Unnecessary Expenses

Okay I am trying not to be annoyed at my husband. Cathy and I went away this weekend to teach a class in Eastern Idaho and while I was gone this is how my husband spent our money.

He did not do anything big; I just get a little annoyed at unnecessary expenditures. Do I need an intervention?

1. He took the kids to Carl’s Jr: This one bugged me the least. I am sure my kids liked it and we don’t do it very often, so it really is not that big of a deal.
BUT HELLO! We have a pantry stocked FULL of can soup, mac n’ cheese, and cereal. Plus a freezer bursting with pizza, bagel bites and tots. This would have cost less than $1. Carl’s cost $10 or more I am sure.

2. He bought 3 boxes of light bulbs at Lowes: He was trying to be helpful and probably didn’t realize I already have a stash of light bulbs in the laundry room and I could have scored some cheap ones at Target with coupons.

3. He rented old kids movies at the video store: This one bugged me big time and he knew it! We live one block from the Library where you can rent the same video for FREE, and he usually forgets to return these costing us way more money than we planned. Eeek. I did find out that he ACTUALLY returned them the next day. Phew.

So none of these were a big deal, but I have to admit I had to keep myself from being a little irritated about them. I HATE UNNECESSARY EXPENSES!

Props to my hubby though. I came home to a CLEAN house this weekend. Woot, woot!

So I want to know. 

Which expenses bug you?
What are your unnecessary expenses?


Ok in reading your comments I am totally feeling bad. I should not have used my hubby as an example, he is a great guy and perfect for me because he is very minimal in the unnecesary expenses.  These things were just on my mind because they just recently happened and thought I could use them as examples. My husband is a total DIY guy and is great at cutting costs!  I was just admitting that I do get irritated over dumb things sometimes.
In fact here are a few example of how I have spent money I maybe did not need to.
1. Fruit Snacks: Ok I got them for FREE and .10 a box, but do my kids really need them? I go back and forth on this one. They like them yes, and are excited when they get some, but they are not healthy and even thought they were cheap I still paid tax on top of that.
2. Running to Costco for Milk: Sometimes I will run to Costco to get milk instead of paying and extra .15 a gallon at Albertsons. Unless I need several other items at Costco it really is not worth the gas to drive. So I try to think of things I need there to justify the trip.
3. Clothes: When I buy clothes I buy them on a good sale or at garage sales. It is nice to have new things. but sometimes I look at my closet or my kids closet FULL of clothes and think, even though they were cheap it does not mean we need so many. I would have saved more by not buying them in the first place.

OK so if you do not want to sound like you are ragging on your hubby like I probably just did…..

Tell me: What unnecessary expenses do you make?
or you can vent a little, we won’t judge you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Loren and Tama

    I'm still pretty new to serious couponing, so I find myself making too many annoying unnecessary purchases. I am learning to get some good deals, but am also already good enough at couponing to know when I am making a purchase that could be much cheaper if I were to try harder! It's frustrating to know that there is likely a coupon out there for something I am buying, if I were patient enough to look for it.

    But my biggest unnecessary expense, by far, is Diet Pepsi. The stuff is like liquid gold to me. As a night shift nurse, it has become like life-blood to me to keep me awake at night ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I was thrilled this week that Target has it on sale for 4/$11 ($2.75/6 pack for 24 ounce bottles) I have never seen it that cheap. So, although it is unnecessary, and is only helping to feed an unhealthy addiction, I am grateful for some newfound bargain-hunting skills and couponing skills to help me make it through the night a little more cheaply. Thanks again for that, fab ladies! And…if anyone is looking to get the Diet Pepsi deal at the Milwaukee Target, you may want to check back later today…after they restock ๐Ÿ™‚ Mmmmmm…..

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