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As one of the founders of Fabulessly Frugal I have been writing fab blog posts for a long time.  One of my favorite series teaches the new couponer how to coupon. Check out Coupon Tip Tuesday.  Although Freezer Meal Cooking has been a collaborative effort, it is a series that I brought to fabulessly frugal after years of doing it myself. Albertsons is my favorite store to coupon and my store of expertise.  I love to bring our readers giveways. I also give our couponers a sneak peek at the coupons that are coming in the Sunday paper.

The most frugal thing Monica has ever done is… I would have to say buying underwear for my kids at a garage sale. Do other people do that? Am I the only one? 🙂

Monica’s frugal fashion tips… My friend Katie always says that if you just put on a good necklace you suddenly look put together. I love this advice, sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. If you don’t have a necklace a scarf, hair flower, braclet or pair of earrings will do. I love to accessorize and stock up on cheap fashion accessories when I can go to the fashion District in LA.

Monica’s favorite place to shop online… Amazon is definitely my favorite place to shop online. I actually have 10 reasons I love Amazon.  Amazon offers review guided shopping, free shipping, convience, selection and more. You can read all about the reasons I love Amazon here.

Monica has always been frugal… I have pretty much always been frugal. Both of my parents grew up in frugal hard working families. If a trait like that can be genetically inherited I got it.

How Monica learned about couponing… My first encounter with the concept of couponing as we know it today was back in 2007. My Uncle Tracy was telling me about how he shopped CVS for deals and got stuff for free all the time, in fact even got paid to shop. He told me he had a drawer full of razors that he got for free. I could not believe it. Razors are $10 each? How did he do it? He tried to explain the concept of stacking coupons and sales. It seemed easy enough, but where do you find coupons? He directed me to When I got home and tried to match up coupons and deals at Walgreens I was unsuccessful. I did not know about newspaper coupons and I did not have a coupon blog to help me figure things out. I quickly gave up and figured couponing just did not work in my area. One year later Albertsons had a great sale on Kellogg’s cereal. I made a plan to stock up with my friend Natrica. If we played the promo right we would get cereal for $1.35 a box plus earn free movie tickets. Awesome. When it came time to buy the cereal my friend Natricia came up with some coupons that she found in the store which allowed us to get the cereal for only .85 a box. After this first taste of incredible savings I was determined to find out how to save more money with couponing. So I started with a small coupon book. I did not want to put much time, money or effort into couponing until I could figure out if it really worked. I bought only 1 or 2 papers a week during my trial phase. It only took a couple of couponing trips for me to decide that it was working and I LOVED it! Soon an aquantience from my church Cathy started a small little blogspot called fabulessly frugal to share coupon tricks she was learning with other people from church. Soon I stared emailing her deals I was finding and she invited me to join her on the blogspot to post the deals. We helped each other along and learned tips from bloggers like Being Frugal is Fabulous until we had couponing figured out.

Every family size can coupon… There are 4 members of my family. Me, my husband and our two sons. Wanna know how much spends on groceries each month… I spend $100-$150 a month on groceries. I have built up a modest well rounded stockpile so we can live off of the food we have. What is in my stockpile? Tuna, pasta, granola bars, canned fruit, canned vegetables, cereal, oatmeal, frozen fruit, frozen hamburger, frozen chicken, frozen bacon, flour, sugar, spices, personal care items and snack foods. Now that my stockpile is built I am in maintianence mode. So I just buy the really good coupon deals on items I have not stockpiled or am low on.

This is what Monica HAS TO have that is not frugal… I have a weakness for eating out, although most times I eat out I do it for less with, groupon, living social or citysmart, I occasionally will pay full price to eat out. {Eeek}

Monica’s favorite thing to stockpile… I love to stockpile things that don’t expire for a while or will last for a long time. Like personal care items, tuna and pasta.

Monica realized she was addicted to couponing when… on my second coupon trip, I walked out of the grocery store and I could not wipe the smile off my face I was so excited about how much money I had saved!

Do you think Monica would still coupon if you had 1 million dollars… YES! I would still use my coupon strategies even if I had a million dollars. Once you taste a fabulous savings it is hard to pay full price for anything.

This is how couponing changed Monica’s life… Since I learned to coupon, I am now prepared for an emergency.  I have food in my pantry and freezer that could feed my family for at least 3 months.

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