Who Is Your Favorite Checker?


Since we are trying to encourage positive thinking here at Fabulessly Frugal I thought it would be fun to start a discussion about our favorite checkers/managers at the stores we shop!

When you are new to couponing it is common to experience a little anxiety about the checker/couponer interaction. Are they going to roll their eyes at me? Will they be annoyed that they have to scan my coupons? Will they tell me I can not use my coupon? It is important to build a good relationship with your cashiers.ย  Be Kind to Cashiers, and use good Coupon Ethics.

So who are my favorite cashiers/managers?

At Greenhurst Nampa Albertsons I love Dawn and Brian. They are both really friendly and willing to point out deals that they have seen in the store.

At Five Mile Albertsons I love Michelle, Katie, Dani, both Josh’s, Adam (even if he likes my coupons cut perfectly) and of course the grocery managers Damien and Carl and the store manager Kathy. They are all very helpful and friendly and make couponing more enjoyable.

At Orchard Albertsons I love Coleen. She is always sweet and gives my little people stickers when we shop. She even tells me good job on my shopping!

There are lots of good people at the places I shop. These are just the ones I know best. When you find a cashier you like it is worth it to wait in their line extra long just to get them. So I am sure there are lots more cashiers out there I just have not met.


Give them a shout out in the comments and next time you are in the store consider filling out a comment card about them, slipping them some extra coupons or bringing them a goodie from your stockpile. ๐Ÿ™‚




  • Brenda

    i love going the albies on vista.. Peter is the best cashier and i always make the few extra miles to go there.. always post on albies facebook about my great service.. what an awsome idea about showing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karma

      Ditto. When I sent my hubby double shopping once I said, ” Get these things and go to Peter’s line.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Becky

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paul, (the grocery manager) at Albies on Overland and Orchard! He’s amazing, and so great about making sure my special orders come in just right!!

    I also love Bri, a cashier there!! She always go above and beyond to make sure my checkouts go smoothly!

    • Amanda

      Ditto to that. I really love all the people at Overland and Orchard. I drive quit a ways just to go there. Hate having to shop anywhere else.

  • Beth

    I love Nancy at the Fairview and Meridian Albertsons in Meridian.

    Just as an FYI the Albertsons on Fairview and Meridian Rd In Meridian’s coupon policy is that they will allow you to get 3 sets of doublers from them (even if they run out they’ll still let you do 3) and you can use as many of your own as you want as long as you check out in sets of 3 (if there’s a line).

    The Cherry Lane Alberstons in Meridian will give out 2 sets of doublers until they run out (which has been happening a lot) and will let you use as many of your own as you want as long as you check out in groups of three (if there’s a line).

    I think it would be great if you could start a forum or a post where people can post about their store’s policy. They say it’s from corporate, but each store seems to have their own way of doing things (even if they’re only a few miles away from each other).

  • Aimee from Meridian

    Wow I havent really come across cashier that goes out of there way to put on a smile. I try and make everything really simple for them. I smile and thank them for putting up with all my coupons. But no happy go lucky cashier at Albertsons Cherry ln.

    • Barbara

      You should try the self check out there. I just started going there and (wish I knew her name)
      Is great. She is a couponer herself. And I was able to do 4 transaction with her using the
      twice the values she had. Also I went in for a few items not expecting them to have what I
      wanted left and they did. I was trying to gather things (I didn’t have a cart) and an employee
      offered to get me a cart. I have never had anyone do that before. It made me feel appreciated
      for doing my business with them.

  • Susan

    I *heart* Lori and Trixie at the Strawberry Walgreens.

    • d

      I second that. When I first started couponing Wags, about 18 months ago, and I didn’t really know what I was doing, Lori was so VERY, VERY helpful. It is my favorite Wags, and I try to go there when I know Lori is working.

  • Sandy

    I have to agree with both Brenda and Becky. I believe my 2 year old daughter has a little crush on Peter. The best thing I love about Peter is that he is always smiling. He is kind and very helpful. I usually go there to do my shopping, to the Vista Albies. A couple of years ago I was going to Overland and Orchard Albies. Paul the grocery manager was so helpful. He would do everything he could to keep us shopping there. I might have to go back to see him again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Brenda and Becky for the reminders on my favorite employees.

  • Sarah

    Katherine at the albertsons on 7th and 12th in Nampa is my favorite. She is always really happy and nice. I get in her line even if it is longer.

  • Melinda

    Ryan at the Gowen Rd Albertsons is awesome. I always see him Sunday mornings on my way home from work and he is always so friendly and helpful. I always shop there if Ican just because he is so easy to work with.

  • Kelsey

    Merrillee at Five Mile / Ustick is fantastic.

  • d

    Albertsons on 36th and State….Autumn and Jeanna. Absolutely wonderful ladies! Always go out of the way for me, My kids ask for them by name everytime we go in.

    • michelle

      YES Autumn is the best, Monika is great too!!

      • Meghan

        Autumn is our FAVORITE!!!! We also love Jeanna, Mary Jane and Leah! And there is another girl (red headed) whose name I always forget but she is AMAZING too!! And of couse Chris the grocery manager!!! He always always always goes out of his way to make sure I get what I need ๐Ÿ™‚

        • LaToya

          Demetra is the redhead.

          Now, back to the props. Autumn is great….Demetra is great….Janet if she’s checking is wonderful too….Jeanna is sweet… – – she’s actually the person that got me hooked on that store by telling me about a deal there way back when. Monika is OK…she’s not super friendly, but she is good with the coupons.

          Bonnie and Troy – the store manager and the assistant store manager…just a really well run store here.

  • Jaimi

    Monica at the Gowen/Federal Way Albies is the BEST! I always get excited when I see she is working and will wait extra time to check out in her line. She is always so friendly and lets me know of any unadvertised deals – basically my whole vitamin water stash is due to her ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle

    I’m still new to this but, I really appreciate Tomas at the Eagle Rd Albertsons! Friendly, fast!

    • LaToya

      Tomas is the young hispanic kid, right? He used to be a bagboy there and now he’s a cashier – – love him. And Denny and Freddy. Funny how it’s really the boys who are so great at this store.

    • summer kaurin

      Yes! Tomas, Sean, Freddy, Suzana (AM)…and a few others are great @ the Eagle Rd Albertsons!

  • Jessica B

    I really like this thread! We were mostly shopping at Nampa Costco before, all the checkers there we had were nice, they always seem to be different ones though so we didn’t catch their names.

    We’ve started couponing again recently, so we have just started shopping at Albertsons (both the Caldwell stores) for the first time and each time i’ve had a different checker, and I didn’t catch their names. They were very friendly though, and were not bothered by my coupons.

    At Walmart on Caldwell Blvd Lori is super nice and very friendly. Also Carrie is wonderful too, and both of them are happy to see you save a lot with your coupons.

    At Fred Meyer in Nampa Candace is super nice and said “I love coupons”LOL. So she is great, and congratulated us on our savings.

    At Rite Aid in Caldwell Mel is really nice, and he is very friendly and funny too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jeanine

    jamie, anthony, melissa, al, you know what pretty much all the cashiers at the bonney lake albertsons are the best!

  • Bethany

    Love my cashiers!

    Rite Aid on Five Mile and Fairview–Kirk, Thor, Cathy, Tracy and Tina. The best!

    Albertsons on Five Mile and Ustick-Joe, Mia, Amy, Merrilee, Jerri-love them! (Actually, EVERY cashier there has been fantastic.)

    • LaToya

      KIRK is the BEST store manager in the history of Rite Aid. They should clone him.

      • Nik Davis

        Totally agree about the Five Mile and Fairview Rite Aid. They are so so nice and always say hello, and I never feel rushed with my coupons and multiple transactions.
        The people at Walgreens on Five Mile and Overland-same thing and they are great about returns.
        At Freddy’s on Five Mile/Overland there are a lot of nice cashiers, but the best is Brian Nowak!! A funny story. I was there in his line Sunday night and a younger girl and guy where behind me. I told them I was going to be awhile and HE said “that is okay, she in his line because she thinks he is cute. I’m her brother.” I whispered to her “He is cute, and I’m a mom.” she laughed and we all had fun while waiting. And, he is very up on his coupon policies to get the customer the best deal! He teaches guitar too if you are looking for a teacher.

  • Nikki

    I love the Alb’s on 36 and State. Just about everyone is so coupon friendly. It’s hard to name just a few because I’ve had just about everyone and they all are so great and friendly but I love John the manager and Autumn, Monica, Nikki, Courtney and Shawn the checkers.

  • Tracy

    I always make sure to let the great cashiers know that I appreciate their help. I also always send a complimentary e-mail to the company when I get great customer service. I include specific details. it often gets back to the cashier. This can help them when it comes time for their reviews. I have one lady at my local Walgreens who thanked me for my praise to the corporate office. Now I always get the best help from her.

  • Jami

    Albertsons on 36th & State. Jeanna and Gayle both AWESOME!

  • Nadia

    Caldwell Rite Aid my FAVORITE of all time is Shelly! and I also love Angie, the AM. I love shopping there because of them! =0)

  • Shannon

    Devin at Parkcenter and AppleAlbies is the best!!!! Matt the grocery manager is great too!!

    • Shannon

      I think that Matt was at the State and 36th store. Sounds like they need somewone like him back, but glad that he is at the Parkcenter store because he is very coupon-friendly!

      • LaToya

        Yes! — that is MY Matt from MY Albertsons who left to go to the ParkCenter store. You girls are lucky to have him. He is amazing. Just a really really great guy…so helpful….I miss him! ๐Ÿ™

  • Rachel

    I love this thread!! And even though Wal-Mart gets a really bad rap for their customer service, I ADORE three of the women who put up with me and my coupons at least once a week at the 12th Ave. store in Nampa. I know Shelly is one, Jessica is the other, and I can’t remember the name of the third gal, but they are actually excited to see coupons and joke and laugh with me the whole time I’m in their line. Thank you ladies!

    I also have loved every experience at the “old” Albertsons in Nampa (7th & 12th). The manager (for the life of me can’t remember his name, a really fit & trim man with white hair) sometimes walks around handing out coupons … and has encouraged me to take advantage of great deals in his store with my coupons. All checkers there are friendly and helpful. Love Albertsons!

  • Jaimee S

    Rhenda in the Ammon Albertsons is great. She understands that we are all out to save money. The Walmart employees are getting better too.

  • Jill Millward

    Devin on Parkcenter/Apple Albertsons!

  • Jessi

    Melanie and Christie at the Rexburg Albertsons for SURE!!!

  • mel

    I LOVE O&O Albies! Ces, Phil and Sean are my favorites!! Even after my move, this is the store I adore!

    And Rite Aids’ Victor, Frankie and Jason always make my couponing fast, fun and friendly!

  • Letty

    Dare @ Cole/Fairies Allies is the best! She’s always super helpful and has a great attitude when it comes to coupons.

    • Letty

      Darn auto text. Darcie is her name.

      • Erin

        Darcie is my favorite too at this store! Denis is an awesome manager! I go in only needing a few things and end up leaving with a cart full because he is always coming up with some great deals with his coupon stash! =)

      • Susan

        “fairies” he he ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’ve only shopped at the Cole/Fairview store a handful of times, not enough to know anyone by name, but had great experiences each time.

        • Letty

          For being “smartphones” they really are pretty stupid sometimes. Auto text, while helpful at times, just kills me w/ the number of mixed messages I send people. Lol.

  • gerbilmom

    Rhenda at Albies in Ammon rocks!!! She is sooo kind and is always willing to help, especially on dbl couponing days!! Thanks a million Rhenda!

  • Michele

    Albertsons Greenhurst store I love Mel and Dawn, they always make my shopping experience great!

  • Jill

    I Love ALL the checkers at McMillan & Eagle Road. Everyone is always so nice and friendly. It dosn’t matter if I’m there during the day shift, or during the evening crew…..in my opinion they are all rock stars!!

  • laurie

    I used to only shop at albertsons on 36th and state seemed all the other stores were not nice to couponers only let you do one transaction made you jump through ridiculouse hoops just to use a coupon you brought to the store. but this store WAS awesome and i was treated like they were glad I came and what could they do to help me and what did i need cuz they would get it for me!! I have in the past ordered tons of items during big sales (we do food bank through my church) I often spend about 50.00 to 100.00 a trip even using doublers buying the amounts that we do, recently though this store has changed everything they used to have the best managers always helping couponers being accomodating and were like my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ now it seems most of them are gone and their store director has started making people only use one transaction and then go to their car and come back looping back around all day is not possible, my time is money if i can swing in and do 4 or 5 and be on my way im out in 10 or 15 mins …it took me 2 hours to check out the other night running in and out of the store and then doing it all over again and the checker was shall we say less then friendly, I on the advice af a fellow couponer who has also left this store now drive clear accross town to the 5 mile and overland store, they seemed delighted to have my large orders and the money I wanted to spend in their store it is very sad to see a store that i loved and truely felt was the best in boise and was always being praised in other blogs on how great they were to couponers change in such a drastic manner!!! I ran in with a few last minute items last week and it was a ghost town on what used to be the craziest nights!! there were times I was there and there were 10 other couponers in there, I sadly saw none:-( i guess if you are looking for stuff they probably have it but be prepared to park close to the front and get some exercise…….off to 5 mile I go this weekend for all the fab deals and a nice healthy dose of “the old style ” albertsons friendly!!!

    I love that now there are so many great albertsons it is easy to just avoid the not so great ones and let the ones who treat their couponers as customers reap the benefits!! maybe with the new big grand opening at 36th street store they will get a new store director and things will get better?? everyone on the westside of boise can hope, or drive down the way:-)

    • stella

      I used to shop there also but a few weeks ago they made me buy one set of transactions leave my cart, load up my purse my kids and my binder and everything and go out to my car and then come back in……they acted like they didn’t want to hold up the line or something but there were lots of checksers and seemd to be alot of managers around and I have seen them in registers before so it seemed ridiculous to me after 2 trips to the car I was dying it was hot the kids were getting cranky so I left my whole cart of things and just said I was done!! their loss I guess:-( later that night I went right down the road to the other albertsons did 10 transactions total and was on my way they were evey nice and actually couldn’t believe me when I told them 36th wouldn’t let me do my transactions with out going out side!! makes me sad too, I hope they change their minds:-)

      • LaToya

        I hate bashing this store.
        I love this store and I love the people.
        But I think what has happened was that they got busted for being coupon friendly. You have stores like the Eagle store who hate hate hate couponers and my guess is that people go in there and say “well the Albertsons over on blah blah blah street lets me do this…” But I have to agree, the new way at this particular Albertsons pretty much sucks. I had to do the in and out thing recently…in the freakin’ rain. It was awful. I used to hate the Eagle/McMillan store but they are now better with the coupons than this one and that’s a shocker.
        At the end of the day, I am glad to get what I can get on these doublers…really cheap and free is fantastic and I appreciate that. But the way they are making it so difficult now is hard to swallow. I have been very loyal to Albertsons when a lot of people I know take their doublers and use them at Walmart who will let you use 15 per transaction. Hello, their own store won’t let you use them but their competitor will.
        I really think Albertsons needs to do like other Supervalu stores do and make certain days a week a doubler day…double as many coupons as you want, all in one transaction. No one will complain, easy on the cashiers and easy on us. Simple. Their system could handle it like when the round-up was working and just let you do a bunch of coupons in one transaction.

        • margie

          wow totally agree……I was super loyal to this store 36th and state and I bought alot of stuff believe me and often it was things that were not free so I actually was spending quite abit of $$ in there and they are close to my house so they have always been my “conveinence” store too, but as I hate to admit this the walmart just 5 mins down the road has totally changed I had the best experiences the last few times, courteous checkers, they have the items in stock and they allowed me to use 22 sets of doublers in 1 transaction i was out of there with a heaping cart of groceries spent $156.00 ( i had alot of things that were expensive items even with coupons that we needed) it took like 15 mins to check out what whould have taken me probably 3hours to do at albertsons…..Im sorry but wasting 2 hours of time is not possible for me!! I tried to go to another store and maybe I just picked the wrong one but they were rude to me and I even brought my own doublers!!

          while it may say limit 3 consecutive transactions in their policy and on the doublers it does not say anything about forcing you to go to your car and putting your items there and then comming back in, I was told by the checker that helped me that they all were fighting and arguing with the store director about it and she told everyone if they didnt follow the rule they would be FIRED!!! can you believe that? over a coupon…..this Bonnie lady doesn’t seem to want the business or want to have couponers shop there any more

          think I will try out some of the other stores that have been posted about ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kimberli

    I shop the Blaine st albies in caldwell. The cashiers their are all wonderful. And I cannot forget jarred…everytime I see him he says hi and makes sure I know about all the good deals that he has stocked in the store. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris Huether

    I love my walgreens at Lake Hazel and Five Mile. They have the best cashiers ever. Always a smile and so helpful. The manager is also great. Since I am new to couponing sometimes it takes me a while to get all of my transactions correct they are so understanding and helpful. There are other walgreens closer but the customer service Lake Hazel provides will keep me going there everyweek.

  • Brenda

    I love, love, love Michelle at the Cherry Lane Albertsons–she is helpful, always happy to see me with my big bunch of transactions, and cheers me on when I get a really great deal. There is a guy there who is also really nice, but I don’t see him that often, so I don’t know his name. Thanks Michelle for making my shopping trips so great!

  • Jen

    I want to give a shout out to Gayle at the Caldwell Walmart. She’s a whiz and does all the math in her head!

  • Brandi

    Aaron and Mark at 5 &Ustick! They are great!!!

  • Jeanette

    We <3 Michelle from the Eagle Albertsons!

  • Heather

    Sending a shout out to Michelle from the Albertsons in Eagle! She goes out of her way to help everyone!

    • Gary

      Ditto about Michelle at Eagle Albertsons. Very patient and helpful. Others there are less helpful (mostly during day shift) so I have learned to avoid the lines by shopping evenings, and that is when Michelle normally works. Win Win. LaDawna (supervisor) is always glad to provide any requested rainchecks. Shane (front-end) is quick to help and resolve any issues. I always try to enter the lines prepared with maximum of two transactions. At end of first transaction, I will always ask the person behind me to go next. I don’t want to hold up the line at ALL.

  • Amanda Myler

    I love Dixie and Vista…she is great!

  • Camille

    I’m a fan of Earl at the Ammon store. He’s hilarious, fast and “gets” coupons!

    • Mandi

      I too love Earl! He’s one of the best. Ammon Albertson’s is my favorite. There are so many helpful cashiers there. I’ve been shopping there since we moved here in 1997 and my mom took me to help her with coupons. I was a senior in high school at that time. There are so many but I’m going to name some. I’m sorry to any I forgot! Noelle, Connie, Amber, Earl, Brian, Bryan, Nathan, Bill and our Pharmacist Gary. Some of them have worked there since 1997. Must be a great place to work!

  • Cathy

    Sorry everyone, but Albertsons on Glenwood is the BEST! Gotta send some love to night managers Jeff and Clark as well as the dairy manager and the meat manager. When they see someone with a coupon binder, they always offer ideas for deals that might not have been posted on the blogs and they’re great about taking special orders. And I really love all of the cashiers: Betty, Leslie, Audra, Kate, Josh, Tony…..I could go on and and. Some are faster than others ๐Ÿ™‚ but they are all courteous and customer service oriented. I really, really appreciate everyone at this fantastic store!

    • margie

      OMG….I tried this store ( gary lane and glenwood), out last week and they were pretty good, they had alot of the stuff and Tony was my cashier, he was vey fast, and efficient, everythign came out perfectly and I had no troubles at all…..since the store up the street from them has been changing everything I may just start using this store! While I was there i did see another couponer picking up a large arder so obviously they are cool with special ordering

      I say support the stores that are awesome and don’t go to the ones that treat couponers as second class citizens, coupons are worth thousands and thousands of dollars to these stores and may the ones that are not nice to us will catch on and change….if we just keep going then they will think we love the stupid rules!!

  • heather

    36th and state…Autumn, Janet, Monika, are all super coupon friendly and I love going there, they are always fast and accomodating and until recently would just pull coupons to the side and get them through, they will special order for you if you need and they usually have stock when all the other stores are out of everything!!

    I am sad by the new rules they have, im not sure why they are changing things but unfortunately I will now do limited shopping there because of it….frown

  • Sonja

    My favorite checker is Tim at the Aloha, OR Albertsons. The store is just so, so…I have to go out for each doubler transaction and they have been iffy about special orders…but as for checkers, Tim is GREAT and always goes out of his way for me (he’ll even grab me extra sets of doublers…my store will only hand out one sheet). He’s definitely a checker I will wait in a long line to go to.

  • Trudy

    I love reading the comments about the Albertson’s cashiers. There are so many GREAT cashiers at Albertson’s. Some of my favorites are:
    O & Five Mile – Kaytie, both Josh’s, Adam and many others that I don’t know their names.
    McMillian and Eagle – Freddy is amazing. I will wait longer just so I can be in his line. He has actually started to coupon. He said that he has learned from all of us
    Orchard – there are a ton of checkers there that are fantastic.

    Actually the POSITIVE experiences that I have had at ALBERTSON’S far outweight the very few negative experiences that I have had.

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