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January 1, 2009 22 Comments | Disclosure

When I first started clipping coupons I did not want to spend a lot of money on organization until I figured out if this was something I was going to keep doing. So I went to the dollar store and purchased this little photo album to keep my coupons in. It held about two weeks of coupons and then started drivingme crazy. It was too full and not organized enough. I decided that I was willing to stick with couponing and so I upgraded my binder.

I got all of the stuff and Target and it only ended up cost me less than $10, which was worth it to me to have it well organized.

I purchased three things….

  • Baseball card holders $4.99
  • Binder $.97
  • Indexed pocket dividers $3.79

The binder might be sitting in a box from an old college class, and the dividers with the pockets could be replaced with simple dividers but I really liked the pocketed ones. I keep my adds, store coupons, and all of my rebate cataloges and receipts in these folders so they work great for me.

I divided the binder into three main sections food, personal care and cleaning.  Those are further divided into sections. Here is a detailed list of the sections my binder is divided into.

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  1. ok
    i have got to get some of those slanted dividers! I have been totally frustrated with all the “where do I put this” “what do I do with all the ads from ea store”
    you have it all GOIN’ ON…
    love this!

  2. I use business card holders instead for three reasons: 1) They were all I could find, 2) They were cheaper than baseball card holders, only $3 instead of $4-5, & 3) They hold ten in two rows of five which works better with my OCD. XD

    • What area or section did you find the business card holders? That sounds like something I’d like to look into…OCD is a problem for me too 🙂

      • You can find business card holders near the home office section, at least in Walmart. Not sure about other stores, but I saw them there earlier today when I was looking. They also have a lot of other page protector and folder options. I’m sure other stores do as well. Hope it helps!

    • I’m not sure I understand your three reasons being as your first two reasons contradict each other your saying the business card holders all you could find but yet they’re cheaper then baseball card holders so your saying you found baseball card holders…. Not sure if I’m reading this right…. But maybe I’m the only one.

      • Well at walmart i know the buisness card holders are right next to the baseball card holders so maybe they were out and all she could find was the price insert or maybe she is going off of other peoples quoted price

      • OR the fact that the original post and replies are totally written by different people! The person that wrote that she found the baseball holders at DT is not the same person as the OCD woman that prefers the business card holders. Darn this is a really late post….. oh well haha, I guess so it doesn’t confuse other future readers..

    • I actually got 90 baseball card holder pages at walmart for $2.99 I just fold the coupons if they are long works just great.

  3. Twin Falls class is cool!

  4. Melissa H. says:

    But how do you keep track of when each little coupon expires?

    • hey Melissa,
      I see nobody answered this Q you had about expired coupons….I organize by general date I do major shopping about every 2 weeks so….hence I file for 1-15th of the month then next section is 16-30,31 . when & if the date has past I know I get rid of all left in my pages…no fumbling through to look at dates!!

  5. Sherri Gandee says:

    Hi ladies! I am just starting to coupon. I have done alot of research but it all seems to run together after a while. Information overload! I have liked ur web site the best! But i live in ohio and some of the stores and savings u mention are in other states and not around here. Do you have any info you can give me on the stores in northeast ohio. I already have gotten on each stores web site to get coupon policies, which will take me a while to understand. thank you so much for all the great work you all put into this. and i can’t wait to hear from you.

  6. Im interested in going from the clip-less method to the clipped baseball card holders I have found everything on Amazon but I am just curious how big of a binder I need.. I can’t believe the prices so I don’t want to go too excessive just would like some advice thanks

  7. Sharon King says:

    I am just starting out, I am beginning to understand the coupon policy ‘s at my local stores in New Jersey I felt a little overwhelmed, but I know it takes time to get the hang of it all. I would appreciate any helpful advice I like the website it has been very helpful.

  8. I want some books of cupons please..!!! Help me I would like to save some money…!!!

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