Meet Kearna…

Kearna’s expertise on… I do coupon match-ups for Fred Meyer and Safeway. I also manage our coupon insert lists for more than 20 nation wide areas.

How Kearna learned about couponing… I really can’t remember being introduced to couponing.  My Mom always used coupons when I was a kid growing up, but it wasn’t until I got married that I really started using them.   My husband, cutely enough, asked me out for the first time saying he had a coupon for breadsticks if I wanted to go with him.  He had me with the coupon!

Kearna’ s frugal fashion tips… Ha!  I have no fashion tips.  Even though I would love for it to be my thing, let’s face it, it’s not.

Does Kearna shop online… I really can’t stand shopping online it is too uneventful.  I enjoy the experience of getting out of the house and going to the store.  It makes me happy.  It’s kind of like my getaway, without going anywhere.  And you can see exactly what it is you are getting there are no disappointments in the mail.  I do like Snapfish though, does ordering pictures count as shopping?

The most frugal thing Kearna has ever done is… I paid my way through college debt free.  I was pretty proud of that.

This is what Kearna HAS TO have that is not frugal… I will spend money on electronics and appliances that are not the least expensive choice, but better quality. I used to buy cheap vacuums until I found myself buying them every year because they kept breaking.

Kearna‘s favorite thing to stockpile… Right now, cereal.  Even though I could hardly call it stockpiling because it disappears so quickly.  Maybe I just feel like it is my favorite thing because I buy it so much.

Kearna realized she was addicted to couponing when… I first notice my couponing addiction when shopping with relatives that were not using coupons.  I found myself searching through my purse for coupons for their groceries because I had a coupon for that and what a scandal it would be if they paid full price! 

Do you think Kearna would still coupon if you had 1 million dollars… Hmmm…hard to say.  I probably would coupon.  But in all likelihood I would feel like I could take more breaks from it.

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