How to Use a Curling Wand Plus an Exclusive 40% Off Deal!

Get easy and beautiful curls with a curling wand (Plus a DEAL!)

Let’s admit it moms… doing our own hair is never at the top of the daily priority list. We simply don’t have time to sit in the bathroom for hours messing with our hair! BUT, after years of walking around like frumpy mom, I came to discover that if I took the time to take care of myself FIRST THING in the morning, my day would go better. Plus I really like to be in “ready mode”… if I have to go somewhere, I have no excuses. I’m all ready to go because I took the time to get ready first thing in the morning!

Because time is important to me (and you too!), I was so happy when I discovered how fast and easy it is to use a curling wand! This tool seriously has been nothing but magical for me. I can spend 15-ish minutes on my hair and the curls will last two good days!

This morning I had my 17 year old daughter show us how to use a curling wand. It’s SUPER easy and fast! BUT it does take some getting used to… so don’t give up after your first time! She just got her hair cut, so she had to adjust to curling her shorter hair (it used to be about 6 inches longer!)

If you have yet to see a curling wand, it’s basically a curling iron but without the spring arm on it. Plus from my experience, most curling wands reach higher temps than a traditional curling iron would. So now that you know what the curling wand is, how do we use it?

I’ll admit that first I was really intimated by the curling wand. To be honest, I actually purchased one and returned it because I just couldn’t get it figured out. Thankfully, I gave it a second try because now I can’t imagine my life without it!

Ready to see just how easy it is to use this hair tool? Check it out below…

My first tip to get those gorgeous curls is to curl dirty hair. Not as gross as what you are thinking. By curling dirty hair, I mean to curl hair that hasn’t been washed for at least 24 hours. Preferably a little longer. This is my ultimate tip for styling hair with heat in general, and it is the reason my curls will last so long. The oils in your hair add texture and help hold those curls in place! If your hair is washed though, a way to dirty it up quickly is by using a dry shampoo.

No matter what length of hair you have, these easy instructions will help you get the hang of your curling wand in no time. In this video/post I used the L’ange 25mm ceramic barrel curling wand. I’ve got a deal on this by the way!

Start by sectioning your hair:

You will want to separate your hair from ear to ear, across the back of your head. All the hair from the top of your ears and up, clip up and away from the hair remaining using an alligator clip or any other tool you may have. Brush your hair that remains out of the clip.

Start Curling!

Next you will want to grab your heated curling wand and use it pointing downward, this is important! Start curling your hair by wrapping 1-2″ sections around the wand. The size of the section of your hair here depends on your personal preference. 1″ sections will give you tighter curls, 2″ sections will give you more of a bouncy wave. It is also important to remember to curl AWAY from your face. That means to wrap the hair around the wand in the opposite direction of your face. You will hold the hair on the wand for just a few seconds and then release. If you feel the need, you can spray the sections of hair with a medium hold hair spray before you wrap it around the wand. Personally, I do not do this because I curl with dirty hair but I do know people who prefer to do this.  Want to keep the length of your hair but still have curls? On this first layer of hair you curl, only curl your hair half way to 3/4 of the way up on each section of hair. This way your hair still has length when you curl the upper layer of hair!

Once you have the lower section of hair curled, remove your alligator clip and separate the hair that has been clipped in half once more. Re-clip the remaining hair up and away from the loose hair. Repeat the steps from above except now you will want to be sure to curl the sections all the way up the hair shaft now, as close to your scalp as possible. Remember that you will want to point the curling wand downwards and to wrap the hair on the curling wand away from your face.

For the last section of hair, keep in mind how you want your finished hair to look before you start the last section. Do you have bangs? Will you pin some of your hair back in a clip? If you will be putting some of your hair in a clip, now is the best time to do this before you curl the reaming strands so that you can curl it in it’s finally sitting place that way the curls look more natural. I like to take the remaining hair that is clipped and split it in half with the natural hair part I have and curl one of these sections at a time and clip the other section back while I curl. For these sections, I only curl 3/4 of the way up the hair shaft so that it flows more naturally along my face line, it also helps keep some of my length.

Finish it up!

After I have all the hair curled, I like to use a wide tooth comb to brush out my curls. This helps give me big bouncy waves which is what I prefer. I finish off with a light finishing spray and that’s that! If you like tighter curls, you can skip the wide tooth comb but I would suggest at least combing through with your fingers.

Want an awesome curling wand deal?!

This is the curling wand my daughter uses! And it’s a fantastic price for a great product!

L’ange Curling Wands Save 40% + FREE Shipping! $47.40 (Reg. $79!)

  • Choose from ceramic or titanium barrels in several colors. Titanium is great for thick or hard to curl hair, and ceramic is safe to use even on dry or damaged hair.
  • 1″ or 1.25″ (1″ will give you a tighter curl and the 1.25″ will give you loose waves – I have, and use, both!)
  • Includes a protective glove for your hand, which is great because these barrels get really hot!

Do you have a curling wand? How often do you use it?

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