Meet Becky…

Becky’s expertise on…  I post about TargetWalgreensOnline Deals and More! Plus I manage the day to day running of the site. 

The most frugal thing Becky has ever done is… We sold our house and moved into an apartment, saving $600 a month, and allowing me to be a stay at home mom.

Becky’s frugal fashion tips… I like to shop online and combine sales and coupon codes with free shipping.  I also try to buy my kid’s clothes at resale shops like Other Mothers, Kid 2 Kid, or Kids Again.  I can get 4-5 outfits/toys for the same price as one new one!

 Becky’s favorite place to shop online… Amazon!!  Because they have the best deals!

Becky has not always been frugal… I knew I was going to have to become frugal when I found out I was pregnant, and I was still having a hard time leaving our puppy at home when I went to work.   When we made the choice to have me become a stay at home mom, part of that was replacing my income.   I worked hard, from home, doing various jobs, such as in home childcare, editing HTML script, or anything else that is put in my path, to help my amazing honey with our one income lifestyle.  Between taking our food budget from $600  or $700 per month to $200, and downsizing our home, we are able to save about $1000 per month, and while it doesn’t replace my entire income, we work hard to live a frugal lifestyle.

Becky was introduced to couponing… My sister-in-law introduced me!  The first time she ever took me couponing, we got 4 boxes of cereal for $.50 each!  I have never looked back!

Every family size can coupon… It’s my husband, 2 kids, and  the puppy (who is now 5, but will remain “the puppy” forever) and me. 

Wanna know how much Becky spends on groceries each month… We spend between $200 – $300 a month on groceries.  That includes diapers, formula, and all of our toiletries.

Becky splurges sometimes, wanna know her weakness? Pictures of my kids is my weakness!  If we could swing it financially, I would have their picture taken professionally every month.  🙂

The Bee-for her 2 year pictures!

Becky loves to stockpile… Snickers bars, or any other type of chocolate… but Snickers are my favorite!  In fact, I’d do just about anything for a friend armed with a Snickers bar 🙂

Becky realized she was addicted to couponing… On my second shopping trip with coupons, I got 10 boxes of Cheerios for free, and I knew I would never go back to shopping without coupons!

Becky would still coupon if she had 1 million dollars… Frankly, the only way I’ll ever get a million dollars is by couponing, and being as frugal as I can.  And there’s no way I’d blow it by going back to paying retail…  Now if you were to change that million to a billion, then maybe we could talk 🙂

Couponing has changed Becky’s life… It allows me to be a stay at home momma.  I cherish every minute I get to spend with my daughter, and thank God that I have her in my life.

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