What Are Catalinas?

Confused about the word *CATALINA*???

We use it a lot in these parts.  In fact, we heart them!  Nope, it’s not an island in the coupon world… and we aren’t referring to salad dressing.  A catalina is a coupon!

Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) or Catalina’s are also known as “check-out coupons”.  These offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer. They give you anywhere between 10 days to 3 months to use them so check the dates.


Some are triggered by certain things that you buy.

  • One time I bought Yoplait yogurt, and got a catalina for $1 off of a 6-pack of Yobaby Organic yogurt.
  • When I bought Progresso chicken broth I got a catalina for $1 off of Swansons broth.
  • When I bought beech nut baby food I got a catalina for .50 of of Gerber baby food. You get it?

Some times the coupon is good on the same brand that triggered the coupon:

  • Some times when you do a transaction and buy a certain # of a particular item, a catalina coupon will print out at the end of the transaction.  Here is an example of this happening – the Propel Water catalina coupon deal.
  • One time I bought Betty Crocker fruit snacks I got a coupon for $1.50 off of 5 boxes, and in another transaction at the same store I got a coupon for .75 off of 3 boxes.
  • When I bought GM Cereal I got $2 off my next five boxes.

It can vary by store:

  • When I was chasing the diaper deal last week I went to four different stores and only one of them gave me these $2.00 catalina’s for Dreft each time I bought the diapers. So not all stores are the same even in the same chain.


Sometimes a catalina prints and has a particular “cash value” that you can use at that store, on your next shopping trip (on anything excluding tobacco, postage,  and a few other things).

SPEND X Amount, Get X Amount Back

  • With the diaper deal, they advertised “Spend $30 get $15 for your next shopping trip” and “Spend $25 get $5 for your next shopping trip”.  After I paid, these great little “catalinas” printed out of the machine for $5.00 each!  They could be used on my next transaction, and would deduct $5 from my total for each catalina I gave the cashier.

STACK those Catalinas!

  • If you wanted to, you could do several transactions and earn those catalinas, and then use your catalinas for purchasing your meat or produce.

ROLL those Catalinas!

  • To use them the most effective way is to “roll” them.  In the case of the “Spend $30, get $15 back” deal, I would get $30 of participating products.  You want to get as close to that target number as you can (with out going under – even if you’re a penny under, you won’t trigger the catalina).  I then hand over my coupons, so my out of pocket would actually be less than $30.  This is OK because the “sale price” is what triggers the catalina.  After I pay, three $5.00 catalinas would print out.
  • Now I’ve got $15.00 of store cash.  Am I going to leave?  NOPE!  I’m going to do the deal again!  This time I might purchase some other items in the promo, or I’ll do the exact same transaction again.  Get to the target amount ($30 in this example) with the product I purchase, use coupons to lower the total, and THEN I get to hand over my three $5.00 catalinas.  NOW my total out of pocket is even $15.00 less!  What happens again?  That’s right – ANOTHER set of catalinas will print out!
  • Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat. (we usually do three transactions in a row before we take our groceries out to the car)

Wondering what Catlinas are running right now?

Here is a list of current catalinas. Some times these catalinas are advertised, and some times they are not!   Sometimes (randomly) a advertisement will print out of the catalina machine letting you know about an upcoming catalina.  Don’t toss these!  Email us the information so we can add it to our list!


Q: Are catalinas manufacturer’s coupons or store coupons?

A: Generally, they are manufacturer’s coupons, although occasionally one will state that it is a Store Coupon. The manufacturer’s coupon catalinas are not able to be combined with other manufacturer’s coupons.

In other words, if you have a catalina for $1.00/2 product X and also an insert coupon for $1.00/2, you would need to purchase 4 of the product in order to use both coupons.

Q: How can I contact Catalina Category Marketing, in case I have a question about whether my local store is doing a particular promotion?

A: Their toll free numbers are 1-(888) 322-3814 or 1-888-8COUPON (1-888-826-8766).

Q: Can I use a catalina coupon at a store other than the one where it printed?

A: YMMV, but typically yes, if the other store accepts competitor’s coupons.

FAQ Source:  Hot Coupon World

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  • alyssa

    so, ladies, the other day when i was at target (tacoma, wa), there were *newly installed* catalina printers at all of the registers… is this something you’ve heard of/seen?? i’m wondering if it’s a sign of what’s to come from target – or if they’ll simply be used for target coups – either way, hopefully it’s a big score for us all! 🙂

    • Monica

      From our target expert AJ

      They do have them now but they spit out completely random coupons. I added this question and an answer to my Target post I already had scheduled for today.



  • Tami janicek

    I was at albertsons today and bought the10 items to save the extra 5.00 and at the end of the order I didn’t get a Catolina and then I had 2 orders that followed and still didn’t get a catolina. Did I do something wrong? Did I not spend enough money or something?

    • Cathy

      Tami – that promo was an “instant savings” promo. So if you look at your receipt, you’ll see $5 taken off the total. No cats to worry about with that one!

      • monica


        If the $5 nestle discount did not come off and you bought 10 participating products, take your receipt back to the store and they will make it right!

  • Jamie

    this is for the target comment.. i use to work there, and those coupons are only for target stores and yes they do spit out at random, some people get them and some dont!

  • Mary

    Safeway .. it says
    not a redeemable coupon buy any campbells chunky soups expires 5/15/2011 and save up to $150 on a future order with coupon
    buy 7 or more for the 1.50
    so this is a catalina?

  • Cindy

    I found that the current Catalinas for Albertsons have expired.

  • arnease

    My husband just had major stomach surgery and will not be working for a while. No work no pay. I am tying to learn this system so I can see some saving. It is great but a little confusing.

  • I find a lot of good things about your site and you are providing a great service, but…

    I have to ask if doing three transactions like that is ethical?

    My conscious says I can’t do it, no matter how much I would save. It just doesn’t feel good…

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