Super fun summer activities for kids

60 Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids!

Fun Family Summer Ideas for Kids Summer boredom is a real thing. Kids are used to being in school and having something occupying their time 24-7! Once summer hits it is hard for them to entertain themselves day after day for months on end. In my house, my kids would play on their iPads all summer if I let them BUT I don't want that! I want them to go outside, be active, and make loads of fun memories. I realize though as a mother, sometimes it is so hard coming up with ways... Read this post
Walmart price catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher Review and User Guide

Coupon Tips
How the Walmart Savings Catcher Program Works The way the Walmart Savings Catcher program work is really simple. If a local competitor offers a lower advertised price on an item you purchased at Walmart, this program allows you to get back the... Read this post
Weight Watchers books free download

12 Cheap or Free Weight Watchers Cookbooks

The Weight Watchers diet is one of the biggest and most effective diets in the world. Over the years we've posted recipes to help you stick to this diet, but sometimes you need something a bit more in-depth. That's when a complete recipe book comes... Read this post
100 gift ideas that aren't toys

100+ Gift Ideas That Aren’t Toys

Wise|Christmas|Disney Money Saving Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
Have you ever wanted to give more than a gift for Christmas or a child's birthday? There are so many great things that you can do for or with the children you love! Some of them are free, some of them are expensive. We wouldn't presume to say what's... Read this post

25 Uses for Dryer Sheets That Will Blow Your Mind

Frugal Living|Wise
I love it when you can use common household items for more than one use! These days so many things are expensive and if you can find more than one way to use something, it makes it a bit more valuable! Dryer sheets aren't just for laundry anymore,... Read this post

Rite Aid Savings – wellness+

Did you know you can earn wellness+ points at Rite Aid on purchases and prescriptions towards savings of up to 20% OFF almost the whole Rite Aid store for a year? It's pretty awesome, and the points add up fast! The prescription points are the... Read this post

Rite Aid Savings – Plenti Points!

It's BLACK FRIDAY WEEK!! And do you know what that means? It's my favorite time to shop at Rite Aid, and I'm super excited about racking up some Plenti Points this week! But first, what is a Plenti Point, and why do you care? wellness+ with Plenti enhances... Read this post

$5 for 2 Months or 30 Days FREE of Online Preschool!

Back To School
Need an inexpensive alternative to preschool? GET for 2 months for only $5! Or you can try it for 30 days for free! Why My kids LOVE playing games on electronics. Whether it's the computer, a gaming system or their... Read this post

How to Fill 100 Water Balloons in Under 2 Minutes!

How to Fill 100 Water Balloons in Under 2 Minutes! Best invention EVER. Okay, maybe the wheel was pretty cool. But this is so awesome! And they are super easy to use! And the two minutes? That includes turning the hose off, adding a new set, and filling... Read this post

5 Dr. Seuss Books For Only $5.95!

Summer is the perfect time to give the gift of books. A Dr. Seuss subscription would make a fabulous gift idea for grandparents too! Do you have a graduating Kindergartner? Even my 1-5th graders love Suess! You don't want to miss this! Help foster... Read this post
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