Dish Soap in a Spray Bottle

Frugal Living
Dish soap in a spray bottle? Sure. This is an easy way to make your dish soap last longer and possibly simplify washing dishes. Now that my bottle-washing days are over, I usually only have a few items to wash by hand so it doesn't merit filling up the sink with soapy water. I rinse, plop some dish soap on, sometimes need to add a bit of water, scrub, rinse, dry. Done. Did you know that many manufacturers use containers that dispense larger amounts of product than needed?... Read this post

Get Your Kitchen Organized With Amazon!

Home & Garden
Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest pinning the same sort of things over and over again. For example, organized kitchens and all of these neat ideas people have for their kitchen stuff? If you do - you are not alone! :) Here are a few items I have... Read this post

Jewelry under $1.00 shipped!

Is your Gift Stockpile looking bare? It's never too early to start stocking up on Gifts and at these prices you can't go wrong! I've bought several of these and been very happy!   niceeshop(TM) Silver Plating Crystal Rhinestone Bridal Stretch... Read this post