Getting Organized for When the Kids Go Back to School

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Back to School Means it's Time to Get Organized! It's that time of year! Whether you've already sent your kiddos back to school or if you're still in the thick of back to school shopping, some help preparing for the new school year is always welcome! It... Read this post

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Back to School Deals {FREE Back to School Supply List Price Point Guide}

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Did You Know That Back to School Deals Start Right After the Fourth of July?! Believe it or not, as soon as the Fourth of July is over, the Back to School Deals begin! In fact, some of the best deals show up during July! Sending kids back to school... Read this post

8 Inexpensive High School Graduation Gifts Under $10 (They’ll Remember You Gave Them!)

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8 High School Graduation Gifts They’ll Remember You Gave Them for Under $10 Graduation season is an exciting time for so many, but it can also be a costly one. The invitations can add up, or even, sometimes, be unexpected. That’s why I've... Read this post

Best Back to School Hairstyles

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We are back on our Back to School Series and it is already DAY 3! I have loved sharing all these random tips, tricks, and advice to help each one of you have a smoother transition into this new school year! If you have missed out on any of our daily... Read this post

Why I Love Back to School Shopping with Crazy 8

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Can you believe it's almost time to head back to school?! I always have such mixed feelings when this time comes. I mean I love having my kids home for summer, honestly, I do! But I do miss the routine that school brings (not to mention cleaner house).... Read this post

How to Find The Perfect HOMESCHOOL {Plus a Possible Work at Home Opportunity!}

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Welcome Back to Our Homeschooling Series! We are on our second day of our homeschooling series and let me tell you, this series has taught me so much!! I have LOVED getting your input so PLEASE comment below and let me know any comments or questions... Read this post

Homeschool vs. Public School – Part 1

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This week I have a series that my team and I have been prepping FOR WEEKS. We are so excited to share this topic with you. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook already know the topic of this week's series. Huge shout out to those... Read this post

$5 for 2 Months or 30 Days FREE of Online Preschool!

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Need an inexpensive alternative to preschool? GET for 2 months for only $5! Or you can try it for 30 days for free! Why My kids LOVE playing games on electronics. Whether it's the computer, a gaming system or their... Read this post

Lunch Box Containers & Lunchboxes!

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Lunch boxes & containers on sale! A little over a month left until the school bells start ringing again. I made my lists yesterday on things my kids need to have replaced before the school year starts and lunch containers made the list! So I went... Read this post

Tips For Saving on School Clothes

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Take an inventory- Look through each child's closet and see what they have that still fits. Move out the clothing that no longer fits. Then decide exactly which articles of clothing are needed. Set a budget- How much are you going to spend? It is easy... Read this post