How To Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home (AND Reader Survey Results): Part 5

How did the week go by so fast? How many of you loved this weeks series? Who would like us to do things like this more often? It has been a fun series for the team and I to work on! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. (pssst…. At the end of this post I have another question to ask of you, so please check it out and let me know what you think). I know that working at home is not for everyone, but it sure has impacted my family’s life for the better and if I can help you to find a way to do that as well, I’m happy about that! Did you miss one of the posts in the series? Here is an overview of what was covered…

Now, these are just the THEMES of the posts, but each post is full of personal stories, advice, tips and real life situations that I shared and other FF readers shared. Nearly 400 of you responded to my survey about working from home… I loved all that was offered and I highly recommend checking out each post because there is SO much to see!

Now onto more ideas for making money while working from home!

I’ve been talking about this particular opportunity all week, and I’m going to mention it again because I think it’s definately worth looking into!

Divvee Social

If you have read all of our posts, you’ve received a little introduction to this new startup. If you haven’t read our posts about Divvee, I suggest you go back and review them. Out of all the job ideas I gave you this week, this is the one I am putting my stamp of approval next to. I have such a good feeling about this one. I know it is in the startup stages, but from all the testing I have done up until this point, this looks promising! For those who don’t already know, Divvee Social is a way to use your phone to earn money! Ad agencies are spending their advertising money on the mobile phone users (such as in apps, videos, social media accounts etc.) and they want to pay you just to review them! It all happens through the Divvee app… each day you log on and from there select daily actions. Things like downloading an app to check out, or watching a video, taking a survey, signing up for a free product offer, and so on. And since Divvee is still at the startup stage, if you sign up now you will be apart of it during the rapid growth stage, and really benefit! Check out and watch a 4 minute video explaining more. Sign up if you would like to learn more about Divvee and then you’ll start to get emails from me where I explain it in more detail. You can’t sign up quite yet… but it’s just around the corner and I want to get you positioned well before it goes live and the whole world has access to it… this is one of those awesome timing opportunities. Go to GetDivveeSocial and enter your email address to learn more!

Customer Support Work from Home Jobs:

The majority of our survey takers work in some form of a customer service job. Technology has made it SO easy for companies to hire individuals to work as an assistant, tech support, artist, or even a data enterer just by looking online. If you currently have a job and you think there is a way to make it work from home (even if it was part time), then map out a plan and present it to your boss! Maybe that’s not feasible… so spend a little time on the internet and see what you can dig up. I spent 5 minutes searching online and I was able to find over 780 jobs! There are obviously some that pay better than others, (and I am sure there are a few scams here and there… check out to see what people who actually work for that company say about it) but there are SO many opportunities to work online! All you have to do is look! I found jobs that paid over 80,000 annually and included benefits and I also found jobs that paid $5 per task completed with no minimal hours that need to be completed each week. Honestly, there is something for everyone.

Virtual Assistant

This online job is one that is easily found, and will keep you very busy! Companies ALL OVER are hiring virtual assistants to do just that, assist. You will be someone’s right hand man and do it all from the comfort of your home. Common tasks for a virtual assistant include online research, proofreading, blog management, event planning, customer service, social media management and even tech support! Basically this job is taking all the jobs mentioned below and putting it into one! This job could make you anywhere from $12-60 dollars an hour and the jobs are fairly easy to find. If you have experience working with different tools (such as wordpress, excel, or any other certifications) you can qualify to make even more money. This job is one that will never allow you to be bored. Each day will be something new and exciting!

Customer Service

All of you know what this job is because we have all spent time on hold waiting to speak to the customer service representative to file a complaint, ask questions, or get help with a product. These jobs are found all over and companies are always looking for more people to work in this department. Especially if you have experience working with customers, you should have NO problem finding a job! There are certain jobs that require you to live in a certain area of the country. This is because often they will have a monthly meeting and will require you to attend, so when you are applying for jobs make sure you know if the job is 100% home based or if there will be some in-person working occasions as well. But this job is pretty self explanatory. You deal with customers! You will answer phones and talk to people to help them with whatever their issue is. You will either be assigned a shift (ex: mornings 6AM-12PM) or you will be able to work any time of the day! It all depends on the company! If you have a job like this and kids, you will most definately be required to have the kids in child care outside of the home during working hours. You’ll also need a dedicated office in your home. I have an aunt that works for a major airline and takes calls in her home. The amount of time she saves in driving and fuel (she lives in a large city) is worth it alone!

Tech Support

Much like Customer Service, all of us have called into amazon, apple, best buy, or any other appliance selling business and have talked to a tech support rep to get help with something. Well, that could be you! This option takes some searching, but there are TONS of jobs where you can work for in tech support and do so from the comfort of your own home! I found a TON of jobs just by googling, ” work at home technical support”. Most jobs pay between $15-30 dollars an hour and if you are bilingual, you get a serious raise! One of my good friends works in tech support for a journaling app and he is able to work anytime, anywhere. All he has to do is get in a certain amount of hours each week and that is all. Most of the time all you need is a cell phone, landline, or computer to get the job done! This could be an awesome job to do while the kids are napping or off at school! And the best part is that you get to stay in your PJs to do so!

Freelance Work

We have all heard the term, “freelance” but I just wanted to clarify what this means… if you want to do freelance work, that means you do not have just one employer. You work independently and for multiple different individuals or companies. The key to this business is PATIENCE. It will be a slow start because you have to get your name out there. From my research, the best way to do this is online. Whether it be your community facebook page or a website directly used for freelance jobs, most people post jobs they need done online and it is very easy to apply and find potential clients. You can do anything from IT services to painting or Legal Work to architecture! I am sure that SOMEONE is looking for what you have to offer. Once you post your services online or apply for jobs, don’t get discouraged if it takes you a little time to build a clientele. People need to see that you do a good job and once you do, they will come back to you again and again. SO, why not get paid for doing something you love! Whether it be art, technology work, or even design, promote yourself online and do the work right in your own home. It is just that easy!


Task Rabbit

WARNING: this job is not done entirely online, but it is still worth mentioning! TaskRabbit is a website that allows individuals to post small tasks that they need done. Those could be anything from house cleaning to mounting a TV. Once the job is posted, workers in that area who are qualified to do that task will be notified and soon enough you will have someone come to your home to help! Since you are all looking for work opportunities, you can sign up to be the Tasker! Let’s say you have experience cleaning and you would like to volunteer for that. You will sign up and TaskRabbit will verify that you really are qualified for that task. Once a job gets posted in your area, you can choose to accept it and do it when it works best for you. You have no pressure to complete every task that comes to you, just the ones that work! This is a simple way to get some extra cash in your pocket and you can do it when it fits best for your schedule. Maybe while the kids are at school or on a Saturday play date with their friends, you can get a few little jobs done and have a few extra hundred dollars to get to the end of the month! You have nothing to lose!

Data Entry

This is an awesome option if you are looking for a flexible, work at home job! There are many of these jobs available because companies need people to move large amounts of data from one source into another. What the job would include would be moving data from one type of setting to another, typing, communicating by telephone, and creating presentations (powerpoints) using the data that you compiled. Beware: there are many scam so a good way to know if the company is legit or not is if sign up and application is free! If they are asking for money, they are most likely a scam so just be careful and stick to highly reviewed, popular site! But all you have to do to find these jobs is google search, “home based data entry job” and you will be amazed at how many things you can find. Data Entry, for the most part, does pay a little less than customer service/tech support but you aren’t having to deal with people! You do not have to talk to a soul! Just quietly transfer data and type! That’s it!


Fabulessly Frugal Reader Survey Results

From all of you that responded that you do NOT work from home, but would like to find a way to earn some money while working from home, 62% of you said you could use just an extra $500+ per month to help with your budget. Of course, I am all about finding ways to cut costs and be smart with your time and money. That is why I was excited to launch this blog series! Look through all the ideas I shared and pick a few things to start implementing in your day to day… or apply for one of the companies (ahem, I highly recommend looking into Divvee Social) and earning that extra $500, $1000 (and heck, maybe even $6000 dollars a month!) isn’t too far away for you.

How FF Readers are Making Money at Home:

This list doesn’t include every single response, but it’s a hefty list full of ideas! I put the income ranges on here so you could get an idea. There are a LOT of possibilities!

Accounting for a local construction company $1000-$3000 Raise cattle $1000-$3000
Assemble greeting cards -under $200 Resell thrift store and garage sale finds on Ebay and Etsy $1000-$3000
Beachbody coach $200-$500 LuLaRoe clothing $1000-$3000
Bookkeeping and Tax Services $500-$1000 Sell things on Ebay $200-$500
Call center/sales/reservations agent $1000-$3000 Own a hair extension company that I started from scratch – under $200
company affiliate work $200-$500 Youngevity distributor- under $200
Consulting (recruiter) IBM – $1000-$3000
Customer service $1000-$3000 Use my Silhouette machine to make t-shirts $200-$500
Data Analysis $1000-$3000 Arbonne International and ABA therapy agency $1000-$3000
Document preparation for a doctor $500-$1000 Virtual Assistant specializing in social media, digital marketing and reputation management $500-$1000
eBay resale $200-$500 I’m an attorney $5000
Esthetician (facial services at home/ lipsense distributor) $500-$1000 Mystery Shopping $500-$1000
Event planner (found the job on Craigslist) $3000-$5000 Independent SeneGence Distributor $1000-$3000
Freelance writing/copywriting business $1000-$3000 Insurance customer service $1000-$3000
Freelance (graphic design) $1000-$3000 IT Consulting and Writer $5000+
Graphics Design – under $250 Medical Data Analyst $5000+
Hair and Makeup artist $200-$500 Medical transcription $500-$1000
Health & Wellness Lifestyle $3000-$5000 Teach music lessons $200-$500
Horticulture – under $200 Executive director of a not-for-profit $3000-$5000
Beachbody Coach – under $200 Licensed Benefit Advisor $3000-$5000
Seamstress $200-$500 Network marketing with Plexus $5000+
PR and social media management $5000+ Office Manager of the family business $1000-$3000
Executive assistant and operations guru $1000-$3000 Personal Assistant/Church Community $500-$1000
Independent consultant for Usborne Books & More $200-$500 Product testing and Vinyl Crafting – under $200
Create hair bows working from home $500-$1000 Real Estate $1000-$3000
Design crochet patterns and sell them on different websites $1000-$3000 Run an Etsy shop $1000-$3000
Surveys on offernation for a little extra money $500-$1000 Run the office of a commercial construction company $1000-$3000
Transcription work $500-$1000 Sell honey $500-$1000
Virtual Executive Assistant $500-$1000 Sell Norwex and babysit $200-$500
Freelance as an editor and writer for several magazines $1000-$3000 Stella & Dot Stylist $500-$1000
Medical transcriptionist $1000-$3000 Teach piano lessons $200-$500
I make macrame, tatted, and crocheted items – under $200 Transcriptionist $500-$1000
own a couple of online shops for babies and toddlers – under $200 Usborne Books and More Consultant $500-$1000
Make bath and body products $3000-$5000 Wedding planner $500-$1000

The Positives Outweigh the Negatives

After reading EVERY SINGLE ONE of the comments you all left me in the survey, the general consensus is that the positives EXTREMELY outweigh the negatives when it comes to working from home. Many people, including myself, express that sometimes it is hard to stay focused and sometimes it is hard to separate work and home. Others said how they feel lonely working at home! But, the majority of the people all said that working from home is such a joy. They are all able to work on a schedule that is convenient for them and they are able to be active parents to their kids! I know many many parents who are full time workers and are SO active in their kids lives, but for my family, it worked out best that I am a WAHM and for many of you, your families might need that too.

A few more words of wisdom from our readers:


Thank you to the nearly 400 of you who responded to the survey! I couldn’t have done it without you! I told you that if I used one of your comments in one of the blog posts that you’d be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! I’m happy to report our winner is Elisa P. from Huntsville, Alabama! I used her quote in part 3 of our work from home series!

Lastly, My Question For YOU:

There are a LOT of blogs that publish their monthly earnings and traffic reports. Why would I consider doing this here on Fabulessly Frugal? Well, I think it’s would be a great way to hold myself accountable. Not only that, but it will force me to review what worked that month and what didn’t work out so hot that month. I think this will keep the focus and help me improve little by little. And maybe it will inspire you to get creative and figure out some sort of business you can start from your home! This blog was something I started for fun and never had any idea that #1 it would make money, and #2, that nearly 9 years later, I’d STILL be blogging! 🙂

This would be a monthly post series that would go up and in it I can share things I would have done differently before starting a blog (you know, hindsight is always foresight, right?). It’s something I’ve thought about doing for awhile now, but it certainly will make me step out of my comfort zone and get a bit vulnerable with you. So let me know what you think in the comments below or shoot me an email at cathy @ fabulesslyfrugal dot com.



  • Thank you for this series. It has inspired me to find a way to make some money and stay at home with my kids! And I think you should do the income report!

    • Glad it was helpful Jan! Come back and let us know what you end up doing! 🙂 And thanks for the feedback on the earnings/traffic report too. 🙂

  • I usually only briefly glance at your posts on FB, but this article made me stop and read the whole thing. I’m at a financial point in my life where I need a source of flexible income in order to have time to visit grandkids, both in the US and another country. Being locked into a committed job every week/month just hurts my heart because I can’t see them. My only problem is believing in myself and pushing myself to make this happen. So thank you for the information, the view, the possibility that this could happen. Also, just as a side to you and the importance I saw in the series, I have never taken the time to write and respond to anything online. So that should show you a small amount how much something like this resonates with those of us “out here.”

    • Connie, it means a lot to me that you would take the time to share you thoughts. THANK YOU! 🙂 I hope that you are able to find something that would allow you to visit your grandkids… what a blessing that would be! I’ve learned that FEAR is nothing but “False Evidence Appearing Real”… push through that fear and start looking. I bet a door will open for you! Much love to you! <3

  • Great article and series! Can’t wait to put some into practice. I’m excited about winning the gift card! Thank you! Another great boost to the budget!

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