DIY Sparkler Wand

DIY Sparkler WandWith July 4th approaching, fireworks are everywhere. This sparkler wand is a perfect way to let your little ones participate in sparkler fun. They can pretend, and play, and be just like the big kids. They will likely want to keep playing “sparklers” for days. My little one walked around with these in hand for over an hour when he first received them, giggling the whole time. If your kids enjoy this as well.

Sparkler Wand supplies

The Supplies:

  • wood dowels
  • wire star garland (from Dollar Tree)
  • a variety of red, white, and blue ribbon (6 ribbons, ½ yard each, was enough for two wands)
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • blue and white craft paint
  • paintbrush
  • glue gun

The Instructions:

Sparkler Wand paint dowels

Start by laying out some paper or newspaper as a painting surface. Paint the wood dowels with white paint. Give them approximately 10 minutes to completely dry. Wash out the brush as well so it’s ready for a second use.

 Sparkler Wand paint stripes

When the white paint is dry, wrap 6 pieces of scotch tape around each dowel, folding the ends under so they will be easy to remove. Space the tape-wrapped sections apart by trying to match the gap to the width of the tape. That way the blue and white stripes will all look the same size in the end. Paint in between all the taped sections so there are 5 blue stripes. Once the paint is applied, the tape can be carefully removed. Remove tape in the same order in which it was painted. It will give the paint just enough time to set, without letting it dry so much that the paint peels or chips.

 Sparkler Wand ribbon

Prep the pieces for the sparkler top by cutting the ribbon and wire star garland. I went to Wal-mart and picked out a few red, white, and blue ribbons, some patterned, some plain, from the cut-by-the-yard section. I got ½ yard of each type. I also picked out some sequin ribbon and got ¾ yard of that. The cut ribbons ranged from 12 to 48 cents each. I cut each ½ yard piece in half, making each piece ¼ yard long.

Sparkler Wand glue ribbons

To assemble the sparkler top, first take the cut wire garland pieces and fold them in half. Hot glue the fold at the tip of the dowel. Next, fold the ribbon pieces in half, and glue them in a “V” shape over the wire pieces at the tip of the dowel. Circle around the dowel, and glue the ribbons in “V’s” all around the top, each one slightly overlapping the last piece. Then open the bunch of wire garland pieces and place a dot of glue on the tip of the dowel and place a folded piece of ribbon in the center too. Fill any gaps with more ribbon or sequence pieces.

DIY Sparkler Wand

It’s that easy, folks. They are so colorful! And so cute! The sequence and the wire pieces make it jingle a little when you shake it.

Sparkler Wand play

My little guy smiled so big when I handed him two sparkler wands to play with. He did not want to put them down for the longest time. It was a hit! I hope your family enjoys these wands as well.




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