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Many years ago my husband and I decided that we would avoid watching movies and TV shows with bad content. As a part of that, we set a standard for ourselves to not watch rated-R movies. Why would we do that? Why limit ourselves? Well, I feel like once you see some of those really graphic images, it is hard to get them out of your brain. We see enough yucky stuff in our lives without even trying! No point in purposefully putting it into our heads.

My husband and I are big movie people too – I’m pretty sure it is our favorite form of entertainment! Sometimes this no-rated-R standard can be hard to uphold because there are some really well-done and awesome movies, that also have some really unsavory and unnecessary parts in them. And honestly, lots of movies and shows without the mature rating have some content I’d rather skip.

Producers and Hollywood have a right to create whatever they want, but do WE have the right to filter what is viewed and heard in our homes? I say, YES. The Family Movie Act says yes too.

Enter VidAngel

VidAngel makes movie night super easy because you can just stream movies at home. You don’t have to run over to the red painted box for inexpensive movies anymore! I love my Amazon Prime (see why here), and we use Netflix for some streaming too. But VidAngel is different. It isn’t a subscription – there is no monthly charge. And VidAngel offers some movies that other services do not, like the newest releases.

The biggest difference though? VidAngel let’s you choose filters for whatever movie or show you watch. You have a choice and you can take control of what you see and hear. You don’t want to hear a certain swear word? Filter it. Filter out all of the profanity if you want. Don’t like the gore? You can set it to automatically skip over a certain gory scene, or all of them.

VidAngel’s Mission: To ensure families everywhere have the option to filter content as they wish.

The idea is that you can have the personal freedom to watch content in your home in whatever way you choose. If you don’t want to see nudity, profanity, Jar Jar Binks, or whatever in the movie, then you can choose to have that filtered out and still enjoy the best parts of the movie. There are several different specific filters and tons and tons of movies and shows.

We love VidAngel! I love the option to filter out the stuff I don’t want myself or my family to see and hear. Unfortunately, Hollywood hates filtering. Right now, VidAngel is in a big legal battle with major Hollywood studios. VidAngel knew this war would happen at some point, but they really believe in their mission and that they have a good chance of winning this war against Hollywood!

Support VidAngel! Support our right to filter movies in our own homes. Plus, by supporting their mission and service, you get to enjoy streaming some great movies. Yay for movie nights!

The first step is to sign up. It is free! Then you can browse through all of the movies and shows. You don’t even enter a credit card or anything until you actually choose a movie or show and filters that you want. Each movie will offer a different amount of filters for all sorts of different things.

star wars the force awakens vidangel

For example, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available with 139 filters. That may sound overwhelming, but it is all organized into categories and actually really easy to use and to see specifically what you would be filtering. You can filter out the closing credits, specific violent scenes, specific profanity, and more. Filter as little or as much as you want. You don’t have to hear or see what you don’t want to!

vidangel filters on star wars the force awakens

You pay for the movie or show once you’re done selecting the filters you want. You’re probably wondering more about how this works. I was unsure about the whole “sell back” thing at first, but now I get it and it works wonderfully!

In order to avoid the copyright/consent legal issues involved with editing movies, VidAngel sets it up so you “buy” the digital movie first. The movie costs $20. Since you own the movie, you have the right to use the filters. Then when you are done watching the movie, you can sell it back to VidAngel. If you sell it back within 24 hours, you get a $19 credit to your VidAngel account. So it ends up costing you only $1 to stream a movie or show with whatever filters you want. Then you can use your credit toward your next purchase, essentially costing you only $1 each!

Here’s what you do:

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Pick the movie or TV show you want to watch.
  • Choose the filters you want.
  • Buy the movie or show for $20.
  • Watch it with your selected filter(s).
  • Sell it back to VidAngel for a $19 credit.
  • You only paid $1! (HD versions are $2.)

If you wait longer than 24 hours, your sellback credit amount just goes down $1 per day. But you can actually set it up to automatically sellback when you’re done too. Super easy!

Go ahead and set up your free account so you can look around and check out all they have to offer! I think you’ll really like it too!


  • Kelsey

    So if I want to rent a movie, but I don’t need or want any of the filters, would I still have to use the sellback feature or could I just pay the $1?

    • Melanie

      Yeah, the way it is set up, you do still have to buy and sell back. And you do have to use at least one filter, but you could choose something like the ending credits or something else that might not make a difference for you.

  • Also one thing I love is you can set it to to automatic buy back!

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