Walgreens Coupon Deals April 21-27, 2013

Stock up on Money Making Crest, Peanut Butter, Probiotics, FREE Air Sleep, Band-aids, TRUEresult Blood Meter, and More!

Walgreens Coupon Deals April 21-27, 2013
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  • Tiffany

    Hi Becky,
    I am new to the whole Walgreens thing and had a question. If I have some RR coupons from last week (I have 7 $1 off coupons) and I wanted to buy some neosporin or bandaids, can I use my $1 RR on the purchase of each item and still get the BALANCE rewards on my card? I know you can’t expect to redeem RR and then also GET RR back on a promotion, but are RR and Balance Rewards totally different in that respect? Does that make sense?

    • Okay, couple of things
      1-You CAN get a RR when you use a RR! You just can’t use a Colgate RR and receive a Colgate RR. Does that make sense?
      2-YES! You can absolutely use RR and receive BRP. The ONLY time you won’t receive BRP is when you redeem them. And the RR’s are on an entirely different system, so they don’t factor in at all.
      3-You have to make sure your coupon count is correct. It’s actually the most complicated part of shopping at Walgreens. You can only have 1 coupon per item… And a $/2 or $/3 (etc) coupon counts as 2 or 3 coupons… however many items it’s “off”. So You can use your RR with band-aids or neosporin, but you need either a filler item (Check the clearance aisles, or a caramel is usually pretty cheap-and they are at the front counter), or need to not use an additional coupon.
      Does that answer all your questions? If not, please keep asking!

      • Tiffany

        Oh boy this is complicated! I started couponing in October and have mainly just done Albertson’s, but now it looks like doublers will be ending so I am trying to teach myself Walgreen’s! So the only part that confuses me still is #3. So when I redeem a RR voucher that counts as using a coupon on an item? Like if an item cost $2 and I had a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off and it brought it down to $1 subtotal, then you’re saying I COULDN’T then also use my $1 RR to pay for the item? Because that counts as 2 coupons? Is that right? So if I bought the 2 boxes of band-aids and used 1 $1/2 that is like saying that one coupon is it for my two boxes of band-aids, so I need to throw in something really cheap because my RR is actually “counting toward that” so to speak? I guess the RR coupons are really not as good as I thought! I thought I could used them just like cash but really they are coupons not cash, if I have that right. Oh! And also, with the “one coupon per item” rule, what about the store coupons? Like that you cut out from the flyer or the little Walgreen’s brochure? Like what if I wanted some cans of the Ten soda and used their store coupon, but also had a manufacturer’s coupon (I don’t, haha, just saying…) could I not use them both then? Wow, this is confusing!!!! 🙂

      • Tiffany

        Oh and also!!! So say you got to the point where you had all these BR on your card, like 50,000! Is there a limit on how you can redeem those? Is there a special tactic to go about that?

        • Walgreens coupons (in store or in ad) don’t count towards the coupon count-you can stack them an a MQ, and it only counts as 1!
          Correct, RR count as a coupon, not as cash.
          You might check out these transactions… I’ve been going back for a while, and you can look and see how I do it: https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/tag/walgreens-shopping

          Around holiday’s they usually have a bunch of holiday items, and some get REALLY cheap (Like $0.08-$0.17 each), and I usually mark one as “Lowest Filler Item of the Week”… but they aren’t promoting Mother’s Day yet, so that hasn’t happened the last couple of weeks.

          Balance Rewards are slightly complicated. I usually redeem them at 5000 points, which equal $5.
          10,000 points equal $10,
          18,000 points equals $10 (so $2 more)
          30,000 points equals $35 (Bonus $5)
          and 40,000 points equals $50 (Bonus $10)
          So, the longer you hold on to them, the better, but a max of $50 (40K points) can be redeemed at a time.
          When I’m doing match-ups, I ALWAYS base them on redeeming at 5000 points so basically $1=1000 points. Some blogs break it out, (ie-if you are redeeming 40K points $1=800 points) but that seems super complicated to me, so we just decided to stick with the $1=1000 BRP.

          • Tiffany

            Wow! Thanks for all your info! So you would say it’s worth it to learn to coupon at Walgeen’s? I am still so sad about Albertson’s. I felt like I was just getting the hang of it. Guess I will stick to Winco and Walgreen’s now! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    Oh and does it also work vice verse? Like, can I use some Balance Rewards to buy something and still get RR printed out? I read the Walgreens 101 and I am still lost!

  • Sara

    At my Walgreens, (I next to never do Walgreens/rite aid) they said there was a limit of 1 on the peanut butter, and I used a $1/1 coupon so the RR didn’t print? The manager said he wasn’t going to print it because I only paid $1.99, so I ended up canceling my entire order. Is this correct? I was in too much of a hurry to even make a deal over it.

  • tracy

    hi. i have been following your blog for over a year! thank you so much. i have learned and saved so much. i am starting to narrow down where i shop and i was wondering what you thought of rite aid vs walgreens. how do they compare? do you shop at both or just mainly walgreens? is it better to choose one so your points build up? thank you again so much.

  • Tiffany

    For some reason my Walgreen’s wouldn’t take my $2 off any Neosporin coupon. I printed it right from Neosporin’s website and had 2 of them, planning to buy two Neosporin’s and take $2 off each one, get points back, etc. The cashier tried multiple times to scan it and even called a manager. He said since they couldn’t get it to scan it was their policy not to take it. Did any one else have this problem? My printer printed it fine and everything and it was the $2 off any Neosporin product. 🙁

  • Tiffany

    Oh, AND, they had a sign up by the empty shelf where peanut butter was supposed to be that said, “Due to shipping delays, we will not have this product until 4/28.” Not sure if this was the case with other stores too…

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