Jane.com: Lace Skirt Extenders, just $16.99 & Extra Long Tees, only $5.99!!

These skirt extenders are so great to have! You know how you have that one skirt or dress that is sooo cute, but you never wear it because it's too short? No more! Grab one of these Lace Slip Extenders in Black, Bronze, Brown, Grey for just $16.99! And these extra long tees are on sale for just $5.99! I bought one a couple weeks ago (at $8.99...grr!) and LOVE how they fit. I'm getting another one :)   Read this post

Beautiful Scarf Jewelry Deals!

Dress up your scarves with these! These are so beautiful! I love the way they easily dress up and give personality to scarves! I can't wait to get some of these for myself! I am definitely getting some for my mom and mom-in law for Mother's Day too! Filigree... Read this post

Gardening: Planting Seeds Indoor In March

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Time to Plant Tomatoes, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Okra and Peppers! Last week I started planting my garden indoors. If you live in the Northern States March is the time to plant Cabbage, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Okra and Peppers.... Read this post

Tips & Tidbits for your Garden: Companion Planting

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Save Money & Space with Companion Planting!! Have you heard of Companion Planting in your Garden? Now is the perfect time to plan out some fruits, veggies, and herbs to put together to save money (garden beds, soil, etc.) and space. The benefits... Read this post

Tips & Tidbits for Planting Seeds Early!

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Start your Seedling Indoors for earlier Harvest! The warmer weather, bright sunshine, and freshness in the air has me seriously thinking about Spring! I have been talking about getting my garden ready and planned out, and now it's time to start planting... Read this post