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  • Linda

    Congrats girls! It is so fun to watch your business grow . . . you deserve it!

  • Alison

    Great article–congrats!

  • Sophie

    I hope you guys will post links to the videos! Iwasnt able to watch them this morning but would love to see them!

  • Lyndsi

    OMG you guys were great i just watched the segment and i have to tell you that i have been fallowing you for over a year and it is sooooo exciting to see you guys out there! I was sooooo tickled to watch i call my hubby at work to tell him to watch. Your blog has helped my family survive on one income and keep us off food stamps!!!! Thank you and congrats!!!!

  • Laurel

    Saw the article on the NYT; good for you guys, building a business from this and succeeding so well.

    I do coupon, but much simpler and not as organized. So my concern (which I don’t see address here; maybe it is and I’ve just missed it?): coupons are mostly for processed foods and junk food. Very few are for things like dairy products, milk, fresh meat, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables — the things we should be eating, and feeding our kids.

    Our kids (and our spouses) REALLY do not need more processed breakfast cereal, mac n’ cheese, juice boxes with HFCS, cookies, chips or snacks….even if those things are dirt-cheap or free.

    I can’t argue with the tuna pouches, and frozen veggies are a timesaver. But frankly, most of the food coupons I get are more for the junk items, or stuff like salad dressing (how many bottles can you use of that anyhow?).

    I get more value out of the coupons for cleaning products, aluminum foil and personal hygiene products (have not paid a nickel for toothbrushes or floss in years, or more than 50 cents for a tube of toothpaste!). I also get a lot of value from finding marked down clearance items, sometimes already 75% or more, and then couponing on THOSE, for huge savings or even freebies.

    With a small family, I just can’t justify stuff like stockpiling 162 boxes of cereal, even if free — it would go bad before I could use it — but when I do find freebies I cannot use, I donate them to my local Food Bank or Hunger Center.


  • Peggy

    What a great article! Congrats to you all and thanks for helping so many other families learn how to spend wisely.

  • Cheryl H

    What a fabulous article!! Thank you so much for sharing your time, talents,personal experiences, and expertise with all of us. I have learned so much since I started following your Blog 2 years ago. I have become a much better shopper and have saved our family so much money. I wish I would have known how to really use coupons when our children were younger but you know what? It’s never too late!! Thanks again for all you do!

  • Venessa

    I really enjoyed the article! Congratulations!

    However, I was pretty hurt by most of the comments I read at the end of the article (had to stop after about a dozen). I’m sure you ladies have thicker skin than me, but just in case you need to hear it, don’t take the negative comments to heart! You rock, period! They don’t know what they’re talking about. Most of them sounded to me like they felt good looking down their noses at you. Bottom line is you’ve helped 1000s of people save money and stay financially independent.

    I coupon AND eat healthily too. Yes, at the beginning of couponing I bought a few silly things just because they were on sale. But after a month or two of that, I relaxed and really got smart about my shopping. Now I have the tools and skills to quickly and easily save my family money on the things we would buy anyways!!

    As a family with 3 kids three and under and one income, thanks for the help!

    And for those snobs out there who condemn people for having more children than they would, I say my kids would rather be a little poor than to not exist!!

  • Tonya

    Ladies you are all so amazing!

    Cathy, thank you for sharing your story of financial difficulties. You are so much more “real” to me. You are very courageous. I love that you have many loving children. Please know that we pray for you and cheer each other on!

    I too was discouraged with all the ny times negative comments. We, your loyal readers, appreciate you!!!

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