Ridley’s New Coupon Policy

June 2, 2010 9 Comments | Disclosure

Ridley’s Family Markets have locations throughout Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. One of our local readers, Annell passed on some exciting new info. And while we normally don’t post about Ridley’s, this was too good not to share!


Here is the scoop:

$.25 coupons will be doubled to $.50 coupons
$.50 and $.75 coupons will be doubled to $1.00 coupons

They will NOT double $1.00 coupons or higher.

Ridley’s also has a few FAB deals this week (prices confirmed at the Middleton Ridley’s only. Go HERE to find the ad for a location near you):

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 20 lb box $29.80 or $1.49 per lb!!

1 Dozen Western Family Large Eggs $.77 each

Western Family Yogurt 6 oz $.29 each

White Satin Granulated Sugar 25 lb bag $9.99 (limit 2)

Western Family Sour Cream 24 oz $1.19 each (1 cent cheaper per ounce than Albertsons)
Thanks Annell!


  1. Becky A. says:

    Thank you for the update! My Ridley’s has started taking all competitor’s coupons, including Albertson’s doublers. However, this is pretty new to the checkers, and I have had to be very patient as they adjust to this change in practice. Also, they are very strict about matching the coupon item as stated on the coupon. One checker told me that any errors they make in processing coupons will be deducted from their paychecks. Can’t say I like that store policy! It has made the checkers at my Ridley’s very leary of coupons and almost grumpy when they see them coming.

  2. It’s true. Katherine, Ericka, Susie, Aurora and others are fantastic ladies (at Middleton store). They have told me that corporate watches them very carefully so I want to be sure that ya’ll know that they are fantastic to work with but please do your upfront work diligently. Make sure nothing has expired, that the watermarks are clearly visible with the bar codes, have the correct product and be very careful when doing a deal that has a moneymaker. I put my items upfront that will make sure the total never dips below $1.00 when they are ringing them in and doing the coupons at the same time. As they become more familiar with us, it will get easier. The other suggestion I have is please don’t do your coupon deals during rush hour. It’s the only store in Middleton and can get pretty busy. They open at 7 am and that would be my suggestion if you can do it this early. If not, just be mindful. Ericka told me that they price match as well. And, if it is a store-specific product (i.e., Fred Meyer milk) and it is on sale, if Ridley’s has a store-specific product (i.e., Ridley’s Milk) they will price match for that too. Also, be sure and sign up for their rewards program. I’ve gotten tons of free stuff through shopridleys.com where they keep track of your phone number/reward card and you can request gift cards, DVD players, free groceries, 25% a grocery order, free donuts (our favorite), etc. They have been seriously overlooked because of our record-setting coupon trips to Albies, Walgreens, etc. They aren’t huge deals but I’m still eating the packages of hot dogs I got for free three months ago.

  3. Ssssssssweetness! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would loooove to see more deals from Ridleys–it’s the only grocery around me and I’m new to couponing!

  5. I was able to purchase the frozen chicken breast for this price at my local Broulims today. The meat manager said that ALL Western Family Chain stores should be running the same price. :)

  6. Ridley’s in Middleton does not double coupons. The cashier laughed in my face when i mentioned it. She said that they have never doubled coupons before and haven’t started to either (not on Tuesday or any other day). Big time bummer :( I drove all the way out for some good deals. Is there another Ridley’s in Idaho that is doubling?

    • Lori-

      Thr Ridleys in Twin doubles! Sorry for the confusion and the disappointment! Is everyone else getting a no go in Middleton?

      • Right now, they do not double coupon in middleton. They do however accept Albersons, Walmart, and other high end coupons from other stores.

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