Camping with Kids… 4 Things I Don’t Go Without

  Know when to splurge and when to save! You can be a frugal camper by gathering gear as you go...don't worry about getting everything for the first trip...ask around and borrow from family or grandparents for the first few times to help you know what you like to use. Keep an eye out at garage sales, and thrift stores they are great for finding discounted camping gear. There are some things that I have learned to save up for, and what I could pass on. Here is a list of... Read this post

Top 5 April Fools Day Prank Recipes!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate April Fools' Day? If you still haven't planned any pranks, you may definitely take inspiration from these ideas. Check these 5 April Fools Day Recipes! 1. Nuggets & Fries on cupcakes Ingredients: 1 pound... Read this post