You Might Be Addicted To Coupon Crack If…

Your children turn your stockpile into a play store and insist you buy the items you need… I pay with coupons, of course!

*Sent in by FAB reader Dina.

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  • Jean-Michelle

    So funny, My Son and his wife shop my stockpile like they are at Albertsons, They told My grandaughter they need to go food shopping, when they got to Albertsons, she started to cry, saying you told me we were going food shopping, they looked at her and said yes, she then told them Ut this is not Grandmas!

  • Marissa Sue

    Grandma asked my 5 year old what she wanted for her birthday and she replied ‘A Coupon for lolipops. We can’t buy anything with out a coupon, and I really want a lolipop’.

    • Amanda

      LOL That is too funny! I told my kids the other day that we couldn’t buy something if I didn’t have a coupon. So then when I’d put things in the cart, they would ask if I had a coupon for it. Way to stay accountable, huh? LOL

  • Laura

    I love the picture. My 2 year old daughter uses my stockpile as her mini shopping area. She will take an item off the shelf ansd pretend to scan it and then store it on another shelf. She will do this with eveyr item until my stockpile is empty. This is a daily thing so we are constantly reorganizing the stockpile. It’s so fun to watch her and she really enjoys it too…

  • Amanda

    LOL! That is a riot! I could absolutely see my girls doing that someday. Right now, they’re a bit young (2 and 3), but they’re already catching on to my coupon addiction. They’re absolutely delighted when I give them an expired coupon to play with. It’s almost as though they’ve just won the lottery! 🙂

  • If you are having someone over for dinner and while he’s cooking DH mentions that you have run out of something. He tells the guest he will be right back. He needs to go to the store. Meanwhile he is heading right to the basement door. Our guest actually said “I thought you were going to the store?” So, my husband invited her to come with him. Poor woman probably thought they were leaving the house through the bulkhead!

  • Heidi Jewell

    My kids know that I OFTEN have to have a coupon in order to buy something. I had clipped one for the Harley Davidson store for a t-shirt for my Dad. My boys saw it on the counter and went screaming through the house that “Mom’s getting a Harley!!!! I saw the coupon!”

  • Katie

    My almost 5 year old helps me coupon now. While in the store one day, I said he couldnt have cookies (we had treats at home) and he knows I wont purchase without a coupon. Well the little booger saw a peelie on the package and said we could get them and keep them at grandmas……….

  • Kendra

    If my four year old really wants something she offers to bribe me with coupons. The art of negotiating is born!

  • Kim

    We recently did a good size purchase of cereal that was 4/$8 (and used coupons on top of that of course). My 3 children were my helpers. My 22 month old twins can now count to 4!

  • Cathy

    Precious picture. Reminds me of playing store (I don’t think we thought to use coupons back then though) and school when we were kids. Is this Dina W-Z’s daughter? I think it might be. I am Cathy M-P, Dina! Small world!!

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