$5 for 2 Months or 30 Days FREE of Online Preschool!

Back To School
Need an inexpensive alternative to preschool? GET ABCmouse.com for 2 months for only $5! Or you can try it for 30 days for free! Why ABCmouse.com? My kids LOVE playing games on electronics. Whether it's the computer, a gaming system or their kindles, they love to play. I wanted to find a "game" that was fun, but that helped them learn too. They wanted a game with lots of variety. Since screen time is very limited around our house, ABC Mouse is the perfect solution! Here's... Read this post

Why I’m NOT Saying Goodbye

Healthy|Life on Purpose
I could probably write a book about all the lessons I’ve learned and the personal growth I’ve experienced over the last 8 years of my life (in fact, maybe I will one day). But today I want to share with you where I am today, and why I am still here... Read this post

Baby Girl Headbands!

Dress Up Your Princess For Less! Last month I was looking through our pinterest feed and found these adorable baby accessories. Oh my goodness! These are SO darn cute! Makes me wish I had a baby girl. I think I have a friend that will soon have a... Read this post

Stock up on Baby Formula!

Do you need baby formula? Formula is so expensive, but we found a killer deal on it!! Enfamil Infant Baby Formula - 121.8oz Powder Combo Pack $76.80 In the 6+ years I've been watching formula prices, I've NEVER seen them this low! About the Product ... Read this post