Coupon Organization – Making it work, FOR YOU!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for, gee, like nearly a YEAR now! One of my resolutions is to get all the ideas floating in my noggin out there for you all to read! So I started this organization post, intending for it to be one short and sweet post… but, you know me, at times I tend to be long winded when talking about something fun. SO – I’m breaking it up into a series of posts!

I want to start off today by sharing this FABULESS tool created by one of our newest blogging buddys, Angela, over at The Coupon Project. She is a self proclaimed organizing nerd freak junkie couponer, and has come up with a super fab excel spreadsheet that you can use to track all of your coupon savings!! So the next time someone complains to you about “what a waste of time”, you can whip out your handy dandy 2010 Savings Tracker spreadsheet!

Angela is so kind to share this creation with all – you can go view more details about it, plus get the FREE download at her site, The Coupon Project!

Coming SOON – You’ll see the first of THREE different methods of organization I’ve tried, and later in the week we’ll show you Monica’s super fab and fast way of clipping coupons!

{PART 2} – Filing Method
{PART 3} – Binder/Baseball Card Holder Method

{PART 4} – A fast way to clip all those coupons!
{PART 5} – The Combination Method {What I’m doing now!}

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