Ideas of Earning an Income While Working From Home: Part 2

If you missed it, yesterday/”s blog post had several ideas that would alleviate some pressure from your budget. Some of the ways (namely Divvee Social) allowed you to earn cold hard cash each month! Speaking of cash, I promised that I would share how much the Fabulessly Frugal work from home survey takers make each month at their stay at home job:

I was pleasantly surprised to see more than 60% of the respondents make more than $1000 each month working from home! Are you curious about where I fall into that graph? I just might reveal that at the end of this series, so stay tuned!

Today we are going to talk about jobs that require a small investment to get started, but tend to have a huge profit. We have 7 DIFFERENT POTENTIAL JOBS that could end up adding anywhere from $500-$5000 to your monthly budget. To be honest, I have tried a few of these jobs myself, and I know someone who currently is working in each job, so I am here to tell you the cold hard truth about each one. 

FYI: Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the post where I am sharing thoughts from readers who are earning an income while working from home, that talk about the challenges of it… and then come back tomorrow because I will share some inspiring words of wisdom from some of our readers who are currently earning an income while working from home.

Ideas for ways to generate an income while working from home:

So, let’s get to it! Like I said about, today we are going to talk about ways to work at home that require a little bit of dough to get started. I know it may seem like too big of an investment at times, but I will lay out the logistics of each job and the potential you have to make an income from it! Also, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post, go here to check out small ways to add an extra money to your monthly budget. And make sure you come back each day this week because we have TONS of other employment opportunities to share with you!

1. Essential Oils

Those of you who are avid Fabulessly Frugal followers know just how much Essential Oils have benefited my life and my fitness journey! I fell in love with the product and the new me that came with it. After I loved the product, I was confronted with the business side of selling essential oils. This business is easy for me. I share what I love! That’s it! I have been using QUALITY essential oils for over 6 years now. When I met someone who taught me that I could use essential oils as a tool to empower other women and help them become more financially free, my perspective started to change and my interest started to build. One of my goals for this blog is to help women feel empowered to be better mothers, to feel good about their lives, and to be more financially free. When I realized this business opportunity could help me do just that, I was thrilled! I LOVE helping other women create an income working from home just like I have. You too can feel the empowerment that comes with being a healer in your own home. With this business model, anyone can succeed! You are only limited by your own effort. The more you do and the more passionate you are, the more you’ll be rewarded! Whether you are an expert in the oils or have NO idea what they are, we can help you learn about them and then turn it into a stable revenue booster. You have the potential to make 6 figures in this business! Trust me, the oils sell themselves! Plus, we will give you all the support and guidance you need to make this journey successful! If you are interested, please email me at seekingwellness at fabulesslyfrugal dot com or text me at  208-907-OILS 

I also recommend reading our post: Why We Love Essential Oils 

2. Open an Etsy Shop

I have seen just in the comments you leave me her on FF and on our social media pages, that MANY of you ladies are so creatively talented. I am sure as you have browsed Etsy, since we are ALL guilty of this, and you have thought, “maybe I should start my own shop?” Well, why haven’t you? You literally have nothing to lose and so much to gain. First, you need a great idea. What are you passionate about making? What is your niche? CREATE IT! Once you have thought of your super awesome idea, head over to Etsy and open up your store. It is free to do so, but you will pay some fees once you add listings to your store. You must pay a $.20 listing fee and once the listing is purchased, you must pay a 3.5% transaction fee to Etsy. So let’s say you sold a $20 necklace. You would pay $.20 + $.70 (3.5% of $20) = Only $.90 is fees! You will still much a huge profit! I feel like the key to having an Etsy shop is making your product stand out. Head on over to CraftCount and check out the top Etsy stores right now. Look at how each store has clear photos, appealing fonts, unique products, and capturing header pictures! It will most likely be a slow start, but if you try your best to promote your product and sell something that people would want, your company will start to grow and it could turn into a steady income. One of our readers runs an Etsy Shop and makes $1000-$3000 a MONTH and works 35+ hours a week from the comfort of her own home! I am telling you, if you have a talent, use it to make an income from inside the walls of your own home.

3. Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor

What would you say if you were offered a job to TEACH kids how to eat healthy right in the comfort of your home? That’s right, all you food lovers could get paid, EXTREMELY WELL, to teach cooking classes right in your own home! Healthy Hands Cooking will give you all the training and certification that you need to be able to start your own business. It costs about $500 to get started, but honestly, that is QUITE cheap to start a business. Healthy Hands Cooking will help you get certified, teach you about how to advertise, set you up a website, and give you layouts to dozens of different classes you could teach! You decide how often you want to teach classes whether that be twice a year or twice a week! You pick your class topics, the location, the price, and what age you would like to teach! Seriously, this is the BEST opportunity if you are a Mom (or Dad!) who loves to cook. You could influence the lives of children by helping them learn how to eat healthy! That is such an important skill and so many of our youth lack that knowledge.

Here is an example of a simple, stay at home mom and her revenue in the first YEAR of her Healthy Hands Cooking Business.

She Taught:

  • 108-2 hour Classes         x $30 a child  (10 kids attended)       =  $32,400
  • 1-8 Hour Class                x $120 a child (10 kids attended)      =  $1,200
  • 2-Summer Camps           x $120 a child (10 kids attended)      =  $2,400
  • 1-Birthday Party Class    x $150 a child (10 kids attended)      =  $1,500

Income Total= $37,000

(Note: these prices are average! There are no set prices… you will make your own prices for each class). And it is expected that you will spend $4 on food for each child in each class. So if you taught 1,120 children throughout the year, your costs would be $4,480.

Total Income – Total Expenses = Profit

37,000       –        $4,480        =   32,520

That is $32,520 dollars that you can put in your pocket.

You do NOT pay HHC a portion of your profits and there are no hidden fees. You have no requirement on how little or how much you can work. You can make this business whatever you want it to be!

To learn more, read our post Work From Home Idea Plus 15 Free Recipes for Finicky Eaters

4. Meal Prep

This is one that I honestly never thought of, but it was suggested to me to put into this series! We all know elderly people, busy moms, or even single dads that would KILL to be able to have food prepared and delivered to their homes. All they would have to do, is throw it in a pot or the oven and cook it! That person could be you! Do you like to cook, chop veggies, or even just help people? Open your own business serving people!! All you need is the internet, a vehicle, food, and a business plan! Don’t forget that you do need to comply with your states regulations. In some states, you will need to rent out a public space for your kitchen because you are not allowed to cook in your home, so be sure to comply with those laws! Just like any other business, make your product accessible and let them know how much it would benefit them! Having a website where online ordering is available will definitely boost your sales! Also, get out into the public. Go to local farmers markets and bazaars where people can see your food prep boxes and try them out. Once the people try your product and love it, they will come back for more! If you make eating healthy an easier option for many families, I am sure they would pay to give their families the food they need!

5. Open a Child Care Business 

If you are a stay at home mom and love children, why not make a profit out of it! Have you ever thought about opening your own Child Care Business? I think this is an AWESOME option. So many parents are having to both work and send their kids to day care, so why not make a fun place to let kids hang out while their parents are away? And after researching it, the start-up really is less stressful than I thought it would be.
Here is a check list of things that need to be done in order to start your business:

  • Decide what kind of child care you would like to open (age group, schedule, faith-based, special needs, educationally based, bilingual etc.)
  • Decide where you want it to be (in home or center-based)
  • Make a budget for all expenses (licensing, toy purchasing, rent, advertising)
  • Contact your local municipal to fulfill all licensing, coding, zoning, and inspections. (You need to make sure you are up to date with all laws!)
  • Choose your location
  • Obtain insurance
  • Purchase any extra toy and equipment the children will need (honestly you might be able to get a lot of these things donated!)
  • Advertise and allow parents to enroll their kids!

Really it is that easy! It could take a little bit of dough, but after that, especially if it is in your own home, you will be making a huge profit! The average that people are paying in the US for toddler day care is around $175 A WEEK! If you had 4 toddlers, you would be making around $700 a week. That is around $3,000 A MONTH! Just to watch 4 toddlers! It can be challenging, but SO worth it!

6. Start a Preschool

If you are not okay with spending 12 hours a day watching other people kids, we have another option for you! What if you just watched children for 2.5-5 hours a day? And what if you made more than DOUBLE of what you would in day care? Day care makes around $3/hour and preschool will make you around $40/ hour. You can be making a full-time job income by working less than 20 hours a week! Preschool teachers teach kids between ages 3 and 5 to prep them for kindergarten. Of course you will need to check with the regulations in the state you reside it, but starting a preschool usually is very simple! Some states, not all, do require a college degree so make sure to pay attention to that!

We have the perfect company who can help you find all the curriculum and give you all the teaching materials that you need to run a successful, fun preschool right in your home. Come back later in the week to check out more details on this awesome business! We don’t want to give away one of our favorite ones early in the week, so be sure to come back! (Trust me, this is a good one! I did it before I started FF so I promise this is worth it and I will share my personal experience with you!)

7. Divvee Social

Yesterday we gave a little introduction of Divvee Social but seriously, this one is one that I am swearing by. And the timing is NOW to sign up because this business is expected to grow by MILLIONS of members this year and you could be at the top. I know it is just a start-up, but I feel like it has HUGE potential and I want all my readers to know about it before it goes big! The sooner you get in, the better your chances are of making LOADS of money! Like I’ve explained, because advertisers know that more people are spending time on their phones rather than reading the newspaper, they have moved their advertising budget to mobile phone users! Divvee Social is a NEW app where you can download apps and watch videos (things you ALREADY do) and get paid for it! You have the opportunity to sign up as an independent affiliate for $50 (head here to find out how to get this for free) and you can get up to 88,000 people under you who are MAKING YOU MONEY with each activity they do! Divvee is still in beta testing. If you want to learn more about it (there is a 4 minute video that explains how it works), go to You can also sign up to receive more info about it and be notified when it’s time to sign up. It looks cool to me and I’m excited about it! There are NO strings attached… this new Startup could make a HUGE difference in your wallet.

The downside of being a WAHM:

I’ve been earning an income while working at home for nearly 10 years now. While it’s been a huge blessing, I can attest that it is also very challenging… especially if you have little people at home. I found it was easy to get frustrated if I tried to work with children playing at my feet. The house would start to fall apart because I was paying attention to work and not keeping it maintained well. I don’t know about you, but I don’t function well in a messy cluttered house. Please don’t think that I’m saying that my house is perfectly clean and picked up. It’s not. I have 8 kids for heaven’s sake! But it took many years for me to chill with the household chaos that occurs when I’m working. I could talk about this for a long time, but I’ve learned that I have to be patient with myself and really schedule time to UNPLUG and be mom and wife and household manager. Balance is KEY when working from home! Here is what a few other readers had to say about the downside of working from home. I think they are all valid points!


Do you work from home? Share the challenges you face in the comments below!


Come back tomorrow! We will be: 

  • Finding ways to earn a living renting out things you ALREADY have!
  • Exploring ways to save money on services you already use!
  • See what our readers have to say about the benefits of working at home!

Want to contribute? It’s not too late!

I’d love to hear about YOUR work from home experience, OR maybe you have a friend that works from home. You can share that too! Just answer a few questions on this form, I’d love to hear about it AND the company that you are working for (if you are able to).


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    • Hi Holly! Right now they don’t have the free account option. I saw you signed up to get the emails… so hopefully that will answer your questions!

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