How to make a DIY teepee trellis

How to Make a DIY Teepee Trellis (In 5 Steps)

Frugal Living|Home & Garden
Make Your Own Bean Teepee Trellis I was working in my greenhouse the other day and had the idea to build a trellis for my sugar snap peas and pole beans. After some brainstorming, I decided to try to make a DIY teepee trellis! Not only is this cost-effective... Read this post
How to stop a run in pantyhose

How to Stop a Run in Pantyhose or Tights (2 Fixes)

Frugal Living
Once they get a hole, pantyhose can run quicker than Usain Bolt doing the 100-meter dash. If you don't learn how to remedy the situation quickly, you're going to end up spending a small fortune buying replacement pairs. Luckily, it's actually pretty... Read this post

14 New Ways to Save More in 2019

Frugal Living|Wise|Wealthy
Are you looking to save more money in 2019? If you’re struggling to come up with some goals to pursue in 2019, we have a few for you here. There’s an added bonus: many of these ideas will not only make you wealthier, but healthier as well! 1... Read this post
Cash envelope system guide

A Simple Guide to the Cash Envelope System

Frugal Living|Wise|Wealthy
Written by my sister Carolee, this is a guide that will teach you everything you need to know about the cash envelope system. This post covers the pros of using the system and gives you helpful, actionable pointers to get started. There are also some... Read this post
How to get free stuff from companies

20+ Ways to Get FREE Stuff From Companies

Frugal Living|Wise|Wealthy
How to Get Free Stuff Online and Offline We love getting free stuff in an ethical, legal, and courteous way! Check out these easy ways to get free food, music, education, and more! 1. Free Apps There are so many apps available for free! See a ton... Read this post
5 tips to help you shop smart at Costco

5 Costco Shopping Tips to Help You Save Money

Frugal Living|Wise
Who doesn't love shopping at Costco? Go ahead... raise your hand. I don't see any hands. Why? Because everyone loves hanging out at Costco! That is until you check out and pay. :) I believe there have only been two occasions when I've actually gone... Read this post
The best things to buy in January

The 6 Best Things to Buy in January

Frugal Living|Wise|New Years
Here's What to Buy in January The presents – unwrapped. The tree –  just a few remaining needles the vacuum cleaner didn’t catch. A new calendar hangs on the kitchen wall, and the last thing you probably want to do is head out the door to a... Read this post

Dollar Shave Club Review (Starter Box Deal Inside)

Frugal Living|Wise|Gifts
Here's my Dollar Shave Club Review! I think we can all agree that paying for razors at the store is NOT fun. Those darn things are expensive! For the longest time, I got away with buying whatever razors were on sale or cheap/free with coupons, but... Read this post
25 ideas to throw a fun, yet frugal, themed birthday party

25 Frugal and Cheap Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Family|Frugal Living
25 Inexpensive Birthday Ideas for Him or Her It’s time to throw a birthday party that your child will never forget. However, you don’t want your wallet to suffer long after the presents are unwrapped and dishes are done. Check out these 25 cheap... Read this post

Report Card Freebies and Good Grade Rewards

Family|Frugal Living
Report Card Freebies Whether it's a report card filled with all good grades or an exceptional test score, you probably want to award your child/children a bit for all their hard work. They deserve some awesome report card rewards! Luckily, there are... Read this post
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