Albertsons Double Deals 7 Days of Twice the Value!

February 3, 2011 72 Comments | Disclosure

Albertsons Double Coupon Deals (or TWICE THE VALUE)  for 2/2-2/8

Wow is your head spinning yet from all the Fab Free deals we are finding at Albertsons. I have compiled all of the double deals not found in the ad in this handy list! Remember you can print this list! Watch my video on how to make this post your personal shopping list!

Double Deals not found in the Ad

Free After Double OR Twice the Value Coupon

Athenos Hummus $1.99
DOUBLE  $1/1 Athenos printable coupon
Final price FREE!

Stouffer’s Signature Classics or Simple Dishes $2.00
DOUBLE $1.00/1 any Stouffer’s Entree printable coupon
Final Price: FREE!

Franks Hot Sauce 5 oz $1.49
DOUBLE: .75/1 from 12/5 SS
Final Price: FREE

Mission Tortillas $1.99 (30 ct. corn or 10 ct. flour)
use the $1/1 Mission Tortillas coupon
Final Price: FREE

Kikkoman Terriyaki Sauce, 10oz $2.49
Use B1G1 Free Coupon (10oz) or here
DOUBLE $1/1 printable
OOP: $0.49 each
Get $1.50 catalina
Final Price: $1.01 Money Maker

Kikkoman Soy Sauce, 5oz $1.79
DOUBLE $1/1 printable, no size restriction
Final Price: FREE

Zone Perfect Bars $1.00 ea
DOUBLE $.55/1 Zone Perfect Single Bar or Multi Bar Pack from 1/16 SS
Final Price: FREE

Pamolive Antibacterial Dish Soap $2
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 1/30 SS
Final Price: FREE

Catalina Offer: Spend $10 on La Choy Products, Save $5 OYNO

La Choy Noodles or Sauce $1.49
DOUBLE: $0.75/1 printable coupon
Final Price: Free

La Choy Sweet & Sour $1.79
DOUBLE: $0.75/1 printable coupon
Final Price: $0.29

La Choy Sauce (bigger size) $2.50
DOUBLE: $0.75/1 printable coupon
Final Price: $0.50

Buy 4 La Choy Sauce (bigger size) $2.50, sorry I forgot to write down
Use (4) $0.75/1 printable coupon
Use (3) Doubles
OOP: $4.75

Get $5 Catlaina
Final Price: FREE + $0.25 overage! Thanks Couponconnectionsnw

More Fab Double Deals

Coffee-mate Creamer $2.29 (until March 3rd)
DOUBLE: .75/1 printable coupon $1/1 Coffee Mate Coupon or creamer coupon or new coffeemate facebook coupon
Final Price: as low as .29

Taco Bell Home Originals Refried Beans $1.00 ea
DOUBLE $.75/2 packages of Taco Bell Home Originals
Final Price $.25 each

Rhodes Warm N Serve Rolls $2.50
DOUBLE: $.75/1 Warm and Serve Coupon
Final Price: $1

Ronzoni Pasta $1.69-$2.19
DOUBLE $1.00/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight from 1/23 SS {Not in Idaho}
or $1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$0.75/1 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$0.75/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest
Final Price: as low as .19

Wonka Valentine Suckers $2.39
DOUBLE : $1/1 Wonka Valentine Candy Coupon
Final Price: .39

Stayfree $2.29
DOUBLE $1/1 Stayfree Coupon
Final Price $0.29 Thanks FabFruGal Katie

Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cereal $2.50
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 1/23/2011 RP Insert
Final Price .50     Thanks FabFruGal Tonya

Jell-o Gelatin $1
DOUBLE .55/3 JELLO Coupon
Final Price .63 each

Pringles Chips $1.66
DOUBLE $1/2 from P&G 1/30
Final Price .66

Tabasco $1.89
DOUBLE .50/1 from 1/30 SS
Final Price .89

Tostitos Chips $3.00
Look for $1/1 Coupons taped to the bags
Final Price: $1.00

Chex Mix $2
DOUBLE .50/2 chex mix coupon or printable chex mix coupon
Final Price $1.50

Gardetto’s $2
DOUBLE .50/1 Gardetto’s coupon or printable Gardetto’s coupon
Final Price $1

Kettle Chips $3
DOUBLE $1/1 from RP 1/30
Final Price: $1
{Taped coupon spotted at Both Nampa 12th stores and Overland and Five Mile in Boise}

A1 Steak Sauce $3.59
DOUBLE $1/1 A1 Sauce coupon
Final Price: $1.59

Muir Glen Diced or Crushes Tomatoes 28 oz $3.39 {organic}
DOUBLE $1/2 Muir Glen Coupon or $1/1 Muir Glen Product (IE) Printable (FF)
Final Price: $2.39-$1.39

Cascadian Farm Cereal $3.99 {organic}
DOUBLE .75/1 Cascadian product coupon
Final Price $2.49

Johnsons Baby Lotion or Wash $3.39 {New}
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 1/9 SS2
Final Price: $1.39

Vlasic Pickles $3.49
DOUBLE .55/1 Printable Vlasic Coupon
Final Price $2.39

Vlasic Relish $2.49
DOUBLE .55/1 Printable Vlasic Coupon
Final Price $1.39

Flippo Berio Olive Oil 1pt 9.3 oz {big one} $9.99
DOUBLE $1/1 Flippo Berio Olive Oil Coupon
Final Price $7.99

Attention Boise {UPDATE FabFruGal Janel reports that these are gone}

Five Mile and Overland had two grocery carts of fruit snacks, gushers and Fiber One bars on clearance for $1

Fruit Snack or Gusher $1
DOUBLE .50/2 fruit snack coupon or printable fruit snack coupon
Final Price .50

Fiber One Bars $1
DOUBLE .50/1 fiber one coupon or printable fiber one coupon
Final Price: FREE

More Albertsons Info

What fab deals are you finding with Albertsons doubles?


  1. mission tortillas coupons are gone already!

  2. Not 100% sure of the brand, but pretty positive they were Rold Gold.

    Rold Gold Pretzels
    Double the $1/1 coupon taped to the bag
    Final Price: .99

    This was at 5&O.

    Happy Money Saver also has posted that wyb 2 Kettle Chips, you will recieve a Free 24pk of Albertsons water. There is no coupon listed, so I am assuming it is an instant savings, but that makes the Kettle Chips a really good deal if you buy bottled water!

    • On Wednesday the bags of Rold Gold were $1.99. Making these free. I bought 4 bags. Then on Thursday when I went back these babies were priced at $2.99. Hmm….. Think they caught on??!!

  3. I called and those carts of clearance fruit snacks and fiber one bars are already gone! Bummer!

    • Wow! Bummer. They had tons at midnight when I was there! I did not even get any b/c I was at the store for research not shopping and left my coupons in the car. I will update the post. Thanks Janel!

  4. Wouldn’t the A1 be 1.59 after doubles?

  5. Does anyone know if there will be doubles in Sunday’s paper? I quit the statemans and am going to start the tribune as soon as my subscription is up. May start it on Sunday if we are getting doubles. Thanks for all your info and help!

    • Shannon, we aren’t certain on the Sunday thing yet. If you do want to have the Sunday paper, I’m pretty sure you need to get it ordered today. Make sure you call our dude Greg Roseberry at 870-2784 and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL paper deal! :)

      • I actually called Greg a week or so ago and we decided to call when it was closer to when I wanted to start so he wouldn’t lose the order. Of coarse I am getting the fabulessly frugal paper deal. I can’t decide what to do because I am getting 4 papers already on Sunday. If I knew there was good stuff coming I would do it early. So I couldn’t call tomorrow and order the Sunday paper? What to do?

    • If we find out, we’ll be sure to tell you!

  6. We all know there are folks out there who use coupons in an unethical manner and clear shelves, but this is even lower …

    Fellow couponers, do not leave your coupons unattended in your cart for even one minute. There are theives among us.

    I shopped at a Boise Albertsons last night and was headed for the checkout stand when I had to stop in the ladies room with my child. I left the shopping cart outside the restroom area, as we’re supposed to. When we came back a few minutes later, my coupons were gone. Somebody stole them right out of my cart.

    I know better than to leave my coupon folder in the cart; I took that with me into the ladies room along with my purse. But I had all my items in the cart grouped for three transactions, with the appropriate coupons tucked in with each group of items. That is how I like to organize my shopping trips — get all the coupons ready before I go to checkout so I can check out as quickly as possible. I had about 20 coupons in there, all of which were high value (greater than $1) or they were for some of the items that we can get free this week with doublers. I estimate they represented about $60 in savings all together.

    To the thief, if you’re reading this, the box boy working nearby did not realize that the cart was not yours as you were rummaging through it, but he did see you and can identify you. I DID report you to store management, and you WERE captured on camera. You were smart to leave the store right away and not take the time to actually use those coupons, or you would have gotten caught. And if you decide to go back there any time soon, well, that will take a lot of nerve.

    By the way, you missed one. You could have stolen one more coupon, a peelie for $1/1 Classico pasta sauce that you could have redeemed for free pasta sauce. How nice of you to leave one of my coupons in the cart for me to use.

    Clearing shelves, hoarding product, using coupons unethically and stealing from stores is bad enough, but stealing from a fellow shopper is just as low as it gets. You may get away with it for now, but it will eventually catch up to you. But hey, in the meantime, go ahead and use those coupons, and enjoy those free groceries that you got by stealing from a single mother and her child.

    • You know what’s funny – well nothing about this is funny – but I was couponing midday yesterday at my Albies and I had to go to the ladies room and I had a cart full and coupons galore. And I went to go in and said no way, I’m grabbin’ my coupons…too much work and too much money here. I was even worried that they might take my perfectly packed cart….as they were starting to run low on some of the freebies. But I took my coupons in the ladies room and cart was untouched when I came out. Bummer that this happened…that’s not a real coupon lady that did that…that’s a wannabe for sure 😉

    • That’s AWFUL! Hope that person gets caught. That is pretty low…. Sorry that happened to you!

    • I am sorry to hear this happen to you. I love getting deals but not if it hurts others in the process.

    • How terrible! I always leave my coupon binder in the shopping cart when I have to take my 2 boys to the restroom, and I’ve never thought twice about doing so… now I’m going to have to take it in the stall with us. That’s just sad! What are people coming to these days?! People are getting too desperate. I mean, stealing coupons? That’s lower than anything I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry that happened to you.

      • What were some of the coupons that you had stolen. If I have some of them I would love to give them to you to help you out. I live in boise. please list them.

    • Susan….just as a small thought….I have MANY coupons and if you wanted to send me a list of what was taken I would be willing to try and replace them……I have more than I will need of so many coupons…including a few doublers if you need…..let me know. I think we should share when we can!!

    • I feel terrible for you and know how much work goes in to organizing a binder. Sadly, this also happened at the Glenwood & State Albertsons a few months back when the shopper went to check another aisle. It happened that fast! The store manager mentioned it to me and my friend to be aware of since we were shopping with our binders.

      I’ve heard stories about binders accidently left in carts, but luckily turned in to customer service.

      Here’s hoping yours might turn up, if they decide to do the right thing and return it to the store.

  7. Use the Chex mix coupon from the Safeway football book for FREE Chex mix.
    Also Hefty plates are $2 at Albies (in store ad) use $1 off coupon from Safeway Football book and DOUBLE to make them FREE!

  8. 3 bags of Kettle Brand chips for .18 cents! I bought three in one transaction and when the cashier hit the total button $3.49 came off instantly for Albertsons brand water. I didn’t buy any water, but it took it off automatically! I used three $1.00/1 coupons and the cashier doubled 2 and a half……18 cents for three bags!

  9. albertsons brand frozen vegies are on sale 10/$10. In the heart smart coupon book is a coupon for $1/2 which makes them just .50 each…its a store coupon so it can’t be doubled but I thought it was a pretty good deal.

    • I also used the $2.00/$10.00 off coupon for Albies brand products from the other booklet that expired today, making this a sweeter deal.

  10. What zip code did you use to get the $0.55 off 3 Jell0 coupon? It doesn’t show for my zip code. Thanks!

  11. I don’t know if this has been mentioned but…

    There is a Catalina printing for the Kikkoman sauce. I bought 3 and I got $1.50 Cat. My total was $.49. That turned into a $1.01 MM.

    • Thanks Daleene! :)

      Is this what you did?

      Kikkoman Terriyaki Sauce, 10oz $2.49
      Use B1G1 Free Coupon (10oz) or here
      DOUBLE $1/1 printable
      OOP: $0.49 each
      Get $1.50 catalina
      Final Price: $1.01 Money Maker

    • How do you get it as a money maker…? They never allow me to do it. I purchased the soy sauce for 1.49 they only doubled the up to the 49 cents so instead of taking two dollars off of one bottle they only took off 1.49 I still got it for free but it was not a money maker….

      • When I bought 3 in one transaction I received a Catalina (paper that spits out of the machine) for $1.50. I have used it already and didn’t look too closely at the verbiage. Something about if you buy 3 or more you would receive $1.50. Catalina’s are from the Manufacture not the store. But it prints out after you purchase the items. Hope that helps.

  12. Use the duncan hines dessert glaze coupon for $1.00 off double it final price is .50 a bottle. the greenhurst store has it for $2.50, not sure if this is a store sale or every store has it that price.

  13. When I went to do the kikkoman teriyaki sauce, but the coupon was buy 1 kikkoman sauce 10 oz. and get ponzu sauce free ($3.00 max). The ponzu sauce was $3.29 and the teriyaki sauce was $2.29. So I still got the sauces and paid $0.58 for the 2 sauces (which is an awesome deal anyway), but it did not print out a catalina. I was still glad to get the 2 sauces for such a low price :)

  14. New coupon policy at Albertsons as of today…we went today to use one of my rainchecks…they told us the following…they will only accept three coupons per transaction (this is the same as always) and only three transactions per day for customer…plus you have to have the doubler in hand they can not longer just use the doublers at the checkout….brand new from corporate as of today Feb. 4th….

    • I asked at customer service yesterday about this policy and was told no they are not doing that and had not heard of it. They do the doublers at the register instead of handing them out at customer service to prevent use at WalMart. Sure it does not stop people from using the ones from their paper at WalMart but at least they are not supply them for WalMart themselves.

      I have done WalMart a couple of times but have now resolved not to. I don’t want to make doublers vanish.

  15. Desiree Cadengo says:

    Use the $1/1 Chex Mix coupon from Safeway coupon book and use twice the value coupon from Albertson you get the Chex Mix FREE.

  16. Albertsons would only give out one set of doublers and only if you were shopping at that time…they said they would be happy to allow you to use those three doublers for three different transactions of three items per transaction.

    I am from Michigan at the Flint Kroger store they doubled up to one dollar as well as allowing you to use three coupons per three items with no restrictions as to how many coupons one could use per order….so if I had 50 coupons or a 1000 coupons I could use all of the coupons in one transaction.

    I sure do miss the Flint Kroger store they spoiled me. The only way I figure that I can save when I use doublers is to plan to spend a day going from one Alberstons to another and take as many people with me as possible… is insane….but than again I am always thankful to save money…so thanks for all of the tips this site is one that I appreciate soooooooo much.

    • Rochelle-

      You will find that each Albertsons is run just a little differently, but at most stores you can do three transactions in a row. So double 9 coupons per shopping trip. Many stores allow you to come back in and do the same thing again. If yours doesn’t it may be worth it to drive a little farther to one that does.

      Flint Kroger sounds awesome. It sure would be nice if Albertsons doubled coupons that way.

      I try to make my Albertsons stops when I am out and about running other errands so it doe snot feel like 3 special trips a week.

      Thanks for the praise. :)

  17. not sure if anyone posted this. Puyallup, WA. Old El Paso is $1.25 on sale and with a doubled 50 cent coupon, is also 25 cents, like the taco bell. coupons were in the SS 1/30/11

  18. Albertsons on Fairview and Meridian Rd have a great deal on Tostitos chips but you have to make sure that the checker processes the coupon correctly…they gooped on mine…plus the signage is confusing. There are two signs one says two bags for $5.00 the other sign says 2 bags for $6.00 ask for a $1 off coupon at the service desk…I went to the service desk and they told me to ask for the coupon when I check out…

    The scenerio for this deal should be as follows but they goofed mine up so I paid more:

    Two bags of chips at $3.00 per bag
    Use two coupons one per bag and add two doublers
    each bag than should be $1.00 per bag

  19. I got some $1 off 2 Campbell’s soup coupons from the Campbell’s website, picked up the soups that were $.99 and used the doubles to get free soup.

  20. Albies on 4th Pl. had their Betty Crocker brownies marked to $2 and there is a coupon in the Safeway Football bk for $1off any supreme, use doublers and you score free brownies 😉

  21. I went to three Albies this weekend and none of them had Gardetto’s and Chex Mix for $2.

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