You Might Be Addicted To Coupon Crack If…

When you are in the check out line at Walgreens and see some teenage girls buying one box of tampons.  You show them in the ad where they could buy two boxes and get a Register Reward and that would mean they could get two boxes for the amount they were going to paying for the one box.  They give you a weird look.  You say, “You know you are going to be having periods for the next 40 or so years.  You may as well stock up.”  They give you another weird look and buy just one box. 🙂

*Submitted by FAB reader Jereshuree

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  • Cathy

    lol, reminds me of when I saw someone buying a lone 4pk of toilet tissue yesterday. As if they’ll never use the toilet again!

  • Sarah

    Standing in line at Albertsons with my basket of clearance items and my handful of coupons. The gentleman in front of me has a two pack of apple cinnamon glade refills, on the clearance rack (and in my basket) the single ones are on sale for $0.99 instead $5 and I have $2 off coupons. I tell him he can save $3 on the single ones. He turns to me and says “my wife’s list says a two pack of apple cinnamon”. So I tell him that she probably didn’t know that they were on clearance. He huffs real loud and turns around, rude! I am so annoyed at this point that I dig into my binder pull out a coupon and hand it to the checker, he actually told me he didn’t want my coupon!

    GRRRRRR…why would you just throw away money like that!

  • Shannon

    When I was at Walgreens Saturday night, there was a group of teen girls each with a $5 pack of toilet paper in hand (wonder what they were up to :)…I had to show them the ad where a diff brand but pretty much same amount was on sale for $2.99…lol, they were excited and exchanged it!



  • Caitlin

    You know you’re addicted to coupon crack when you start stocking up for your boyfriend 🙂

  • Michelle

    You know when you have a young male Marine behind you and is impressed with your total and says I hope when I get married my wife can save like you, that you are doing something right or crazy but hey who don’t want 18 dollars with or razors for 52 cents.

    • Morgan

      I have had men behind me in line make comments like that!! Always makes me feel good!! Even better when it is the checker! 🙂

      • Dina

        I find that non-couponers that are men tend to be the most impressed in the check out line. Maybe women are annoyed that they “don’t have the patience” to do it.

  • karen u

    I have  story for you…. you know you are addictied to coupon crack if your 15 year old daughter goes through the self checkout at the grocer store and notices that people throughout the day have thrown away all their catalina coupons into the trash bin next to the bagging area, …AND on her way out she grabs a huge handful and stuffs them into her grocery bag.  She then brings them home and tells Mom that she’s found a lot of coupons for her.

  • Colleen H

    YOu know you’re a coupon nut when your college age kids who previously riduculed your “stockpile”, come home from their college apts, and ask if they can “shop” in the stockpile…. and then as you are packing up styrofoam coolers for them to take back, one of them, says, gee I paid 7 $ for that much cheese, as I told them, I got it with coupons for 3! Ah yes, they especially like my free toilet paper, toothpaste, razors. My oldest who is gainfully employed, pays me to shop out of my stockpile, of course at reduced prices, I love it…

    • barbara

      oh that sounds so familiar. my 23 yr old son was over and said he needed to go shopping. I gave him a puzzeled look we never go shopping together. and then he said, you know razors, deoderant, etc. I just laughed and out to the garage we went along with other family members to SHOP!

  • Patti

    Ha! Made my day. It’s been a long one and it’s good to laugh!

  • dropofrain

    You Might Be Addicted To Coupon Crack If…your five year old grandson asks “grandma, do you have a coupon?” when passing  McDonald’s on the way home from preschool. Grandpa always spoils him buying milkshake. Grandma stops by ONLY when she has coupons 🙂

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