Weekly Cinema is BACK!

It’s BACK!!

Get over 50% off movie tickets when you sign up for Weekly Cinema, PLUS get a free ticket just for joining. You can sign up for 3-6 tickets per month with monthly prices starting at just $15.99.

It’s simple. Register and they automatically send your free ticket. Then after your 3 day trial is over, you will receive the number of tickets you signed up for in the form of codes. Those codes can be used as a credit of up to $14 to purchase tickets to any movie (even new releases!) via Fandango.

I signed up a few months ago and have LOVED going to the movies for half price. Now my family and friends have signed up too and are also enjoying their cheap movie tickets!

I know this deal seems too good to be true and we have received a few complaints that the company is difficult to get in touch with. Well the company is legit, the deal is real and I’ll let you in on a little secret of how to get a response from them in a hurry: don’t call them. They are an internet based company, so using the internet to contact them will yield you faster results. They have a LIVE help desk open normal business hours Monday-Friday. That means you can sit down in front of your computer if you have an issue and chat with a live support staff member so they can immediately resolve your problem.


If you have an issue after hours, you might even still get a response on their live help desk. But if you don’t you can open a “ticket” and describe your problem. They promise at least a 24 hour turnaround in responding, but I have never waited more than an hour before hearing back. Now that’s FAST!

So what are you waiting for. See a movie opening weekend for $5 a ticket! SWEET!! Go get yourself signed up already!


  • Sophie

    I have had such good luck since signing up with them until I logged in this weekend and my account was cancelled!! Thanks for suggestion about the Live Chat. I am going to see if I can get my account back! I had 7 unused codes!

    • Amber

      Don’t worry Sophie, the exact same thing happened to me this weekend & I panicked! But I hopped on live chat & they said there was a glitch in the system that didn’t charge some customers & automatically canceled others. They got my account back up & running, credited back my remaining codes & I used them that night without a hitch!

      • Sophie

        Good to know. Of course I cant use the chat today at work (not allowed), but I emailed them, and will maybe try chat tonight. I was so disappointed. I know when you sign up, they say if you try to get free tickets by using multiple accounts, or do fraudulent things, they can cancel you, so I kept trying to think if maybe my hubby signed up or something too, but no!! I was so confused!

  • Amber T

    Can anyone tell me what theatres in the Boise area you have used these for?
    We love the Majestic!

    • Amber


      They accept them anywhere you can purchase tickets through Fandango. Locally that is at any Edwards theater. Sadly Magestic doesn’t presell tickets online. Cross your fingers they start soon because we too love that theater!

  • Drasylve

    Do you have to use the codes in the month that you purchase them or do they roll over?

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