How to Outsmart Clutter and Disorganization

I am not sure about you, but each day I wake up and tell myself that "today I am going to keep the house straightened!" By the end of the day, the kids have trashed it, there are dishes to be done, and clutter happens to be everywhere! I try to clean up, but eventually, we all have to sleep. Organization always is on my "to-do" list but sometimes, it is just so hard to get it all done. I am sure this is a huge concern for most of you so that is why I have this AWESOME opportunity... Read this post

My Favorite Mascara and the Kroger Beauty Event!

Stock up on your favorite health and beauty products! I love when my Kroger store runs the Buy One, Get One 50% Off sale on cosmetics and health products! Seriously. You know you are supposed to throw out that mascara every 3 months, right? Sure,... Read this post

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Using Coupons

Frugal Living
So as we addressed before, many of you don't use coupons anymore... in fact, we don't use coupons like we used to either. BUT that doesn't mean we don't love to save money! Aside from watching the sales, there is another easy strategy you can use that... Read this post

How to Save Cash By Downloading Apps

Frugal Living|Coupon Tips
In today's day and age, prices keep rising and every day I am looking for more and more ways to save money! Recently I came across a blog called The Southern Saver, that was claiming that 4 mobile apps could save you 4,000-5,000 dollars on your grocery... Read this post