Air Fryer Donuts with Jelly or Cream Filling

Air fryer donuts with a jelly or cream filling?  Yes, please! This recipe is so simple and so tasty!

What You Need to Make the Best Air Fryer Donuts

Two Important Notes

1. The milk is at or really close to 110° F. You want it to be warm, but not hot.  2. Mix the ingredients together before adding the melted butter will help keep the warm butter from cooking the eggs. 

Tips for the Best Donuts

– You don’t over-flour or over-handle the dough. – You don’t add more than 3 cups of flour. – The dough has doubled in size before continuing with the steps.

How to Form the Dough for Donuts

Once your dough is ready to be cut, make sure you spray and/or lightly flour the working surface so it will be easy to transfer the cut-out dough to the greased parchment paper without distorting the donut shape too much.



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