Winco Coupon Policy

Winco has finally released an official coupon policy on their website. Here is the Winco Coupon Policy.

  • Will take Manufacturer coupons
  • Will take printable internet coupons, as long as it SCANS
  • DOES NOT match competitors ads or prices
  • DOES take other stores in-store coupons


  • Does winco only accept 4 like coupons? or does it accept more than that?

  • Does winco double coupons?

  • Hi I’ve tried couponing at Winco. I always run into trouble when purchasing an item that is less than the coupon value. The cashier suddenly don’t know what to do because the coupon doesn’t scan. The coupon policy doesn’t state anything about coupon adjustment. In this case, do I go to customer service or what do I do?

    • WinCo usually will not take a coupon if it does not scan. Sometimes they will adjust it for me but sometimes they won’t. I would try to see what a manager would do. Sorry I can not be more help on this one. Let me see if I can get an answer from my corporate contact?

    • Phua, thank you so much for the great question – and Monica, a big thanks to you too for helping answer this. When a coupon is worth more than an item, many times our system should adjust the coupon so it goes up to the value of the item – which is what we would turn the coupon in for redemption. If a coupon doesn’t scan, we would then recommend asking for a store manager or Lead Clerk, since it would be up to their discretion. We see how this can be an inconvenience and do apologize for that. While we can’t guarantee a change, we will gladly make sure your voice is heard and send this directly to our policy makers, so we may keep it mind next time we look to update the policy. Thank you all – it’s an honor serving the couponing community!

  • Can I. Use a bogo coupon with another coupon @winco

  • On Winco’s coupon policy, it says that they DO accept other stores “in-store” coupons. Here in Phoenix, we have the Fresh and Easy stores- they offer 5 dollars off 25.00 or 10 dollars off 50.00 coupons- Does Winco accept Fresh and Easy in-store coupons? That would be awesome if so!!!

  • Bummer, they don’t accept competitors coupons.

  • Hey so when it says DOES take other stores in-store coupons does that mean i can take any other coupon from another store? or does it have some funky thing like walmarts coupon policy?

  • Hi I was wondering is Winco ever going to double coupons? Or will they ever do it once in a while, just wondering makes me not go there much anymore because Frys and Safeway comes out cheaper with coupons sometimes?

    • I do not think WinCo will start doubling coupons. I think they just like to try to keep prices low as a whole. That would be totally awesome though.

  • The Winco in South Salem would not take coupons that said redeemable at Walmart even though it was a manufactures coupon.

  • The coupon policy says “β—ΎDOES take other stores in-store coupons” does that mean if another grocery store has a coupon that says (for example) Ragu Spaghetti Sauce $.99, that Winco will sell the same product for $.99?

    • Hi Lisa, sorry for any confusion – per our current policy we do not accept other store’s coupons – exception being if the local store manager makes an exception or has agreed to do so locally. We can’t guarantee a yes, but we will gladly send this to our policy team for consideration next time we review our policy – we’ll make sure your voice and suggestion are heard. Thank you as always, love working for you!

  • Does Winco take coupons from my iphone? I have a coupon app that saves the coupons there. The stores I have used them in just scan my phone like a paper coupon.

    • Hi Kathye, we’re very sorry but at this point we do not. We have to have the actual printed coupon; either from inserts or like the ones our good friends at FabuLESSly Frugal link to in their coupon matchups. As we update our scanners in the future, we’ll gladly consider it in the future. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the info and direct contact info with the WinCo rep. Thank you for sharing and posting the policy.

  • Hello there,
    Thank you so much for doing this blog to help others learn how to do couponing! I am very grateful for your work here!

    I have a couple questions–as I have never couponed before (besides getting a few cents off a purchase–and even that has only been a couple times).

    How many newspapers does one really need to buy and which ones (Sunday only? everyday?) in order to begin having a money-saving coupon experience–that effects the monthly grocery budget? And, do you buy newspapers or are there less expensive ways that you get your coupons?
    Thank you so much!!!


  • Winco in Bellingham wa will not take other stores coupons.

  • This is SO helpful! My family has been looking at how to start couponing, and this is great because we live in Boise and shop at that winco!

  • Thank you for the wonderful website! It’s so great to find up to date Winco deals. I have been trying to find out how to use the $10 off $50 coupon. Can I use other coupons with it? Does the total AFTER coupons need to be $50?

    • Hi Ann, we’re happy to help πŸ™‚ You’re more than welcome to use other coupons with our special $10 off coupon, but the $50 purchase requirement must be met after all other coupons, discounts and exceptions. Hope you get a chance to use it before it expires at the end of today, 10/31/13. Thanks and thank you as always FabuLESSly Frugal! <3

  • I live in Beaverton OR 97006, I would like to know in Winco has a limit on the number of coupons you can use in a transaction. I did not see it listed but would like to make sure

    • Hi Vicki, we do not have a set limit on number of coupons per transaction – but a store may limit the number of coupons accepted to make sure we have enough stock on hand for every customer to enjoy our sales. We do have a limit on a per item basis – being that we only allow one coupon per item. Thanks!

  • Winco has coupons in store and they say manufacturer coupon, but only valid at winco is printed on it. Can you use it at other stores

  • confused on the policy concerning other store coupons. The coupon policy you posted at the top specifically says winco DOES take other store coupons but multiple times throughout the questions and answers, I’ve seen that they do not accept the coupons or that it is an individual store manager decision. What am I missing?

  • Will Winco accept Catalinas issued from another store? It says manufacturers coupon on it.

  • Can you use more than one of the same coupon?
    So if I’m buying deodorant and have 4 coupons, if I buy 4 deodorants will they let me use them all.

    • Hi Michelle, as long as you have one coupon to one matching item or items (if it’s BOGO, Buy 2, etc.) – then you should be able to use them. The only time we would limit how many coupon/item combinations you could use would be to make sure that we have enough product on hand, so that all of our customers can enjoy any sale or matching coupon (we hate out-of-stocks, lol).

      Hope this helps!

  • So glad I found this! And was wondering if let’s say if I get a coupon from the paper and print a coupon from online for the same product would I be able to combine the 2 for more savings?

    • Hi Jocelyn, great question!

      No, per our current policy you would only be able to use one coupon per item. We do not accept coupon stacking at this point. Thank you so much and enjoy all of the savings FabuLESSly Frugal shares! πŸ™‚

      WinCo Foods

  • Why does winci charge .15 cents per coupon used? That’s crap and I will no longer shop there

  • I went couponing at Winco (1st time), and was stumped to find out that the printable coupons with “Redeemable at Walmart” is not accepted. I really liked the store but very disappointment that they didnt take any of my print coupons that has the redeemable at Walmart on it. Vons and Target all take it since it is a manufacturer coupon and it doesnt say “Redeem on at Walmart”.

    • Hi Mary, we’re more than happy to explain. While these types of coupons are manufacturer coupons, there is normally a deal between the manufacturer and that store. This deal normally guarantees redemption, and at times may also give the store additional benefits such as lower pricing, promotional assistance, etc.

      Since we’re not part of the deal, there is no guarantee that we would get those same benefits that we could share with our customers and we do not have the same guaranteed redemption. For example, you can find similar coupons on our website for our stores.

      We’re sorry about any inconvenience and while we can’t guarantee a change, we will gladly send this to our policy team for review. Thank you as always, it’s an honor working for you!

      – WinCo Foods

  • What is WinCo’s policy on rainchecks? I was there tonight and saw the advertised price of $19.80 for the ten lbs of ground beef. The ad was for the 73% lean ground beef and all that was left on the shelf was th 93% lean for $41….I asked the checker( George) what the policy was on “rainchecks”……he looked at me blankly and asked ME what a rain check was….the he said he didn’t think they had such a thing. George has been a checker at that winco for a good number of years. If he doesn’t know what a rain check is I think maybe somebody should teach him! I live 17 miles away from the store…I cannot get back there without inconvenience. So now I had to leave without the ten lbs of meat you had advertised and swallow Gorges story about the rain check issue. Please respond….

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