DIY: Detail Your Cars Upholstery!!

Clean the seats in your car YOURSELF! Do you have kids in car seats? In my experience I have found this equation to be very, very true: Kids + Car Seats = Stains for days. The other day, I was cleaning my car out and removed the booster seats. What I saw mortified me. Stains, melted chocolate, spilled red juice, and the smell, we are not even going there. I called around to some local car detailers and I WAS NOT going to pay almost $200 for someone to clean my seats. I... Read this post
DIY Seatbelt pillows ideas

5 DIY Seatbelt Pillow Ideas

DIY Seatbelt Pillow Ideas When I was a kid I used to always fall asleep in the car. I don't know why but something about driving just made me so sleepy. However, I was always usually abruptly awoken by bumpy roads and I'd always wake up with a sore... Read this post