Get Organized!

There is no proven method when it comes to organizing your coupons.
The only thing that IS proven is that you’re more likely to USE them if they are ORGANIZED!

Organization can make or break you when it comes to couponing. Lucky for us – there is more than one way to do it. And if you’re like me, you’ll change methods a few times, trying to find what works for you. There are three main methods of coupon organizing that I have tried. Each have their pros and cons. Again, you just do what works for you! And it may take a little time to figure that out.

1. Filing Method

This is pretty basic. You simply find a way to file your coupons! You can use a mini filing box, expandable file folder, file tote, a crate, or whatever works. This can be a good, inexpensive way to start out if you’re not sure you want to commit to couponing yet. Just file each weeks inserts in each section.

2. Binder/Baseball Card Holder Method

Find 3″ or 4″ binder (you can start smaller if you don’t plan to print a lot of coupons and get multiple newspapers). It is great to have one that can zip/velcro shut or fit into a tote bag in order to help keep your coupons contained. I have dropped my binder more than once! Purchase some baseball card holder pages and tabbed dividers (plastic ones with pockets are nice). Use the tabbed dividers to organize the coupons into categories. Here’s a list of categories that Monica uses. Clip all of your coupons and put them into the baseball card holders in the appropriate category. It is easy to find coupons with this method, but it is time-consuming to clip and organize all of them.

3. ClipLESS Method

This method uses a binder just like the Binder/Baseball Card Holder Method. Purchase some sheet protectors (about 30), baseball card holder pages, and tabbed dividers (plastic ones with pockets are nice). Organize your printed coupons and dividers as you would with the Binder/Baseball Card Holder Method. Put all of your like coupon inserts from the Sunday newspaper into one sheet protector. Print cover pages/coupon insert lists for each week’s coupon inserts. The cover pages list the coupons found in the insert and the expiration dates, so you can easily know which coupons are in there. Wait to clip the coupons until you need them. This method basically combines the Binder and Filing Methods. You have a way to sort your printed coupons into categories and a place to put all of your newspaper insert coupons, without having to take the time to clip them right away!

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