How To Make Your Own Noodle Beads!

{Pin This} I have what I like to call "busy boxes" for my little ones. Each one is a different activity that I store in a labeled $.97 plastic container from Walmart. I have about 1o right now, and absolutely LOVE them! Each time my kids get antsy... Read this post

Top 5 Halloween Milk Jug Crafts!

There's just something about Halloween that makes me want to get crafty!! Last night I showed you a simple way to reuse your old milk cartons with my DIY Spooky Milk Jug Ghosts and it made me wonder what other wonderful things we could make with our left... Read this post

DIY Halloween Wreath {Picture Tutorial}

Last year my girl friends and I had a craft night {and tried} to make Halloween wreaths. We tried an idea we saw on pinterest and it totally flopped! I was so annoyed I threw the wreath away and didn’t think about a Halloween wreath until this year.... Read this post

DIY Halloween Banner

Can you believe October is almost here?! This month has flown by.  I love Fall, the cooler weather and all the holidays coming up. I usually just do a little decorating for Halloween. Last year I kept meaning to make a Halloween banner and never did... Read this post

DIY Large Typography Sign {Picture Tutorial}

Adult|Crafts|Inside The House
I have seen lots of large typography signs all over pinterest. I saw this one and knew it would be perfect for a wall in my house, but couldn’t pay the $45 price tag (my kids are always needing new shoes and things like that). I figured out how to make... Read this post

DIY Fridge Magnet Cups {Picture Tutorial}

Having all 4 kids home all day we go through lots of cups. It drives me crazy! I’ve tried a few different things to take care of the “cup problem” but nothing has worked…until I saw this idea on Pinterest. I finally got everything gathered this... Read this post

Repurpose Inspiration: Yard Sale Find Turned Craft Room Accessory!

As a fellow frugalite, I am sure you can guess that I am always on the lookout for neat and cheap things at garage sales. If you were to come over and visit, I'd give you the grand tour of our living room and tell you how I furnished it for less than... Read this post

DIY Weekly Menu Board {Craft & Meal Planning Idea}

Adult|Crafts|Inside The House
{Pin This} This past year, our monthly budget decreased rather rapidly due to a job loss... I also chose to stay home with my kids rather than find work outside the home, so it was fine time to fine-tune my skills in building a healthy stockpile... Read this post

Burlap Growth Chart

{Pin This} {Supplies} -Burlap (.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby) {Burlap on Amazon} -Permanent marker -Number stencil (4.99 at Hobby Lobby) {Stencil Numbers on Amazon} -Line stencil (6.99 at Hobby Lobby) -Measuring tape or ruler When I fist... Read this post

DIY Flower Clips {Picture Tutorial}

I have 2 girls and they both love to wear bows in their hair. I LOVE to put fun accessories in their hair and am always looking for something fun, new and inexpensive to make! I am not a good bow maker (so I usually buy those), but I figured out how to... Read this post
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