a gift.

  • Amber

    This offer is still good. I placed my order so I could give it to a friend.

  • Melanie Palmer

    I’m curious if there’s a code like this for the ruffle buns since they are another sister site??

  • Janette

    Shipping to British Columbia starts at 31.00 + and will take 4 weeks! There are other Canadian companies that sell this same product for 39.99 and some have free shipping and faster shipping.

  • Alicia

    I was a little dissapointed with the cost of shipping for the Carseat Canopy! $28 seems a little extreme considering the canopy itself can be purchased today for $30 with the 50% off and free shipping the site is offering. I think I will have one of our local crafty moms make me one for much less.

  • Meaghan

    The udder covers website for some reason hasnt been working. I have tried it on different computers and on my phone. Even when you google it, it’s not working for me. Anyone else having this problem or know of a fix? Thanks!

  • Sherry Coonce

    I know that this is going to sound selfish, but I am so happy to be pregnant, but I didn’t expect to be pregnant so I have needed help with buying my pregnancy stuff so I have been going on this pregnancy websites but all of them are free but I have to pay shipping and handling which I don’t have so…… it would be very helpful if you could make them free shipping and handling.. I know people are going to be saying she is so selfish but sorry

    • Hi Sherry,
      I know what it’s like! Babies are EXPENSIVE! I think it’s awesome that these guys are willing to give the discount they do, but I understand that sometimes free + shipping is still too much. I would suggest yard sales, thrift shops, consignment sales, and local Facebook groups. You can get high quality, used items for a fraction of the cost!

  • lucy P

    Yes you have to pay shipping for the carseat canopy but its still WORTH IT! I use mine everyday! A tip is to use velcro to make it stay on the carseat better.

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