Work From Home Idea Plus 15 Free Recipes for Finicky Eaters

I’m sure all of you moms have seen just how hard it is to get your kids to eat healthy. In a world full of such sugary sweet and salty treats, why would they ever want to eat their vegetables? OR maybe you’ve got AMAZING kids who actually love to eat healthy, but it’s not easy for you to cook healthy all the time… enter Healthy Hands Cooking.

Healthy Hands Cooking

Just what is Healthy Hands Cooking? More on that below, but when you sign up to learn more, you’ll receive 15 recipes for finicky eaters FREE! What’s the big deal about feeding our kids decent food anyway? Well, first I want to help you understand the problem we’re having in America. If you aren’t already aware, studies on Americans have shown that Child Obesity is the #1 Health Concern in the nation right now. If things keep up as they are now, parents are predicted to actually outlive their children. Wow. Take a moment and absorb that information. The very food we are eating to keep us alive, could actually be KILLING us.

There are two things that are needed in order for the food we eat to actually help us instead of harm us and they are

1) Self Control
2) Knowledge

Now, if you are like me, you know how to eat healthy. You know how to cook, you know how to have healthy snacks, and you know how to eat the right kinds of food. Sometimes I just assume that my kids know all I know, but we have to remember that we have to TEACH our kids to eat healthy or they will never know. Are you guilty of handing over Goldfish crackers or sugary fruit snacks just to hold your kids over until dinner time? Most don’t see the harm in that… but what is that teaching them? NOTHING. So as moms, we need to BE THE CHANGE (which is why I coach fitness challenges).

But let’s take it a step further… What would you say if you were offered a job to TEACH kids how to eat healthy right in the comfort of your home?

And this my friends, is how the new company, Healthy Hands Cooking, was formed. A mother, Jan Pinnington, realized that her daughter had no idea how to crack an egg (one of the most basic things) and a light went off in her head. She started to teach her daughter how to cook healthy foods and the fire started to spread. Soon her daughter’s friends came over to have cooking classes, and Jan finally decided she wanted to dedicate herself to this business. She spent years going through the process and researching to be able to create a business that allowed moms like you to become certified to teach cooking classes in your homes.

What is Healthy Hands Cooking & What Can It Do For Me?

I know we are all looking for different ways to scrounge up a little extra cash to help out the family. Maybe it’s to get out of debt, maybe its just to be able to enjoy vacations, or maybe you just want to be a little more comfortable! I am grateful for the fact that I can work from home on this blog. And I wish I had the resources to hire many women, but right now isn’t the season. BUT if you love to cook, if you love to empower others, and you believe in the value of eating healthy, then this could be just for you! Healthy Hands Cooking could be a pretty awesome option to help fill those gaps.

Sign up to learn more

I’m not suggesting you commit to starting a new business right now. But I AM suggesting that you opt in to learn more. Educate yourself, do your due diligence. Sign up here, and not only will you learn more about the company and the business model, you will get 15 free recipes perfect for picky eaters! So that’s a sweet bonus!

One thing I have learned though, this business is in high demand. Parents want their kids to eat healthy and YOU can help parents do the job of teaching the knowledge that they just can’t seem to find time for. There is a cost to start the business. But if I told you it was less than $500 would you be interested? That’s a pretty cheap price to start a business!

Example of Income

Here is an example of a simple, stay at home mom and her revenue in the first YEAR of her Healthy Hands Cooking Business.

She Taught:

  • 108-2 hour Classes         x $30 a child  (10 kids attended)       =  $32,400
  • 1-8 Hour Class                x $120 a child (10 kids attended)      =  $1,200
  • 2-Summer Camps           x $120 a child (10 kids attended)      =  $2,400
  • 1-Birthday Party Class    x $150 a child (10 kids attended)      =  $1,500

Income Total= $37,000

(Note: these prices are average! There are no set prices… you will make your own prices for each class). And it is expected that you will spend $4 on food for each child in each class. So if you taught 1,120 children throughout the year, your costs would be $4,480.

Total Income – Total Expenses = Profit

37,000       –        $4,480        =   32,520

That is $32,520 dollars that you can put in your pocket.

You do NOT pay HHC a portion of your profits and there are no hidden fees. You have no requirement on how little or how much you can work. You can make this business whatever you want it to be!

The Training:

Once you decide to jump in, you will complete a 11 Module training course to help you become certified as a HHC Teacher. The course is done completely online and at your own pace!

Here is a list of the Modules:

  • Getting Started (Welcome & Intro)
  • Business 101
  • Building Your Business
  • Food Handling Safety
  • Media Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • HHC Classes and Student Kits
  • Recipe & Nutrition Instructions
  • Growing Your Business
  • Forum & Support
  • Instructor Website

After you have completed the course, you will take a 40 question quiz and once you pass it, you will be Healthy Hands Cooking certified! After this, the ball is in your park and you can turn this business into WHATEVER YOU WANT it to be.

Ongoing Support


Once you are certified, you have the option to gain continued ongoing support and training… Things like:

  • Access to Recipes
  • Access to the Facebook Community
  • Access to Instructor Store
  • Lifetime Access to Instructor training
  • Access to Lesson Plans & Activities
  • Access to Different Marketing Tools
  • Never Have To Pay To Get Recertified
  • Access to the Online Class Management
  • Personal Website
  • Payment Portal
  • Links To All Social Media Accounts
  • Get a Certified Helper


Empower Others When You Teach

There are hundreds of different classes you’ll be able to teach… here is just a sampling of the ones offered (I think I need a class or two!):

  • Protein Power Class
  • Healthy Snacks Class
  • Growing and Cooking with Herbs Class
  • Tastes of the Sea Cooking Class
  • Healthy Desserts for One Class
  • Make Your Own Pizza Class
  • Meatless Mania Vegetarian Cooking Class
  • Have a Souper Day Class
  • Think and Eat Green Class
  • Eat Your Colors Stir Fry Class
  • And Many, Many More!

I think you will be surprised at just how many parents would sign their kids up for a course like this. And the best part is, you never even have to leave your home!


Here are a few other FAQs that could answer any additional questions:

  • Where can I hold my classes?
    • Classes can be held anywhere you would like! Your home, a community center, a church, YOU NAME IT! All the decisions are up to you!
  • Can I only offer classes to kids?
    • No! The classes from HHC are for people ages 2-Seniors. There is a class for everyone. You just pick who you want to teach, advertise and teach away!
  • Can I include my own recipes in the class?
    • unfortunately no, HHC can only copyright their own work. In their classes, you can only use their recipes. But, if you have a personal recipe that you use, you can share it with them and maybe just even add it to the HHC collection!
  • Can I offer my own classes BESIDES the Healthy Hands Cooking courses?
    • Yes! If you would like to teach another class, you are more than welcome to! You may even use your HHC website to allow people to sign up for them! They instructors teach anything from kid’s yoga to senior’s art courses!

Does this speak to you? I encourage you to sign up to learn more from Jan… see how this will work for you and grow a little and stretch yourself! This is a new business… it’s pretty cool to start things early when they are new and fresh! You just might be AMAZED at how successful you can be. NOTE: there is a 7 day money back guarantee, so try it out, see what you think… risk free!

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