I See Me Books Review and Giveaway!

When I was 5 (let’s just say it was the mid 80’s), I got a personalized book about me and a clown. Not only do I still have the book, but it’s one of my daughter’s favorite books. She reads it all the time. So when I See Me asked if we wanted to do a review and giveaway, I knew what that would mean for my kids. Books they would cherish for the rest of their lives. A way to light up their entire Christmas morning with something special, that no one else has because it’s a book for them, customized to be about them!


With stories about them, their family, and even characters that can be personalized to look like your kids, I See Me takes the personalized book industry to a new level! The “My Very Own Name” books are some of my favorites! We did first, middle and last names, and they managed to not duplicate a single animal!

i-see-me-who-loves-me i-see-me-who-loves-me-book

These Who Loves Me books are one of my personal favorites. You can personalize the names of who loves them… so Auntie B, Great Grandma, mom and dad, siblings… everyone can be included in this book.


The ordering process is simple. You find the books you want to personalize, fill in some details about your child, your family, and maybe a bit more and they produce a beautiful, unique book. They ask you for all the details they’ll need.

We got to check out several of the different selections, and we were impressed by all of them! Even the coloring book had her name personalized throughout!

isee-me-coloring-book iseeme-personalized-stickers

Personalized books are just one item… stickers, placemats, ornaments, puzzles, growth charts and more!


Getting sets is a great way to bring the stories to life! When you buy the Christmas Bear book, you can get the bear with it, plus a removable letter from Santa (it’s in the book too)! They really have thought through even the smallest details on the books and their other products to make them truly unique!

Overall, we were really impressed with the quality of the books, the ease of ordering, and the speed of getting the produced and shipped to us!


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