Where are you putting IT!?

Hey fab friends.

Are you bursting at the seams with food for your pantry? We want to know, what are you doing with YOUR stockpile? Some are blessed with huge pantries (I have two sisters that have a little “store” just off of their kitchen!), and others have to find alternate ways to store their stockpile. This is a place for you to share what you’re doing! Leave a comment! (And here is a tutorial on leaving a comment if you don’t know how to).

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  • Jamie

    Any boxed food is currently on top of my cabinets in the kitchen . . . . super cute, and I'm running out of room! ๐Ÿ™‚ All other cans, jars, bottles are in the garage. We are lucky enough that our garage is the coolest place in the house in the summer (no sun, and no ac inside), so this works the best for us.

  • Kat

    For us we don't have very much cupboard space but I have a vaulted ceiling with a shelf that runs the entire kitchen. I have all my food lined up all the way around it. You can't see it from the living room but when you enter the kitchen you see it all in their rows. It might not work for some people but for our family it works nicely.

  • KB

    We live in a very small apartment and have only 3 food cupboards in our kitchen so we have set up a 4 tier shelving unit in our entryway closet. Overflow from that goes into the closet in our bedroom. We are hoping to move in a couple of weeks to a place with a garage and more kitchen space including a small pantry. So excited for that! In the meantime, getting creative to store our stockpile is where it's at!

  • Amy Conner

    We have a nice sized pantry but it is bursting at the seams so my laundry room is the next food location. We have a pretty large laundry room with a shelf running across the top and that holds a ton of stuff…that is only half full. Maybe I should slow down??!! *nah* ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Terry

    I've got a storage room in my basement with an extra upright freezer. Lots of room, but the kids get into there and I've had a broken bottle of olive oil and a broken jar of peanut butter ๐Ÿ™ I'm waiting till they figure out how to get into the fruit snacks! I've got lots of room, but its a bit warm as the furnace is in a closet in there, so, I wish it were a bit cooler. I've also got a big laundry room down there that I could put stuff in if I need to.

  • JoDee

    I'm definatley bursting at the seems lol I have a wire storage rack that I keep my dried goods on then I have a small storage room but it doesn't hold a lot. My husband built me a can rotator which holds 200 cans so that is really nice. He also built me two nice wood shelves with 4 shelves on each to hold all the extra TP,laudry soap, shampoo's extra.
    These shelves are in our extra bathroom. Next I think I will have to start using the storage shed lol my husband will NOT let me put anything in the garage!That is his space, I may have to sneak!

  • Divas 4 Deals

    I have a large laundry room (or atleast it usedto seem large before stockpiling!!) I have a large wire shelving unit that is stocked full to the ceiling!
    We used to have a very small house. We had shelves in our garage that we stored all our 'extras'.

  • The5Fifes

    It is funny that this post is here this evening because I just spent the last 2 days completely reorganizing my downstairs laundry room to accomidate all of my coupon plunder. My girlfriend came from out of town to help me organize it in exchange for a couponing tutorial. We major mucked out the room and added 2 6' by 5' shelves and I am loving all of the new space I have! I guess I need to get shopping! :o)

  • Amber

    My 5-yr-old no longer has a walk in closet. It is now our 2nd pantry. Does that make me a bad mom? I mean how much closet space does a kindergartner need, right?

    • cheri

      Right!! You are definitely NOT a bad mom. I would say that couponing makes you a GOOD mom. You are being wise with you $$$. And if he ever complains just remind him that your coupon shopping and stockpiling leaves you more money to go and spend time with him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brookie

    is it safe to put food in my garage on shelves?? will it get weevels or anything yucky like that? i have no more room in my house!!

    • cheri

      I would be really careful with storing food in my garage in the summer. Warmer temperatures often encourage weevels. High temperatures also effects expiration dates. Keep paper products in the garage and perhaps there are some things in the house(toys, holiday decor, coats,etc.) that could be moved to the garage to free up more space in the house. Food storage can be a challenge but it’s worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • amanda

    For the kid with the closet full of stuff. Just leave him the good stuff!!! Garage storers! Beware of attracting mice!!! Maybe plastic bins?

  • Jennifer

    I have a huge pantry but its overflowing! So I moved my cereal stash to one of my linen closets. But after the Post sale, I'm out of room! So my walk in closet now has 3 cardboard boxes of HOB. I have a really big family, so my stockpile gets used. I just wish I had one of those Utah basements with a huge storage room! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jenn

      Amen to the utah basements! I used to have one and it held all my food storage plus my christmas and camping. It was cold storage so it was perfect. Sure miss that now and a good reason for moving back someday.

  • Heather LaBau

    Under the bed! No room for anything to get stuffed or lost under it now.

  • ricks family

    Since we are building a house right now…I told my husband that we needed a whole room for storage of food…plus a have a large pantry..needless to say I am pretty excited about where I will be able to put all my food.

  • Camille

    My hutch (that should be holding china) is full of food. Everything else is under the bed. Classy right? That's ok though, people would want to come to my house in a snow storm, we will be eating like kings:)

  • Jessica

    I keep all of my food in the garage on shelves (no pantry). I have been doing that for 3 years now and have never had any pest problems. I guess that is lucky. I have totally run out of room on the shelves though, so now the 85 boxes of fruit snacks and 60 boxes of cereal are in containers on the floor. I guess we need to start eating!

  • Steven & Becky Heumann

    I'm a litte obsessive about my stock pile. My top shelf in my pantry is where I keep the food I will use for the current weeks food, next shelf is snacks, and the bottom two are stock pile. When that overflows I have two storage bins in the "junk room" (we live with my mom, my home will not have a junk room…or so I say now) full of extra stuff. I also keep a spreadshethat taped to my pantry door with a list of all my stockpile and I orginize by expiration date so before I meal plan I check to see what things I NEED to use that week.

  • Jennifer

    Mines still in the back of my car and stacked on the recycling bin in my garage! ha ha:)

  • Sophie

    Ha ha.. I am currently moving and going from a lovely, large, like 7 ft x 7ft fully shelved walk in pantry to a measly 2 ft x 2 ft pantry closet in our new house. Very sad :(. I will be using our guest room closet for food by installing shelving and will probably store non food items in the garage ( like toilet paper, paper towels, etc.).

  • jadell

    I guess I am a lucky one, too. I have a very large laundry/storage room. DH built me sturdy wooden shelves that house all of my food storage. Cereal is nicely tucked away on one of the shelves. I suppose I could find more room for more cereal, but I am confident that 63 boxes of cereal will last us a few months. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Plaidipus

    My husband built two small pantries in our kitchen/dining, but its really not very much space. I've had to get creative. I got a hold of some buckets and put my sugar stores in them. Then I stacked them two high in the hall outside the kids room and, voila, hallway table! We have storage in the bottom of our bedroom closets and hall closet, under the stairs, under the dining room table (centered so there is room for feet. I also use a bucket for a step stool, the weight of the food makes it pretty stable.

  • Amy

    "Hoarder's Corner" – used to be my office but no one will go in there now that it's so full of stockpiled stuff. It reminds me a bit of my grandparent's "bomb shelter" when I was a kid. Why did we ever get away from that? – great storage capacity! 100 boxes of cereal in there. Clothes for kids for the next couple of years, birthday gifts for incidental parties and my kids upcoming events – all there! So I can't find anything, but I know it's there when I need it!But you can put it anywhere!

  • Tyree

    My guest room closet is stuffed floor to ceiling, under the basement stairs has shelfs and food, and my pantry up stairs is stuffed!

  • Cindy's Coupon Community

    My master bath has these HUGE cupboards in them, that sat basically empty for years with a few towels and extra soap – No longer! Those babies are busting at the seams, I couldn't fit another deodorant or shampoo in there if I wanted. My food has issues though. I have shelves in my laundry room, but they are packed (the 60 boxes of granola bars really took a big chunk of space). ๐Ÿ™‚ I am excited you asked so I can get some ideas for more storage. Right now I'm trying to convince my husband to turn the children's toy room into a food room…I mean what's more important, right? I never had a toy room and I survived! lol

  • Mel

    Ok local fabs, I have a question about garage storage. Right now I have toiletries (deoderant/shampoo/etc) and cleaners in the garage, but a friend of mine recently brought to my attention that stick deoderant can melt?!?! I don't keep food in the garage (mice) but is there anything else that I shouldn't store out there during the summer when it is HOT!!! Anyone had anything ruined by summer heat?

  • Arin

    mostly in my small pantry-and what doesn't fit goes into the cupboard above the fridge (fruitsnacks) and on top of shelve in my clothes closet (cereal). I still have about 1/2 shelf in my pantry that still has a bit of room on it for the next stockpile purchase-mostly for canned goods. Oh and we have a deep chest freezer in the garage-but right now it's overflowing with icecream and fruit bars from the chill promo.

  • Joni

    I line up my cereal boxes across my kitchen cabinets. You can’t see them from the living room. It’s nice when I’m in the kitchen and I can see how many I have of everything. They are organized by expiration date too, so I know from which end of the row I use up first. I have a little pantry and so I use some of my kitchen cupboards for canned food/boxed food too. The I have baskets under neath the bathroom sinks for shampoo/toothpaste etc. I’m filled to the brim, so I should be good for awhile.

  • Sarah H

    My master bedroom has 2 closets, a small walk-in and a double wide regular, so I have 1 little row of clothes in my walk-in closet and the rest is pantry and kid clothing storage (larger sizes). I’m glad i have all the extra room, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the siren call of Pringles when i’m getting changed for bed!

    I also have a pretty small but very deep pantry…so I use diaper boxes like drawers (leftover from pre-couponing days, now I dont buy boxes just jumbo packs!). I just have boxes labeled (rice & beans, snacks, sides, seasonings & condiments, etc.) . Not only can I get to what I want easily, but now at breafast the box with the 8 different types of cereal goes to the table and i’m not running to the pantry 6 times for when the toddlers change their minds. Or i do. I also made can rotators out of cardboard! http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/2009/02/16/build-your-own-can-rotating-rack/

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