Albertsons Doubles 5/16-5/18 (and some FAB news!!)

May 14, 2010 75 Comments | Disclosure

We just confirmed that Albertsons has changed their policy & they will now double ALL Do Not Double COUPONS (DNDs)!!! Seriously, it came directly from corporate.  Can you say HAPPY DAY!  PERFECT news just in time for doublers on Sunday.

Get 5 sets of these in your Sunday paper with our
Newspaper Deal!
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Halls Cough Drops $1.99
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 3/28 SS
Final Price: FREE

Tabasco Sauce 5 oz $1
DOUBLE: $ .50/1 from SS-4/25 or .50/1 printable
Final price: FREE


Tree Top Juice Box 3 pk $1.00
DOUBLE: $1/2 printable
Final Price: FREE

Dannon Activia 4-Pack $2.00
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 5/2 SS
Final Price: FREE

Kraft Singles Meltdowns $1.69
DOUBLE: $1/1 from SS-4/25 Did not get locally
Final Price: FREE

Capri Sun Sunrise  $2
DOUBLE: $1/1 Capri Sunrise from SS- 4/25 Did not get locally
Final Price: FREE


Campbells Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken Soup $1.00
DOUBLE: $1/2 printable
Final Price: FREE

Scotties Facial Tissue 75-132 count $1.00
DOUBLE: .50/1 printable Must register
Final Price: FREE

Purina Friskies Cat Treats $1.49
DOUBLE: $1/1 from SS-5/2
Final Price: FREE

Bagel Bites $1.99
DOUBLE :$1/1  printable
Final Price: FREE

Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Sticks $1.79
DOUBLE: $1/1  SS-4/11 Did not get locally
Final Price: FREE

Other Great Non-ad Deals:

Danonino Yogurt 6 pk $2.19
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 3/28-SS
Final Price: .19

Dannon Danimals Crush Cups $2.49
DOUBLE: $.75/1 from 5/2 SS
Final Price: $.99

Dole Sensations Natural Juice $2.49
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 4/18 RP
Final Price: $.49

Dawn Plus Liquid Dish Soap $1.99
DOUBLE: $.50/1 from 5/2 PG
Final Price: $.99

Hefty One Zip Quart or Freezer Bags $1.99 (13-22 ct)
DOUBLE: $1/2 Hefty One Zip here
Final Price: $.99 ea

Nestle Pure Life Water $3.99 (24 pk)
DOUBLE: $1/2 Nestle Pure Life Water here
Final Price: $2.99 ea ($.12 per bottle)

Minute Rice Ready to Serve Packs $1.99
DOUBLE: $.50/1 printable here
Final Price: $.99

Flintstone Vitamins $6.99 (60 ct)
DOUBLE: $1/1 Flintstones Vitamins here
Final Price: $4.99

Nexcare Band-Aids $2.79
DOUBLE: $1/1 Nexcare Product here
Final Price: $.79 (20-30 ct)

Cascade Rinse Aid $3.49
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 5/2 PG
Final Price: $1.49


Halls Defense Vitamin C Drops $2.29
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 3/28 SS
Final Price: $.29

Johnson’s Baby Products $3.99 (reg. price)
Included: Baby Wash, Lotion, Powder
DOUBLE: $1/1 Johnsons Baby Product from 4/25 SS
Final Price: $1.99

Bertolli Pasta Sauce $2.99
DOUBLE: $.60/1 from 4/25 RP
Final Price: $1.79

McCormick Grill Mates $2.49
DOUBLE: $1/1 McCormick coupon from 4/25 RP
Final Price: $.49

Nestle Nesquick Single Serve $1.29 (16 oz)
DOUBLE: $1/2 Nesquick coupon from 5/2 SS
Final Price: $.29 ea

Del Monte Fruit Chillers $2.99
DOUBLE: $1/1 Fruit Chillers here
Final Price: $.99

Wacky Mac $1.69
DOUBLE: $.50/1 Wacky Mac here
Final Price: $.69

General Mills Promo

Spend $20 or more on any combination of items, get $5.00 catalina to use on your next transaction (as well as a voucher for 50 Bonus Box Tops).  I’m only going to list the ones that are the best deals.  Prices are listed as:  sale price/price after catalina savings  and then of course final price accounts for catalina savings AND coupon.  Some of the insert coupons you may not have, as they were only found in the Idaho Statesman. Keep in mind each of these double deals is the price for the first 3 assuming you buy $20 worth of GM products.

General Mills Cereal $2.00/$1.50
Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25oz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8oz, Trix 10.7oz, Cookie Crisp 11.25oz, Cocoa Puffs 11.8oz

DOUBLE $1/2 from SS 5/2
DOUBLE $1/2 printable (mine says print limit reached)
DOUBLE $0.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (print it twice from, and I was able to print it 1 time from and 1 time from Box Tops 4 Education and two more times from SmartSource – so six Cinn Toast Crunch Coupons total
Final Price: $.40-$.50 For your first THREE
That is stock up  price, as long as you need $20 of GM products!

Premium Brownie Mix $2.00/$1.50
DOUBLE $.75/2 from (twice), (once each)and SmartSource (twice)
Final Price $.75
Not a bad price for Premium Pillsbury Brownies

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix $2.00/$1.50
$.50/1 from 3/28 SS (Eye Masters)
Final Price: $.50
Again, decent price, but certainly not a stock up price

Suddenly Salad $1.00/$.75
DOUBLE $.40/1 from

Yoplait Yogurt Cups $.50/$.38
DOUBLE $.40/6 from SS 3/21 or 4/18
Final Price: $.24 OR .36 EACH if not spending $20

Chex Mix Bars $2.50/$1.88
$.50/1 from 4/18 SS
Final Price $1.38
I don’t recall for certain, but it seems like we could get this for much less in the past?

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches $1.67/$1.26
DOUBLE $.40/1 from
Final Price: $.46
We’ve gotten these for as low as $.25 in the past

Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.67/$1.26
$.50/1 from (twice), (once each)and SmartSource (twice)
Final Price: $.26
We’ve gotten these anywhere from free to $.75 in the past

Other Non-Promo Deals:

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza $4.99
DOUBLE $1/1 from 5/2 SS  (Idaho did not get but if you found some on eBay)
Final Price $2.99

CATALINA (goes until 5/16)
Buy 2 & get $1
Buy 3 & get $2
Buy 4 or more & get $3

Final Price after Catalina $4.24 or $2.24 if you have the coupon AND DOUBLE

A big thanks to Fistful of Coupons for some awesome match-up ideas and readers Patty, Natalie, Natricia & Walt for the heads up about the Albie’s policy change!

We have been getting reports that Walmart in Nampa on 12th and in Meridian on Fairview are both taking Albertsons doubles. Also Fred Meyer in Nampa has been taking them as well. So check with your local stores to see if they are doing this too! Personally I have a lot of loyalty to Albertsons and would rather do my shopping there, but this may be helpful info for many of you! :)


  1. This is great!! It will be so much nicer not having to drive to the stores that did double the DND’s. Is there something that we can print to show the cashiers or do we just take it to the manager and hope that they know about it?

    • Julie,
      We got an email from an Albertsons employee that said every Albertsons is doing this. Came down directly from corp. so you shouldn’t have an issue!!

    • Can you please tell me what DND stands for? Thanks:-)

      • “Do Not Double” – Albertsons used to not allow us to double the coupons that said “DND”, but has announced that they now will double these coupons!

  2. At Albies in Meridian, there is a big display of Post cereal for $1.49 each plus a cat for $3 wyb 4 and $4 wyb 5

  3. natalie kay says:

    I’m so happy to hear this is legit! Albertsons, I LOVE YOU!

  4. Jennifer says:

    ooooh, I sure hope you guys are right!! That would be awesome!!!

  5. Thanks for the linky love! I am so excited for all you Idaho ladies!! We have been able to double all coupons for awhile now here in Washington…its about time Albies let you guys do it correctly too.

    Let the doubler madness begin!

  6. I just followed the link to register with Scotties and I got a $1/1 Q! I answered, “No” to using them regularly.

  7. Ali Smith says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. My jaw just seriously hit my chest when I read that we can double DND’s now! My immediate reaction is pure excitement and joy, but I have to admit that this will definitely make for even CRAZIER shopping considering how many new deals will be available. Man…tomorrow is going to be CRAZY at Albies. I can just see it now…guess I better get there early!

    • I’m setting my alarm! I’m soooo excited I almost peed my pants when we got the news. Is that pathetic that something so simple would be so important us as couponers!

      • Ali Smith says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking…how funny it is that we get so excited about such things…but hey! Somebody’s gotta do it! 😉 And we won’t seem so “pathetic” when we get home with all of our FREE stuff!

        • Hey i just got done telling Michelle Edmunds I NO LONGER get up at 6 for the deals but this calls for some action. I’ll be setting my alarm along with you gals. thanks for the post.

          • Ali Smith says:

            I just wish my hubby wasn’t out of town this weekend to watch the kiddos…as easy as it is for me to get up and go that early, it’s definitely NOT easy hauling the little ones. :( So…I probably won’t make it anywhere before 9 at the earliest, hopefully there’s some goodies left! :)

          • I’m starting to really enjoy grocery shopping in the evenings. It seems like the stores are never very busy, and maybe it’s just my imagination but the cashiers seem super friendly. Last night, right when I walked in the door at Albertsons, I was greeted by a cashier who immediately gave me 3 sheets of doublers without me even having to ask!

            Last night at Albertsons I bought their 8-piece chicken (cheap chicken Monday deal) — all they had left were breasts and drumsticks, so instead of the 4 thighs and 4 drumsticks that you’d normally get, I got 6 nice big breasts and 2 drumsticks for the same price. It wasn’t old or dry — it was good! I could have / would have gotten 8 breasts but my kiddo likes drumsticks ….

            I’ve gotten great deals like this plenty of times by shopping in the evenings. Freddies marks down their bakery items, and I’ve gotten some great deals on just-marked-down-but-still-plenty-fresh bread and such.

            It’s not often that I’ll head for the store early in quest of a bargain, but I did, however, hit up Albertsons first thing Sunday morning for the free Capri Sun Sunrise, since I couldn’t find any in stock the last time doublers were out. Got my 6 boxes and I was a happy woman. :-)

  8. My Albertson’s (Idaho Falls) also has Pepsi 12-packs 4/$10 and you get a free bag of Tostitos wyb 4!

  9. Im so excited!!!

  10. Thanks for the info!
    Do you know if this applies to all Albertson’s or just Idaho? I’m in Oregon and just called our Albertsons here to confirm and was given a firm “No.” Any way you could forward the email around? :)

  11. Being able to double the DND will make it alot easier for us the cashiers, and if you do have a problem with one of them not wanting to double the DND just ask for the mangager… All of us should know what’s going on and they probably just didn’t hear about it.

  12. Melinda says:

    Nestle Pur Life has a Catalina running through 6/2. Buy 2 get$2, Buy 3 get $3, Buy 4 get $4. Best deal is to buy 4 & use 3 Doublers. This comes out to just $.07 per bottle. That’s a ton cheaper than buying one in a machine for $1! Stock up for Summer!

  13. Is the Post Cereal giving out a Catalina–or is the $4 savings just part of the deal using your Albertson’s card?

    • There is a $4 instant savings, and a catalina for $4.. That is if you buy 5 cereals. you get $4 instant and a $3 catalina if you buy 4. so .89 a box if you buy 5 without any other coupons you may have!

      • Thanks so much! I got coupons from Ebay and was able to buy four Post cereal and a taco mix ($.61 overage) for $1.61 with just coupons and doublers and then received $3 cat!!! Moneymaker!!

  14. 'rebecca says:


  15. Amber, Ali and Ami. I must be missing out. In all my coupon days I have never gone at 6 am to get a deal. Maybe I should come join you in the fun. :)

    • Ali Smith says:

      Haha…I don’t generally get up THAT early. I used to go at 6 before the family even woke up and before my husband left for work with the car, but now he travels every week MON-FRI :( soooo…it’s just me alone with the kiddos during the week. So it’s back to shopping on the weekends for me, but not at 6am! 😛

    • I just like to get my shopping crossed off my list. Since I am a stickler and won’t miss my gym time, which is 9-10:30 a.m. it’s easy to just do my coupon shopping early. however since i still can’t walk from my race- i might just be missing out completely on this deal! :)

  16. OT, not about Albies, but I stopped at WalMart today to get some Benadryl itch sticks, and they have the 40 oz Heinz Ketchup bottles on rollback for $1. I know on the stock up price list it says less than .50, but it seems like those are usually smaller bottles. Also the La Creme mousse that has a BOGO on is $2.18. These were at the Overland one. I know not every one likes to shop at Walmart but wanted to share in case you do!

    • Also the Wheatables are $1.98, so only .48 after the coupon, and the Simply Go-Gurts are $2.25. I think they may be cheaper at Winco but I dont have one that close and didnt want to make an extra trip since my ip were expiring today.

  17. Is there a site to print this new policy from? I just went to the Albertsons at five mile and ustick and talked to a cashier and the front manager and they both said that they will NOT double ones that say do not double :(

    • Unfortunately Albertsons does not make the policies public. I’m assuming the info went out on a conference call; maybe they are still not going to do it. In that case i guess people will still have to go to other stores that will double but now it should only be a couple that won’t.

      • that is so weird… I understood it from the store directors mouth it was all stored, odd that a supposed “coupon friendly” albertsons is not doing what everyone else is. today I made several trips to albertsons at three different locations mainly west boise, 3 state street stores , I was able to double everything I had. I was able to get 50 transactions between the stores and I got two heaping carts of free stuff. I say support the stores that are and dont go to the ones that dont, I drive past other stores to go to my stores because they know whats going on and are kind and cool to couponers!!

  18. I bought some of the BC muffin mix as part of the GM promotion. When we opened a box this morning to bake some muffins, I discovered a $.75/2 coupon inside the box. With doubles it makes them $1.25/box. In my case it made it a little better deal than doubling the $.50/1 from the SS because I had two $1/8 yoplait coupons and therefore could only double one additional coupon in that purchase. If that makes sense.

    And btw, if the person who left the $1/8 yoplait coupons on the shelf at the Albertsons at McMillan/Eagle is reading this … thank you thank you! Much appreciated. There was another woman there buying yoplait the same time I was, and we split them. :-)

  19. Ali Smith says:

    Oh, and another double deal to look for is the new Cheetos Zingers that are on sale for $1.67, so with the $1/1 from the paper and a double, you get a little overage! I bought some and they’re actually pretty yummy!

  20. The $1/1 Dan-O-Nino coupon expired 5/2. There is one for $1/2 in the 5/2 SS that expires 6/6.

  21. I called the Broadway store in Idaho Falls and the lady I talked to “Jamie” said she had not heard about the new policy with allowing for doubling of the “DND” (Do Not Double). So sorry to disappoint but I thought you might want the heads up to tell other readers before morning hits!

  22. I’m still pretty new, so I am not sure if this is really good or not, but Pillsbury cookie dough is on sale for $1.99, double a $1/2 and they’re a dollar each. I go through the stuff like crazy so I bought it to freeze and then wondered if it was really a good deal… :)

  23. Monica…you are missing out! One of these times you have to go early. :) Just because. :) In the past I would never have to go early but in the past year or so as couponing has gotten so big here I have gone early a few times to make sure I get what I want! And even then most times many things are gone. Only sometimes is it worth it to me.

  24. I was wondering which store has the tabasco for $1. At ustick and five mile they are 1.79.

  25. Hey there is a coupon book at the front of the Albertsons by my house called “shrek-tacular savings”. Did not read the post to see if any one else mentioned it but thought I would. :) Save $10 in coupons.

  26. kristendances says:

    Cashier at the Albies on Vista/Overland would not take the Nabisco coupons from facebook (had 2)…she said she won’t accept printables because “its hard to keep people honest”…I’ve been going to this Albertsons for 26 years.
    So today, basically, my Freddies diapers cats didn’t print, my Walgreens won’t accept black and white printables and Albertsons ‘says’ they won’t accept printables.
    Being fairly new to couponing (1 month), its SO distressing.
    I signed up for 13 weeks of 7+4 newspapers so I’m committed till the end of that at least but its turning out to be more stress than I ever imagined.

    • Kristendances,
      Breath!! Don’t give up! It gets better once you have built up a stockpile because then you can shrug off the lost deals a bit easier! Here are my thoughts:

      Unfortunately for all of us AND the cashiers there are dishonest coupon copiers out there… while frustrating you can’t blame her for not wanting to jeopardize her own job. Don’t be afraid to point out security features (water mark, individual number, etc.) Sometimes I feel that if the cashiers had a little more knowledge and ability to spot a fake coupon we would all breath easier! But jobs are hard to come by… can’t blame her right!?

      The Catalina company is great about sending cats that didn’t print as long as your purchases qualify. Contact them at 1-888-8COUPON, or 1-888-826-8766 or via email at Also… did you try taking it to customer service? Sometimes they can help too!

      As for Walgreens, well, I’ve had too many problems there than I can speak of so I just took them out of my shopping rotation. It’s frustrating for me that there is no coupon policy and seemingly no consistency in experiences there. BUT I know some people LOVE wags and you can get great deals there, so maybe try another location that is a little more coupon friendly!

      DON’ GIVE UP!! There are always deals that don’t work, cats that won’t print, or shelves that are cleared… but then there is always another day and another deal!! Keep on! Good luck!!

      • Mel – what a fab response! Thank you for sharing the thoughts I had but didn’t have time to write out! WE appreciate YOU!

        Kristendances – DITTO to what Mel said!!

      • kristendances says:

        Hi again,
        Well, I went to the Albies on Orchard and Overland, again, I was out that way for another errand, and got the glare for my grey scale coupons there, I couldn’t believe it. She did accept them but asked me twice if they were photocopies, I assured her they were not. I wish that there was a way for them to confirm I am not committing fraud. I could tell that the lady in line behind me was embarrassed for me and she was very nice.
        Thanks for the comments everyone, I was hoping someone would have pity on me and give me a pep talk!
        The unexpected glitter on my couponing quest today was actually finding the Capri Sun and only paying tax on it. Success even though the Albies by my house would not take an ‘order’. It was my first time trying that out and the guy on the phone said no and I wasn’t expecting to find any on the shelf, but there were! So I guess I’m a little sparkly today after all. :)
        Thanks again.

  27. Broadway Albertsons in Idaho Falls would not double the Do not Double. Either they ahven’t been told or they are not suppoesd to. Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of plans for the DND coupons. Just to tlet everybody know

  28. Lindsay Marchant says:

    I called customer service and the new official policy was sent to my email account. Feel free to print it and take it to your store!:

    Thank you for shopping at Albertsons. We appreciate your business. Below you will find the double coupon policy. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at 1-877-932-7948.

    “Twice the Value coupons CAN be used/paired with manufacturer coupons that state “Do Not Double” (or similar wording). The maximum face value of the manufacturer coupon is still $1.00 or less to be used with Twice the Value coupons.”

    Thank you,

    Anneliese P
    Corporate Customer Care

  29. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have extra doublers??? For the past three times I have not received them in my papers, so all I get is the one from when I got to customer service. :-( I have some Capri Sun $1/1 , and a few McCormick $1/1 I would be more than happy to trade. If you’re looking for something else let me know, I may have it. Oh, and I’m in Meridian!

  30. Infusium 23 shampoo and conditioner was on clearance at O&O for 2.99! If you have yet to use your $3/1 coupons they are FREE FREE FREE!!! (Don’t even have to waste a doubler!)

    And they are doubling DND coupons there! Yeah for free stuff!!

  31. If anyone still needs it- Kellogg’s is still printing catalinas. If you have the $1/2 to double they come out to .20/box if I’m doing my math correct.

  32. Crystal says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this deal was already posted somewhere, but I was pretty happy when I discovered it by chance tonight. I had (3) $1/1 multisurface windex coupons, so I planned on purchasing three of those, and submitting for the $5 SC Johnson rebate (for buying 3 qualifying products), which would have made them a pretty great deal already. THEN, a $2 Catalina printed, making it a dollar and some change moneymaker. Wooohooo! (P.S. ~ This is my first comment ever. Kind of fun, isn’t it? Hehee. :)) And thank you so much fabulessly frugal goddesses, you have helped me save SO MUCH in the few months I’ve been couponing and trucking through nursing school – you gals rock! :)

  33. Is the $20 GM promo before or after coupons?

  34. Cheryl_hiccups says:

    Here’s another FREEBIE:

    New York Style Risotto Chips (in the deli dept.) are $1.99 = free after $1/1 mq and doubler

    New York Style product, any $1/1 DND (7-31-10) SS-3/28

  35. i confirmed that the info for doubling the DND coupons did go out on a conference call. So if an albertsons is not doing this then they have terrible communication between managers and employees.

  36. At my Albertsons last night they had some Stove Top stuffing boxes marked down to $1. I used my $1/2 IP coupons with doublers and got 4 boxes for free! Yay! AND … surprise … a $3 catalina printed! There were no details printed on the cat so I can’t provide any more specific info regarding dates and quantities.

    I didn’t think to check the price of the regular Stove Top inventory. But with the IP coupons, doublers, and catalina, might be a good deal.

    I found some of the Velveeta cheese cups at the State/36th Albertsons in Boise. All they had on the shelf was the Kraft Mac & Cheese cups, so I inquired about the Velveeta and the gal found some of the Velveeta on one of those cardboard displays at the end of an aisle. I bought 8 (free with doublers — yay!) and there were probably 30 or so left, but that was Sunday so I’m sure they are long gone by now. I realized after I bought them that the catalina didn’t start until Monday so I missed out on that, bummer. But then getting the surprise $3 catalina on the Stove Top last night made up for it. :-)

    Then I felt bad for feeling bad about not getting the Velveeta catalina … like getting 8 cups for free wasn’t a good enough deal by itself. Shouldn’t free be good enough for me? I should think so. :-)


  37. If anyone hasn’t gotten in on the Capri Sun deal Albertson’s on Cherry and Meridian just got a bunch in. I can’t remember how much, but the manager said hopefully enough to get through the day.

  38. For those who LOVE yogurt and eat a lot of it… We decided to do the GM promo where you buy $20 and get a $5 cat. I originally thought that I would be buying them at .25 after coupons and cat, but 2 extra cats printed to make them 18.5 cents a piece.

    42 yoplait yogurts (yogurt expires June 15) = $21
    Use 3 .50/8 and double
    Use 3 .40/6
    coupon savings = $4.20
    OOP $16.80, get $5 cat and 2 $2 cats

  39. Melissa says:

    Just an FYI for people in Washington…I’m in Spokane and my store used to double all coupons but today was the first day I was told they will no longer double ones that say DND at the top. So I guess Washington is the opposite of ID right now. :(

  40. Linda C. Williams says:

    We watched the Extreme Cupon program last nite and we are really interested in starting. We don’t need a lot of these items since there is just the two of usbut we feel what a great community service! We would be going for the mostly free stuff and donating it to local charities here in the area. We need to find out how and where to get the deals that have money back that applies to your total basket purchase price so that we can purchase items that aren’t totally free.

    We were wondering if anyone of you would be interested in allowing me and my husband to go on a shopping trip with you. We would observe and learn from you. We live in Caldwellbut can easily travel to Boise. We are retired so any time could be ok with us.

    I can be reached at ( 208) 402- 4282, if I’m not home please leave a message so that I can call you back.

    Thanks so much,

    Linda and Steve

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