Check Out Cute Coupon Organizers!


Take a look at these cute Coupon Organizers!

Raise your hand if you like to save money! (I’m raising my hand!) Do you use coupons? Do you know someone that uses coupons?

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that we’ve had quite a bit of experience with coupons in the past. There are still good coupons out there and you might as well save money on the things you are going to buy anyway. You really start saving when you stock up on those staple items at a time when you can stack the coupon with a good sale price!


What I really want to talk about today though is organization. You can’t use the coupons if you can find them! We’ve partnered with Ultra Pro to feature some of their cute Coupon Organizer binders –

Which design is your favorite? I personally like the Keep Calm one best – so fun!

Ultra Pro Coupon Organizer Features:

  • Available in 3 convenient sizes.
  • Manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported materials.
  • Two large pockets on inside of cover are perfect for holding circulars or advertisements.
  • Categories List (back cover) & Coupon Terminology Sheet are included.
  • Includes 40 super clear, heavy duty pocket pages, and they are acid- and PVC-free.

2in-albums-540So let’s talk about price…these coupon organizers are $16.99 each. Not bad, right? Well, let’s price it out a bit here…

Each 2-inch 3-ring coupon organizer binder includes:

  • two inside cover pockets
  • Category List
  • Coupon Terminology Sheet
  • (10) 9-pocket pages
  • (10) 8-pocket pages
  • (10) 3-pocket pages
  • (5) 6-pocket pages
  • (5) 1-pockets pages

A basic, plain white 2-inch 3-ring binder on Amazon is about $4.

There are a lot of options for the pocket pages. If you like the idea of an assortment of sizes (which I think is really nice!), you could get a Starter 20-Page Assortment for $8.49, 50-Page Assortment for $16.79, 100-Page Assortment for $27.97, etc. Or there’s a set of 25 of just the 9-pocket pages for $7.99 and on up. But the Coupon Organizer includes a 40-page assortment!

You can snag a cute binder, 40 assorted pocket pages, Category List, and Coupon Terminology Sheet all for $16.99!

These make a great holiday gift too!