STOCK UP ALERT! FREE Purex Complete Fabric Softener {Albertsons Starting Wednesday}

April 4, 2011 60 Comments | Disclosure

Just thought you may like to know that from April 6-12th, there will be a FAB sale on the Purex Complete Crystals Fabric Softener at Albertsons…

and with THIS COUPON, you can get it FREE!!

Buy (1) Purex Complete Crystals $2.99
Use (1) $2.00/1 Purex Complete Crystals Softener – 3/13 RP (get more on eBay!)
OOP:  $.99
RECEIVE:  $1.00 coupon to use on your next transaction (essentially a catalina)
Final Price:  FREE!

then we’ll do it again of course!

Buy (1) Purex Complete Crystals $2.99
Use (1) $2.00/1 Purex Complete Crystals Softener – 3/13 RP (get more on eBay!)
Also Use $1.00 coupon (catalina) you just received
Final Price:  FREE!
RECEIVE: ANOTHER $1.00 coupon to use on your next transaction

Wash. Rinse. Repeat!!

We love to stock up on FREE Fabric Softener!

That’s why we’re buying coupons on eBay!

As of Sunday at Midnight, I’ve seen a set of 20 coupons priced from $2.50-$5.00.   If you spend $5.00 for 20 coupons, your cost per item will be $.25…. still not a bad price for fabric softener!  {note:  all teh coupon clippers I checked do not have this coupon in stock}

ps – make sure you PLACE AN ORDER if you’re purchasing more than 4 or 5 of these!



  1. Sweeeet! Do you know if this is a catalina that will run beyond the sale or is it just for the week of?

  2. Heather says:

    Just wanted to say that I have 60 extras of this coupon. They are 20 for $4.00 plus shipping if not in my area……I live here in meridian idaho and would be willing to meet you too……let me know if anyone is interested.

  3. Does this fabric softener work with Front Load HE machines? I have a ton of these coupons!

    • mommy2two says:

      i don’t think so :( we have a front loader and i just don’t see how it would work unless you put it in the clothes…

      • Michelle says:

        It does work on a front loader :) And its amazing

      • It does work on a front loader, and you are supposed to put it in with the clothes. The instructions on the back of the bottle tell you to do that. I use it in my front-loader with my sheets and towels and it’s wonderful!

    • I did some of my own research and apparently it does work in a HE machine. What new product wouldn’t, right? Can’t wait to cash in my 11 coupons!

      • Michelle says:

        awesome! I was wondering the same thing! Sometimes I buy stuff even when it doesn’t work on a front load and just stash it in our motor home. Most laundry mats or laundry stations at KOA campgrounds don’t have front loaders…and while on vacation we usually go to the laundry mat at least once or twice!

  4. I have used this product and I have a front loader. I add it before I put the clothes in, works great.. I really like this product!

  5. It says right on the front of the container that is safe for HE machines. You add it in with the clothes at the beginning. They are pretty powerful little crystals! A little dab will do ya!! :)

  6. Nrs4kids says:

    I love love love this product and scored on 7 of them at Target this weekend for around $6.00 OOP. They were on an unadvertised sale for %1.99, I used (2) $1.00 Target coupons plus (7) $2.00 RP coupons. The lady behind me asked if I had an “magic coupons” for her items too!
    I wish I had known about the Albertson’s deal ahead of time. Oh well, Target was still a pretty screamin’ deal if you ask me.

  7. Maybe a silly question, but can we place orders for these just like we did for the cereal? I have a bunch of these coupons that I’d love to use, but I also forsee everyone else purchasing a bunch! Thanks! :)

  8. Do you know, can you buy more than one in a transaction and recieve a “catalina” for each one, or can you ONLY buy 1 per transaction to get the catalina?? I can just forsee it being a pain to go through the line 20 times, but I’ll do it if I have too!! :)

    • I know, it sure would be a lot of transactions! And honestly, we’re not 100% positive. This is a new promo they’re doing. IF it works that way, I’m planning on buying 20, and then using my $20 in cats to get a box of Huggies (which will be $19.99) and then I’ll get a $5 cat back from that!

  9. Boy there has been so many deals lately I’m having a hard time keeping up! Just a couple of questions. I know five mile and overland store is pretty good with orders and i would like to order from them since i haven’t had very good luck with mine so who should i talk to and do you have to do one fabric softerner at a time to get the cat. or could you like purchase five and get five-one cats. oyno. Hope that all makes sense?! Thanks for all your help. LOVE THIS SITE! :)

    • This is a new promo they’re doing… so we’re not 100% certain. But we are HOPING it will work that way! I’m planning on buying 20, and then using my $20 in cats to get a box of Huggies (which will be $19.99) and then I’ll get a $5 cat back from that!

      • That would be totally wicked awesome! Who do I order through at Five Mile and Overland Store? Thanks again! :)

        • You can just call them or go to customer service. Damien is the grocery manager over there. We usually talk to him, but anyone at the counter *should* be able to help you!

          • Thanks Cathy! When i order do i even have to tell them the scents i want? How does that work? :)

            • Yes, that’s what we did… told them exactly what varieties that we wanted. Make sure they know you want the 28 oz that is in the upcoming promo.

              • Our store here is new at having “special orders” I am trying to get it going…
                BUT; they are having problems with stocking and re stocking and getting in the special order stuff. How is your store with special orders? are they able to get product in for everyone during the sales?

  10. Target on Eagle Rd has them on sale for 2.99 right now and there is a $1 off target coupon so makes them free!

  11. MaMaLaLa says:

    A question- Do you take all 20 transactions (if you pre-order) and do them one at a time? If so, do they usually do that many transactions at the front of store in customer service? Or do you have to do them in the regular line and go through 20 times?

  12. I am just wondering since its a coupon and not a catalina exactly, how can it be stacked with another coupon to buy the next one? Or it is a type of catalina just not called that? So confused

  13. Silly question?? I ordered 20 Softners do I have to do 20 transactions?

  14. Chelsey McGee says:

    I’ve never done an order before but have my coupons on the way from Ebay. Does anyone know who to talk to at the Albies on Cherry Lane/Main/Meridian Rd? And I’ll be interested to hear if we have to do it in 20 trans or all in one…I”m sure hoping for the all in one.

    • From what I read above; I believe you have to buy one. pay for it; use your coupon and you will get a catalina and the next bottle; you pay for it with your coupon AND the catalina and another catalina will print rinse and repeat… 20 times! : )

      • Chelsey McGee says:

        So if I just want to roll the 20 ‘catalinas’ into another transaction, like for meat or diapers , I should hopefully be able to buy all the purex in one shot…fingers crossed.

        • I’m not sure on that… last time there was an “instant $5 off” and I bought 10 of an item (so 20 total) I only got the first $5 and had to delete and do a separate transaction.

          let us know.

          • Chelsey McGee says:

            Yikes, hopefully the question will be answered before I go in. Really don’t want to do 20 transactions but I will if I have too.

  15. Angie Louthan says:

    I am running into a problem over here in Everett, Washington. The cashiers are telling me I’m only allowed 3 transactions with doublers PERIOD per day! Obviously that is not happening to any of you?! Is it? So twice now, I’ve had to leave piles of food in my basket because they wouldn’t let me do more transactions-even if I went to a different cashier or self checkout. She said its policy and I reread the policy and it just says 3 consecutive transactions allowed but I thought you could start back at the end of the line and do it all over again? Any suggestions?

    • Our store here is 3 transactions. walk out to the car and go back for 3 more transactions. today for the cereal; my cashier let me do 4.
      good luck… that is a bummer…

      I love Albertsons because of this. Now; SAFEWAY… I wonder what you ladies do there… do you go to the car and back in? their double coupons say “one per visit”… and I am nervous to go in / out there… because when i first started couponing I used 3 doublers in a row (like Albies) and the cashier said I couldn’t do that.. so i haven’t again.

      what do you do with Safeway?

    • At my store you can do three transactions and then go out to your car, put them away and come back in, because then you are a new customer.

      • But Safeway only lets you use ONE double coupon sheet per visit. So; I am going to try the in / out idea… I don’t like it at Safeway but I am fine with it at Albertsons… (cuz they are more coupon friendly I guess…)

  16. Are there any other big scores in the Albertsons ad?

  17. Chelsey McGee says:

    Just curious how this deal is ringing up, can you do it all in one for example if your buying ten, do it in one transaction and get the $10 in catalina’s or do you have to do it one at a time.

    For those of you who have done special orders before, I’m nervous the gal I talked/placed my order with didn’t know what she was doing. How long does it take for them to get the items in usually? She said they would pull it from their stock and call me when it came in. Normal?

    • I’ll second this! Please share your stories. Worried about going to pick my my 20 bottles this weekend to share with family. 20 separate transactions or able to do all at once??

    • I placed an order yesterday with the guy who does the orders at the one in Mtn. Home and he was great about it. Told me he loves selling free things to people and that it would be in on Fri. Just remember if the catilina says $1 off next transaction then you’ll have to do 20 transactions with them before they expire, I’m going to just roll them and get my fabric softeners for free so I use them all.

      • Chelsey McGee says:

        Becky, I’m getting 20 (buying for the extended family as well, they are still getting into the couponing thing). So if I do one transaction my OOP will be about $20 plus tax. My worry was I wouldn’t get the $1 catalina for each one purchased, so a total of $20 in catalinas that I was going to roll into some baby formula. Figured done all at once I’d save some time.

        Is there a limit to how many catalina’s can be used in one transaction, ie all 20 used towards a box of formula.

        I’ll call the store tomorrow to check the status on the special order, just for my piece of mind. Hopefully my coupons from ebay will arrive in tomorrows mail.

        As always thanks!

        • Chelsey McGee says:

          Quick follow up, called my store this morning and was told that he was “beaten to the punch” with ordering and his store did not get any of the sale item and the warehouse was out of stock. He said he still has two more orders to place before the sale is over but he couldn’t guarantee he would get anymore in. I asked about a rain check and he said he could save the price but not the catalina. Little bummed, not sure if its worth calling around to see if other stores have some stock or just crossing my fingers to hope he gets it in time. Reguardless $1 for fabric sofener is nothing to sneeze at.
          Anyone else run into this with their store?

          • mommy2two says:

            Yup, talked to my grocery manager yesterday at 36th and State in Boise. My special order didn’t get ordered!! (LONG STORY) but he said all stores are out of stock and there isn’t expected to be ANY available until the 14th which is AFTER the catalina ends. So, you can get a raincheck for the price but that’s the best they can do.

          • My store manager said the same thing. It is completely wiped out at the stores and warehouses. Told me the last time an item was really hot it took two weeks to get in. I got a rain check, $1for fabric softener that is normally $5.50 is nothing to sneeze at.

  18. I did the same thing. Special ordered some and i went early Wednesday. Boise store said they just had a few in and some lady came in and bought them all. Sounds like they didn’t have much to begin with.
    Even the special ordering i got the same thing. Said the warehouse was all out. I love all these deals but wonder why some stores get them and some stores don’t. Even trying to special order them doens’t work.
    Very frustrating but I got a raincheck. Happens with the “really” good deals.

  19. I just hope that they are not supplying us do to Ebay coupons. Or even that stupid show that aired this week. I hope that this is a one time occurrence and the warehouse really is out.

  20. I just went to one of my Albertson’s in Port Orchard, Wa. The first store did not have any. =( i asked if they had more in the back, they said they did not. But offered to call the other Albertson’s in our town and see what they had. They had the 30 f.s i was looking for and held them for me until I got there.
    I think I may have cleaned them out. But did get a good variety of the two scents.
    I was disappointed b/c i thought i could roll the catalinas to the next transaction and they would not let me due to both the coupons being MQ’s (2$ off, and 1$ catalina). I ended up still saving $137 on my purchase and getting 30$ in catalinas for a next visit!


  21. does anyone know when the catalina expires? I had to do a raincheck on these

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