Hot Chocolate Spoons DIY (Perfect Gift Idea)

These hot chocolate spoons are so fun! The ingredients are cheap (you probably have most of them on hand) and it’s a project that your child can do entirely on their own. Also, keep in mind that these stirring spoons can be a great gift idea for adults too! Check out how to make these awesome DIY Christmas gifts!

Hot chocolate mug with spoon

Hot Chocolate Spoons DIY

Everyone is looking for an affordable gift that they can share with their neighbors, co-workers, and friends. These adorable hot chocolate spoons would be the perfect DIY to add to a hot cocoa mix, a mug, or any other thoughtful gift.

My little girl is wanting to get a gift for all of her little friends at school. That can sure add up so we came up with this idea so that she can give each friend a gift that is fun, thoughtful, and low cost.

Hot Chocolate Spoons DIY Ingredients:

How to Make Hot Chocolate Spoons That Look Great

Melt the Chocolate

You are going to want to start out with your chocolates. A little goes a long way! I melted all of these chips and I had a bunch left over so be mindful of that.

You can do white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even caramel chips! All you need to do it put them in a microwavable bowl, throw it in the microwave and melt the chocolate or caramel.

Chocolate for hot chocolate spoons diy

Dip the Spoons

Next, you will want to dip the spoons in the chocolate. Especially if you only warmed up a little chocolate, the mixture can dry super quick so be prepared to dip your spoons right away.

All you need to do is dip the spoon in, take it out, and decide which toppings you want to put on it.

Dipping hot chocolate spoons

Pick Your Toppings

Now is the time where you can create just about anything! Make sure to have all your topping choices laid out and accessible because you will need to act fast before the mix dries on the spoon.

Here you can do anything. Sprinkle on a few candy cane crumbs, put some m&m’s on top, or build a snowman! This is the fun part for the kids because they can be completely creative. You will just want to make sure that they have their idea ahead of time because once the chocolate or caramel dries, there will be no adding toppings! The key points in this step is to be quick and have fun.

Once you are done, lay your spoon on a piece of wax paper to dry!

Fully customized hot chocolate spoons diy

Add The Washi Tape and Bag

After the spoon is dry, you can add your washi tape to the end of the handle and package it up! I chose to put mine in small gift bags and tie a Christmas ribbon around it! I had all the ribbon in my house already and it made it look a little more festive.

Once everything is in place, your spoons are ready to be gifted!

Hot chocolate spoons gifts

Add the Cocoa and Mug

As I said, my daughter is wanting to give this to her friends at school, so I got on Amazon with her and we found a cute little mug to give all of her friends. I went to Walmart today and a box of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa was only $.99 so we bought 2 boxes and have everything we need for her Christmas gifts.

In total, we spent less than 20 dollars to get all of her friends Christmas gifts. Once the mugs come in the mail, we will add a few packets of cocoa in the mug, add the spoon, and everything will be ready to go!

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Spoons!

So, who of you are going to attempt this hot chocolate spoons DIY? I promise you that everyone you give it to will LOVE IT! Comment below if you are going to try it out!

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Finished hot chocolate spoons gifts

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