diy Mini noise putty card

DIY Valentine: Mini Noise Putty Card

DIY Valentines Day Card on a Budget! It is time to start thinking about Valentines for your child's classroom. Before you know it, Valentine's Day parties will be here! Skip the lines at the store and get crafty on a dime! These are easy to make,... Read this post
peppermint sugar scrub recipe with candy cane stripes

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe

Simple DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe Looking for an easy gift idea that doesn't involve sugar expanding your waistline? This DIY peppermint sugar scrub recipe DOES involve sugar, but it's used in a way that will pamper you without packing on the... Read this post

20 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas Gifts are fun to make, and a great way to help stretch your Holiday budget. I love to receive Homemade Gifts because I know that the giver really put time and effort into them. Plus it's fun to see everyone's clever ideas! We've... Read this post
DIY baby towel with neck strap

How to Make a DIY Baby Towel With Neck Strap

I received a neat gift shortly after having my baby a few months back. It is a towel with ribbon sewn on one end, so when you are getting the baby out of the tub to dry them off you have a towel handy and ready to go. I love it! I use it every night... Read this post

Hot Chocolate Spoons DIY (Perfect Gift Idea)

These hot chocolate spoons are so fun! The ingredients are cheap (you probably have most of them on hand) and it's a project that your child can do entirely on their own. Also, keep in mind that these stirring spoons can be a great gift idea for adults... Read this post
diy post it note holder

DIY Post-It Note Holder and Washi Tape Pen

How to Make a Post-It Note Holder There's a dedicated day to teacher appreciation, but I truly think teachers should be appreciated all year round! They do a lot for our children and they put up with a lot too. I like to do a few small gifts for my... Read this post
DIY composition book journal

Stylish DIY Composition Book Cover

DIY Composition Journal Cover A journal or notebook is a great way to record your new undertakings. This made-over composition notebook can be a daily journal, an exercise or food log, a gratitude journal, a study journal, a quote book, or anything... Read this post
DIY throw pillows made from napkins

How to Make Throw Pillows with Napkins

Easy DIY Throw Pillows I know what you're probably thinking: "Pillows made from napkins? What?!" It sounds kind of crazy at first when you think of paper napkins, but these DIY throw... Read this post
How to make a diaper cake

How to Make a Diaper Cake (Baby Shower Gift Idea)

How to Make a 3-Tier Diaper Cake If you have a baby shower coming up and you want a practical, cute and creative gift idea, try this super cute 3-tier diaper cake! These are always a hit at baby showers! Just follow these easy steps to make your own. One... Read this post
Cool DIY Keychains

6 Cool DIY Keychains That Are SO Unique

DIY Keychains for Guys, Girls, Anyone! Keychains are perfect gifts or souvenir items. Learn how to make your own keychain with these super cool DIY keychains found below. Hope you find one that you like! 1.  DIY Leather Keychain This is a really... Read this post
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