Update on Pampers Wipes Orders

If you ordered the super cheap Pampers wipes from Amazon that we posted about here

pampers baby fresh wipes screen shot of coupon

You may have received your order already or will be receiving it soon. A few of us placed orders for a variety of those Pampers wipes and our shipments were not what we were expecting. 🙁 Apparently, there were some Amazon website errors in the descriptions.

FYI: The customer service reps for Amazon were able to find solutions for us. But if your order has not shipped yet, you may still be able to cancel it if you don’t want to deal with the possibility of needing to return the items.


So, please check your orders and contact Amazon customer service if there is a problem!

pampers natural clean wipes amazon order
pampers sensitive wipes order from amazon


  • Kayla

    I haven’t received mine yet. What was wrong with the order?

    • Melanie

      Some of the descriptions indicated that there would be more wipes. For example: Pampers Sensitive Wipes 18 ct (pack of 24) ended up not being a pack of 24, just a pack of 1.

  • melissa

    I got my order today and the 18 count that I thought would be 24 packs for 3.80 was only 1pack for that price. so not a good deal! what did theydo for you?

    • Melanie

      The CSRs will try to work with you to find a solution that satisfies for you. It kinda depends on what you ordered and what you want them to do.

  • Kristy

    What’s wrong with the orders?? I already had to call Amazon today because they charged my account twice for this order, now the orders are wrong?? This is my first time ordering from Amazon and sorry to say, it may be my last. Horrible experience.

    • Melanie

      See the above comment about what was wrong with some orders. 🙂 I have ordered tons of stuff from Amazon and barely ever have issues. I still really love Amazon and they have great customer service. I hope you will give them another chance and have a great experience next time!

  • vay

    I got 4 boxes with 3 packs totaling 216 wipes. im pretty sure mine is okay.

  • Sophie

    I got mine today and just went to check out the contents. I guess I got lucky with this portion of the shipment as it was just what I was expecting. Four packages of 216 for the $7.13 I paid and I got three sets. The part that I am still waiting on is: Pampers Natural Clean Wipes Tub 72 Count (Pack of 8), I ordered one. Anyone get this one and have issues?

    • Brooke

      I saw this last night and decided to go ahead and cancel my order. I had ordered the 4 pack of 216 wipes…looks like that one is being shipped as described…Should have waited on everyone to comment since my order still didn’t have an estimated ship date

      • Melanie

        I think that Cathy’s order of these wipes actually did come with less wipes than she expected. So, it sounds like there were errors for some and not for others.

      • Alisha

        Mine came today (I had ordered 2) and they weren’t packs of 4. Instead of getting 864 wipes x2, I just got 216 wipes x2. So it’s probably fine that you cancelled. I’m chatting with customer service right now…

  • Kari

    I LOVE Amazon and I rarely have any problems with them. However, this order was majorly messed up. The 24 pack of 18 count wipes was not 24! I got a single 18 count wipe package. At the very minimum, Amazon will allow you to return the items without paying shipping, and get a credit. If you are an Amazon Prime member, as I am, they may offer you another solution. Either way, contact their customer service or follow the easy steps to return the item for a refund. Amazon customer service really is amazing and they will take care of the issue.

    • Trevor

      They will not let you return these because this is under “health and beauty”. But she gave me a full refund for the items. I was on the phone for maybe 5 mins. I order A LOT from Amazon and this is the first time I have had a problem. They made it right.

  • C Simpson

    Got mine at Costco. There was a $5.00 coupon in the booklet this time around.

  • Elizabeth

    I was wondering about the 8 pack of pampers too…Amazon is really good about fixing errors. They have the best customer service. I would give them another try.

  • Sarah P

    Mine came last week and was wrong. I had ordered two sets of the four 216ct 3-packs but only received two total 3-packs. I contacted them and they promptly responded. They said that they made a mistake and would normally have shipped the remaining six I was missing, but since were out of stock, they refunded my money and let me keep the two 3-packs. Kind of bummed I missed out on all those wipes, but can’t beat free wipes!

  • Michelle

    I order the 217-3 pack x 4 and the 8 tubs of 72 count I just got the 3 pack in the mail the other day nothing wrong with them but I have yet to receive the 8 tubs of 72. Then today I receive a email about the tubs saying Due to a lack of availability we will be unable to complete the order just wondering if there was something I could do to get that price? I ordered when it was in stock and available.

    • Melanie

      It sounds like a lot of people received emails today about cancelled orders. You can try contacting Amazon customer service though. 🙂

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