Tuesday Travel Tip…

I don’t know about you… but I love road trips. And as a parent… I’ve learned a few tips along the way that have made travelling with children… especially small children much more enjoyable.  For instance…

Road Trip Tip #1 Books on Tape… or CD.  Preferably ones your children have not listened to  before.  One summer we drove down to Southern California (22 hour drive) and we must have played  From the Mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler about 4 times… It was such an engrossing tale of how a brother and sister ran away to NYC and hid out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art that my kids wanted to listen to it over and over again.  Another favorite was Junie B. Jones. Having a stash of audiobooks packed for the journey… can be a lifesaver 🙂

Road Trip Tip #2 Snacks…. Hello…. I probably don’t even have to tell you that right?

Road Trip Tip #3 Start early… or late at night when you know your kids will be sleeping… Do this and you’ll be able to log a few miles down the road before you have to resort to tip #4.

Road Trip Tip #4 The 50 mile game…  A few weeks before your trip… head over to the dollar store and see what you can find.  Crossword puzzles, decks of cards, frisbees, green army men, journal books, goofy eye glasses, stickers, disposable cameras ect.  Wrap a bunch of “treasures” in recycled wrapping paper and for every 50 miles you are able to drive in peace and quiet (no squabbling allowed) each time you hit the 50 mile mark… let each child pick something out of the treasure box.

Road Trip Tip #5 Pack games!  Because you can only pack so many reading books before they start to get restless… how about packing a few car games like  License Plates Across the States or Travel Bingo.


Road Trip Tip #6 Let them run…  Since you packed all those yummy snacks before you left home… there will be no need to stop at Mc Donalds to eat… right 🙂  Instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant pull  into a rest stop instead.  Most rest stops have plenty of room for a quick game of frisbee, a round of jump rope or to blow bubbles. This way everyone gets to stretch their legs… for free!

And lastly… pack  a Kids’ Road Atlas or printed map from home along with a sparkly pen so they can follow along and most importantly… so you don’t have to keep answering  the question… “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes 🙂

How about you?  What are your tried and true road trip tricks?




  • Joanna

    My hubby is a computer geek and knows how to convert dvds to cds for the car ride. He’s put the kids’ favorite movies on cd and they love listening to them on car rides.

  • Becky

    What about little little ones? We’re traveling with our then 16 month old to Denver in July… By car… Got any tips up your magical sleeves for that trip? Cause I’m really worried!!

    • Michele

      Worried about a trip we were taking with our toddler…I asked my friends if I could borrow some fresh new toys for our car ride and that was a big hit.

      The biggest hit was a bunch of musical toys made for toddlers…like the ones you would see at a kindermusik class. We put on a toddler music cd and “played to the beat” and sang. Yes we played her fav song over & over & over.

      Another great one was to gather all the random stickers you can and let her peel & stick as long as she wants too. They’re so facinated by stickers when they can stick ’em.

      You can blow bubbles in the car too…they loved that!

  • meghan

    Our kids are still little. Last summer we went to the coast with out 2 year old and 4 month old and we ofter travel to the Tri-Cities with them both. We use the DVD player strapped to the seat for our toddler for when she gets really restless. She can watch a quick Barney or Mickey Mouse (we go to the library!) and we get some peace.

    For our baby (who is almost one now) we stop often to nurse and snuggle. I make sure he has toys that he likes to play with and he loves to watch out the window. His sister keeps him pretty entertained but if we didn’t have her or had more room I would suggest riding part of the time in the back seat so they don’t feel all alone.

  • Shuree

    I put together a snack bag for my kids. I put what I think would be a reasonable amount of snacks for the day. They can choose to eat them all within the first hour or spread them out for the day. When they have eaten all their snacks, that’s it for the day. It has made our traveling so much easier; they aren’t constantly asking me for something to eat.

  • rose

    My kids are still pretty young too, and I always make sure I have my iPad with me. They love to play all the games on it and watch TV on it. It straps to the headrest so they don’t have to hold it. I work for DISH Network and have the TV Everywhere app on the iPad. They kids can watch all their favorite shows live from anywhere we are at. They can also access our DVR recordings. They love that they can watch any of our subscription channels and watch all their favorite shows at the time they usually do. It is such a life saver and it keeps them quiet for hours. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  • Racheal

    If you have a DVD player don’t forget you can rent and return Redbox movies from anywhere. I know this will be my best bet with a 7 & 3 year old on a 14 hour trip next month. I also have those metal lap trays for coloring and I NEVER have crayons we use colored pencils, they don’t melt! Plus we are leaving at 3 am so the boys will sleep for a while. I figured it would be better to leave early so when I’m tired it will be afternoon and sunny, not dark like it would be if we drove into the night.

  • Sarah

    When traveling with infants I always bring my double electric breast pump with car adapter and pump, then feed the baby a bottle of my milk. It makes for fewer stops…and although sometimes it’s nice for the baby to get out of the car seat, we’ve found that diaper changes are a sufficient break. It’s no fun to have to stop every 90 minutes for a half hour, you feel like you never get there.

    We also pack a snack box and cooler…I make sandwiches in the front seat and then we pull over to deliver them. It’s nice not to have to stop for anything but potties and gas.

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